A League of Ordinary Gentlemen

Bowling Through The Decades


Filmmaker Bios

Three young men, casually dressed, sit next to each other in a room with a college dorm-like bookcase behind them
(L-R) Bill Bryan, Chris Browne, Alex Browne

Chris Browne

First-time Director Chris Browne began his film career in New York City as a production assistant on laxative commercials. Artistically uninspired by the constipation racket, he leveraged his production skills into a job at the Checkerboard Film Foundation, where he helped produce several documentaries. In 2002, he co-founded Dionysian Films with brother Alex Browne and friend Bill Bryan. A LEAGUE OF ORDINARY GENTLEMEN is his first feature film.

Alex Browne

As a grade school student in the late 1980s, Alex Browne spent much of his time watching action movies. A decade later, he broadened his cinematic horizons with independent films like Sling Blade and Donnie Darko. After short stints working for investment firms and hedge funds, Browne realized that the business world did not utilize his creative energy. Instead, he began a career in independent film, which has allowed him to combine his creativity and love of cinema with a long-standing desire to work hard for little or no pay. In 2002, Browne joined his older brother Chris Browne and his friend Bill Bryan in founding Dionysian Films. A LEAGUE OF ORDINARY GENTLEMEN is his first project. He is actively writing a number of projects for future production.

Bill Bryan

Bill Bryan was born and raised in New York City, where he developed an infatuation with the city’s vast array of cultural activities. While in college, where he roomed with Chris Browne, Bryan’s childhood love of movies and visual arts gave way to the need to prepare for his future. After graduation, Bryan took a job as a consultant with Mercer Management Consulting. With the financial and managerial skills he acquired, as well as his comprehensive knowledge of Rob Schneider movies, Bryan was able to make a career change, co-founding Dionysian Films with Chris and Alex Browne in 2002. A LEAGUE OF ORDINARY GENTLEMEN is Bryan’s first independent film production.

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