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The Film

Impromp2, the Community Blog: Ela Troyano
Filmmaker Ela Troyano discusses making LA LUPE QUEEN OF LATIN SOUL and La Lupe and the controversy over drugs on WPBT's Impromp2 blog. Interview with Ela Troyano
In part 1 and part 2 of a video interview from the program Viva Voz, Producer Ela Troyano discusses LA LUPE QUEEN OF LATIN SOUL (in Spanish).

La Lupe

La Lupe Memorial and Tribute
Read a bio and listen to a song sample.

Wikipedia: La Lupe
Read a brief bio of La Lupe, as well as a complete discography. La Lupe
The official MySpace page for La Lupe—and the film.

Fania: Artists: La Lupe
See La Lupe’s profile on the famed Fania Records site.

Cuba in the 1950s
Learn more about the era of La Lupe’s Havana heyday: Pre-Revolutionary Cuba in the 1950s. View a year-by-year timetable of events.

Learn more about La Lupe’s former religion on this “Santeria 101” site.


The Music

Performances of Pain and Pleasure (Divas Sing the Bolero)
This PDF download of a paper by University of Newcastle’s Dr. Vanessa Knights explores the origins and popularity of the bolero, with La Lupe as one of the form’s most renowned divas. The Home of Cuban Music
Read articles, blogs and news on Cuban music and musicians.

Salsa Magazine: Salsa 1970s
What is salsa? Where and how did it start? Izzy Sanabria presents a detailed history.


The People

Olga Guillot and the Fine Art of the Popular Song
This 2004 article by Francisco Ojeda, originally published in Latin Beat, discusses the legacy of Cuban singer Olga Guillot, La Lupe’s mentor and idol.

Music of Puerto Rico: Tito Puente
View a discography and biography of the legendary bandleader, composer and musician who recorded and performed with La Lupe. Biography: Mongo Santamaria
Santamaria, an internationally renowned percussionist, helped to introduce La Lupe to an American audience. The Sage of Salsa
This 2006 article profiles Latin music impresario and former Tito Puente manager Ralph Mercado.

Cuban Music from A-Z: Helio Orovio
Learn more about the work of musicologist Helio Orovio, author of the world’s most comprehensive encyclopedic guide to Cuban music.
The official site of composer and bandleader Johnny Pacheco, who co-founded Fania Records.

The Return of Izzy Sanabria, or A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Rumba
Read an interview with Latin music journalist Izzy Sanabria, who participated in LA LUPE.


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