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Whenever Josh Osborne found himself exhausted from work and knee deep in cow manure, his parents reminded him that someday their Maine dairy farm would be his. But when Dad dies and Mom reneges on the deal, Josh and a crew of friends hatch a scheme—to kill Mom and keep the farm.
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Filmmaker Chris Sheridan films Sakie Yokota and Shigeru Yokota, who are seated with an open umbrella next to a body of water

The Making Of:

"In the scene, he describes a memory of the whole family working together and then wistfully wonders whether he really remembers it at all—or whether he just wants to remember it like that."
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The Filmmakers:

"Everyone wants the America of yesteryear, but they don’t realize that our ties to that past are growing tenuous as dwindling open spaces and farmland get paved over and developed."
Patty Kim, Jane Campion and Chris Sheridan

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