Ian Cheney and Curt Ellis smiling in front of a dense cornfield

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Filmocracy:  Mix it up. Make a Statement!

KING CORN provided the backdrop for the first Filmocracy mashup contest, where we asked:

If you are what you eat, what are you?

Do you care about what you eat and where your food comes from?

Are you tired of our fast food nation?

Many people used the powerful medium of film to make a statement about the politics of food using KING CORN clips and footage from Getty Images. Participants uploaded their own clips as well, and mixed it all up with the Eyespot tool.

Headshot of Kylee Darcy

Grand Prize Winner

“Corn King Takes Over the World” by Kylee Darcy

Kylee crafted her own hand-drawn animation and mixed it up with clips from KING CORN and Getty Images, to make her statement about the politics of food.

Does she believe that film can be a powerful medium for change? “Absolutely! I love the multifaceted creative expression of film,” she said. Finding the right mix of sound and image to illustrate a concept, an emotion, a passion is challenging, fulfilling, sometimes grueling… I love experimenting and if the subject is meaningful to me, I like wrapping my brain around how to approach it.”

Read a Q&A with Kylee and watch the other winning shorts >>

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