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The script I am writing now is about a man on a journey...
Working on his latest screenplay in Beijing, Hui Rao is suffering from serious writer's block when he begins to live the life of the character he is trying to create. In this unconventional tale, the fictional Lin Hao a man running from his past, leads the writer, Rao, to a mysterious village in northern China.
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A film crew of four wearing outdoor winter gear shoots a scene on a snowy plain

The Making Of:

"Shooting in the northern village of Mohe was difficult because it was minus-35 degrees every day, our DV camera couldn’t work and we had to stop filming at a moment's notice."  More >>

The Filmmaker:

"Make films with your own inner reason, not from a propaganda voice or a commercial voice."  Read more about the filmmaker >>
A woman standing in front of a stone wall with snow in the background looks away from the camera into the distance

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