JIMMY SCOTT: If You Only Knew

Jazz & Commerce

Film Credits

Shot and directed by
Matthew Buzzell

Produced by
Brian Gerber
Matthew Buzzell

Sylvio Sharif Tabet

Edited by
Jacob Bricca

Executive Producers
Diedrich Bader
Terry Mulroy

Jimmy Scott and The Jazz Expressions

Dwayne “Cook” Broadnax

Bass and Musical Direction
Hilliard Greene

Michael Kanan

Alto Saxophone
Justin Robinson with The Dream Orchestra

Masaru Uchibori

Yoshiro Okazaki

Yuzo Kataoka

Alto Sax/Flute
Kazuhiko Kondo

Tenor Sax
Toshio Mlki

Baritone Sax
Dairo Miyamoto

Miho Ozawa

Nagisa Kiriyama

Yayoi Tsukamoto

Motoko Fujiie

Takuya Mori

Rika Morozumi

Yutaka Ozawa

Sound Design
Randy Perry

Production Coordination
Christina Cotter

Additional Videography
Daniel Aranyo Battle
Patrice Cochet
Christina Cotter
Keisuke Toyoshima

Production Stills
Christina Cotter
Arlene Pachasa

Keisuke Toyoshima

Assistant Archivist
Todd B. Weeks

Photo Restoration
Jason LaMotte

After Effects Artist
Jacob Bricca

Legal Services
Roderick Plummer

Tree Media Group

Chatham Travel

Archival photos courtesy of
Jimmy Scott
Eli Adams
Ernest Withers
Dave Garr
Chuck Stewart
Frank Driggs
The Institute of Jazz Studies, Newark, NJ
Matthew Buzzell

Video footage courtesy of
Leo Trombetta

Music Clearance
Jim Black and Matthew Abbott for Clearsongs, Inc.

“Pennies From Heaven”

“My Mother’s Eyes”
performed by Little Jimmy Scott
courtesy of Royal Roost

“Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Child”

“Airmail Special”
(Goodman – Mundy – Christian)
Rytvoc, Inc., Jewel Music Publishing Co., Inc /ASCAP, Regent Music Corp./BMI
performed by The Lionel Hampton Orchestra
courtesy of Decca Records

“Everybody’s Somebody’s Fool”
(Hampton – Adams – Adams)
performed by The Lionel Hampton Orchestra
featuring Little Jimmy Scott
courtesy of Decca Records

“Three Minutes on 52nd St.”
Swing and Tempo Music/BMI
Performed by The Lionel Hampton Orchestra
courtesy of Decca Records

“Embraceable You”
(G. Gershwin I. Gershwin)
performed by Charlie Parker and Jimmy Scott

“Everybody Needs Somebody”
(Biggs – Madison – McCoy)
Performed by Little Jimmy Scott
courtesy of Savoy Records/Denon Digital

“They Say It’s Wonderful”
(I. Berlin)
Irving Berlin Music Corp. – ASCAP
Performed by Jimmy Scott
courtesy of Tangerine/Atlantic Records

“Why Was I Born”
(Hammerstein – Kern)

“Day by Day”
(Stordahl – Cohn – Weston)
performed by Jimmy Scott
courtesy of Atlantic Records

“All the Way”
(S. Cohen – J. Van Heusen)
Moraville Music Corp., ASCAP
Performed by Jimmy Scott
courtesy of Sire/Warner Brothers

(Van Streeden – Clarkson – Clarkson)
Mills Music Inc. – ASCAP
Performed by Little Jimmy Scott
courtesy of King Records

“If You Only Knew”

Special Thanks
Dulcey Bader
Noel Baird
Todd Barkan
Joe Beck
Bill Bentley
Zev Berman
Rosleyn S. Buzzell
Adoree J. Colley
Leila Conners Petersen
Nadia Conners
Dominic DeJoseph
Sean Eden
Sharon Felder
Arabella Field
Juliana Friedman
Sonya Geis
Jay Gibson
Jesse Gilbert
Gershon Ginsburg
Alfonso Gomez-Rejon
Maxine S. Harvard
Terri Hinte and Fantasy Jazz
Betsy R. Jones
Joseph P. Locke
Gregoire Maret
Dan Marx and Denon Digital
Elizabeth Massie
Jeanne McCarthy
Henry A. Myers
Lisa Molomot
Kieran and Michelle Mulroney
Oscar Nelson
Yoshi Nishikage and Mon Productions, Tokyo, Japan
Chris Parnell
Vincent Peloti
Katy Petty
Ruth Price and the Jazz Bakery, Los Angeles, CA
Lewis Porter
David and Roberta Ritz
Elsa L. Scott
Mariko Seido
Nana Shimizu
Esther Smith
Clifford Solomon
Yara Tabet
Grady Tate
Hezekiah L. Walker
Nadine Walker
Larry Willis
The Institute of Jazz Studies, Newark, NJ
Case University, Cleveland, OH

All our friends and family

In memory of
Celotes S. Clark
Kenneth G. Scott

Dedicated with sincere respect to Mr. James Victor Scott

This program was produced by Celebrity Ashtray Productions,
in association with Tree Media Group,
which is solely responsible for its content.
Copyright 2003 Celebrity Ashtray Productions. All Rights Reserved

Presented by the Independent Television Service (ITVS),
with funding provided by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.


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