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Eating Challenge: Shannon

At first I thought this challenge would be fun... I figured, I'm competitive, and I love watching Food Network (especially Iron Chef) so bring it on! I was sadly mistaken. It's much easier creating meals with a secret ingredient than it is to create meals excluding a certain ingredient (not to mention the insane amount of additives and ingredients derived from corn!).

I think the things I missed the most were: cheeses, beer, eggs, beer, chicken, bread, and beer. I also missed the freedom of eating things I thought were healthful but not having to read the label. I don't do fast food, and I like to consider myself a conscientious eater, so it was disappointing to find all of the things that corn snuck into (like, high-fructose corn syrup in my tomato soup !? huh?).

I'm glad i did it, even happier it's over (I was getting grumpy), and overall did gain a new awareness about what's in my food. Our modern society of convenience/low-cost-first has made it pretty inconvenient to eat healthy.

A plate of raw fish with wasabi and horseradish with a pair of chopsticks and a glass
a yummy start to the challenge...
chirashi (scattered sushi over rice) with ginger and wasabi

possible corn violations are if there's farm raised fish in there (probably), maybe something in the wasabi paste, (and ok, yes, the beer)
A bowl of raw fish over rice with a bottle labeled Synergy: Organic and Raw
the drink lists organic raw kombucha*, and pure unsweetened organic cranberry juice

(crap, *yeast was on the corn list... i didn't know what kombucha was but took a gamble it wasn't corn based)
A cutting board with a knife, several carrot tops and squid next to a pot of shitake mushroom and carrots
for tonight's dinner i picked up some wild caught squid and am making a 7 hour broth, with bean sprouts, jalapeno, ginger, wasabi, organic turnip & carrots, loads of shittakes and a couple vegetarian chicken bouillon cubes*

*corn violation of yeast extract and maltodextrin
oof, i'm beginning to wonder if i'll be able to make one truly corn free (and good tasting) meal
A bowl of soup with squid, noodles and carrots on a red tablecloth with a glass of red wine
wild caught squid, bean sprouts, jalapeno, ginger, chili pepper, wasabi, organic turnip & carrots, loads of shittakes and a couple vegetarian chicken bouillon cubes
Half a grapefruit on a plate next to a mug of tea
well that one was easy...
(although i wouldn't be surprised if corn is somehow involved in the brewing process of tea?)
A salad with greens, tomato, bean sprouts, grilled tofu and avocado
mesclun salad with hydroponic tomato, bean sprouts, grapefruit,and avocado topped with grilled tofu dryrubbed with Mrs. Dash lemonpepper. dressed with olive oil and squeeze of grapefruit... served with squeezed grapefruit with lemon seltzer water.

meh... tofu is bland, really could use some ranch dressing, bacon bits, sliced chicken instead of tofu... possible corn violation=the lemon seltzer water listed "natural flavors."
A plate of scallops, red pepper, mushroom and carrots sautˇed next to a mug of tea
this came out really good, spicy, satisfying, and i think the only possible corn would be if the scallops were farm raised? do scallops eat corn?
A bowl of rice and beans with avocado and tomato salsa
I usually like Amy's products but this one fell flat... the best parts were the avocado and local salsa (yay local! no corn byproducts!)
A pan of noodles, shrimp, broccoli, tomato sauce and basil
this turned out really yummy... used Bove's local sauce... "No preservatives, glutens, or added sugars."
A plate of sushi over rice next to a small plate with lemon wedges and a mug of tea
ahh really the best kind of meal... went to the local fish monger...made sure it was wild caught, i guess there might be corn based something in the pickled ginger?? found a new favorite green tea - Tamayokucha
A plate of noodles, shrimp, broccoli, tomato sauce and basil
still yummy
A plate with a bagel sandwich of egg, cheese, tomato and bacon next to a bottle of organic cranberry juice
this may be the beginning of the breakdown... i was on the road, and well, cravings are cravings... i haven't even had one of these in a year! i tried to redeem myself by picking the organic juice with no fructose corn syrup at least.
A plate of seared ahi tuna slices on top of greens with lemon wedges
used up the rest of the ahi i got, used lemon pepper mrs. dash for the crust... underneath are the usual suspects, tomato, mushroom, zucchini, red pepper, udon...
A flour tortilla with chicken and greens
i started off being happy i had found refried beans with no corn stuffs in them but then i found out the flour tortillas had mono and diglycerides, so i gave up, cooked some chicken, sprinkled some cheese, popped a beer, and enjoyed the satiation
A steamed whole lobster with greens and couscous with tomato
my celebration dinner for ending this craziness! (even resisted butter for this one and used garlic olive oil for dipping instead)

A black and gray dog next to a box labeled Organic Dog Cookies: Peanut Butter Flavor the verdict: my dog might very well eat healthier than i do.

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