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Herb and Dorothy Fogel are pictured in the foyer of the National Gallery. Dorothy, in a red coat and a bag over her shoulder, has her arm clasped in Herb’s left elbow. Herb wears a green plaid jacket with a sweater and tie.
Herb & Dorothy at NGA West Building, visiting their honeymoon spot
Photo: Fine Line Media

“Art is not limited to the elite few. You don't have to be wealthy or an art school graduate to enjoy art.” —Megumi Sasaki

From the beginning, my intention was to make something other than a so-called "art film.” I wanted to capture how these two ordinary people accomplished the extraordinary in the field of art collecting. This film is about the power of passion and love, and is a celebration of life.

The story of Herb and Dorothy Vogel is unique, not only because of their avant-garde vision and discernment as collectors, but also because of their love and dedication. It is through their loving partnership that the viewer truly experiences this remarkable story.

The Vogels' message is also about access. Art is not limited to the elite few. You don't have to be wealthy or an art school graduate to enjoy art. If you are interested in collecting art, you don't have to follow trends or others' advice. Just listen to your own voice. Trust your eyes and instinct. Simply take the time to look, look and look.

In today's world, where art is treated as another commodity and a work's investment value takes precedence over its artistic value, HERB & DOROTHY offers us an important question: what is it to appreciate and collect art?

My fortunate encounter with these beautiful people has truly changed my view of—and appreciation for—art and life. I hope to share the story of Herb and Dorothy Vogel with as large an audience as possible, particularly with those who appreciate the passion of creativity in any of the fine arts. Or to those who are intimidated and discouraged in taking up an interest in art, simply because of their lack of education or money. Or to anybody who is trying to survive day-to-day living. You may not have lots of money. Your job may be boring. Still, life can be exciting and fulfilling to the extent that we allow ourselves to follow our passions.

—Megumi Sasaki

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