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After 14 years of a brutal civil war, Liberia elects its first female president—Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, nicknamed the Iron Lady.
With her predominately female cabinet, President Johnson Sirleaf struggles during her first year in office to rebuild a war-ravaged country, fight rampant corruption and prevent a descent back into war.
Settled in the early 1800s by freed slaves and recovering from almost two decades of civil war two centuries later, Liberia endeavors to sustain itself.
Photo of three Liberian women in colorful dresses and turbans. Two of the dresses are made of fabric printed with images of Ellen Johnson Sirleaf.
Ellen Johnson Sirleaf stands before a group of young children, talking and gesticulating with her hands as the children look on intently. At top is a tight close up of a painted portrait of Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, smiling slightly, wearing a blue turban
Ellen Johnson Sirleaf
She's a Harvard-educated grandmother of eight, has served time in jail for her political beliefs, is a former employee of the World Bank and the first elected female president of Africa.
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