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Eating Challenge
Can you go a week without eating corn? We did!

Corny Corn Maze
Master the maze to get an earful of corn fun and facts.

So You Want to Be a Farmer?
See how corn farming has changed and try your hand at the cornulator.

Alternatives to Ears
Find ways around high-fructose corn syrup and fatty burgers.

The Film

King Corn
The filmmakers’ site includes a blog and information on how to take action.

Celsias: Reviewing King Corn, the Movie
View a three-part YouTube.com interview with filmmaker Curt Ellis.

Culinate.com: Take the corn-free challenge
Curt Ellis and Ian Cheney spent the month of November 2007 trying not to eat corn. Read about how they did on the Culinate Web site.

The Washington Post: Living on a Diet Less Corny is No Joke, Filmmakers Find
The KING CORN filmmakers take on the challenge: go one month without consuming corn.

Michael Pollan
Featured in KING CORN, Pollan is the author of The Omnivore’s Dilemma and In Defense of Food. Click on “Writing” for a hearty list of his online articles.


Iowa Corn
Get info on biotechnology, corn products and Iowa corn growers.

Corn Palace Convention and Visitors Bureau
As seen in KING CORN, Mitchell, South Dakota’s Corn Palace is a monument to the country’s leading crop.

American Corn Growers Association
“America’s leading progressive commodity association, representing the interests of corn producers in 35 states.”

A Zillion Uses for Corn!
An extensive list of products that contain corn.

Putting DNA to Work: Improving Crops: From Teosinte to Corn
See photos of corn’s ancestor and read about how its genetic makeup has evolved.

EWG: Farm Subsidy Database
View graphs and databases on corn subsidies in the United States.

Mountains of Corn and a Sea of Farm Subsidies
Reprinted from a 2005 New York Times article, this piece examines how the country’s corn overproduction is affecting its farmers.

No-Till Farmer
Top tips on growing monoculture corn.

Corn Refiners Association
Learn about corn refining and resulting products.

High Fructose Corn Syrup
HFCS, how it’s made and how it affects your health, plus other links.


NYTimes.com: Food and Fuel Compete for Land
This December 2007 article discusses how corn and ethanol affect grocery prices.

The Economist: The End of Cheap Food
The rising price of food—and what can be done about it.

Nature: Editorial: Kill King Corn
This October 2007 editorial argues against corn-based ethanol.

NYTimes.com: Biofuels Deemed a Greenhouse Threat
A February 2008 article reveals that today’s biofuels actually cause more greenhouse gas emissions than conventional fuels.

NYTimes.com: Europe, Cutting Biofuel Subsidies, Redirects Aid to Stress Greenest Options
Several countries are revising their incentives for biofuel production.

Meat Production

USDA: Beef… from Farm to Table
Get facts and stats on beef, America’s favorite meat.

Beef: Global Issues
What is the global impact of beef? How does over consumption of beef have a global impact?

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs)
Learn about animal feedlots and public health concerns.

Farm Bill and Policy

Farm and Food Policy Project
Learn about issues involved with U.S. food policy and the Farm Bill.

Earl Butz, ex-USDA Secretary, Dies
An obituary for former USDA Secretary of Agriculture Earl Butz, who was featured in KING CORN and passed away in February 2008.

American Farmer
A regular round up of farm and agricultural policy-related news.

Rural Coalition
Goals include promoting diversity and equity in the Farm Bill and building a more just and sustainable food system.

Sustainable Agriculture

Food and Environment Program: Union of Concerned Scientists
Read articles on biotechnology and food, get sustainable food choices, online resources and much more.

An unconventional farmer transforms his land into a model of sustainable agriculture.

Sustainable Agriculture Coalition
This alliance of family farms and rural and conservation organizations is committed to working with sustainable agriculture.

Practical Farmers of Iowa
“Fostering profitable, ecologically sound and community enhancing approaches to agriculture.”

New Agriculturist: Perspective: Diversity within crops restricts disease
Learn more about how monocultures of crop plants can lead to increased disease.

National Campaign for Sustainable Agriculture
The campaign aims to engage in policy development processes that result in more sustainable food and agricultural systems.

Eating Alternatives

Celsias: Getting Off the Processed Food Conveyor
Tips on what you can do to reduce your reliance on processed foods, with a variety of links.

American Grassfed Association
Find grass-fed meat and dairy producers and products.

Eat Well Guide
Where to buy fresh, sustainable food in the U.S. and Canada.

LocalHarvest: Community Supported Agriculture
Look for a CSA near you.


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