About Hip-Hop
Hip-hop’s rise from an underground party scene dominated by Bronx youth to a billion-dollar-generating worldwide phenomenon that has transcended genre and geography and defined an entire generation has spanned nearly four decades. Find out more about the key movers, music and moments in the history of hip-hop—so far. Choose a decade below to start exploring.
A black man wearing a gold and black King Tut-esque helmet and a gold patterned eye mask - 1970s - The early yearsThree young black men on a street, two holding a large boom box. One is wearing a red shirt, gold chain, and red hat; the second is wearing white pants and a striped shirt and has a large Afro; the third is wearing black pants and a black hat.  - 1980s - The Rise to RadioAn image of a man standing on a pier with a young child, a looming moon behind him - 1990s From Conscious Rap to Gangsta RapA black man wrapped in furs sitting against a backdrop of white feathers - 2000s - Bestsellers and Bling
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