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Bowling Through The Decades


Bowling Through The Decades: The 1940s

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Five women, with finger wave hairstyles, stand in descending order by height, each holding a black bowling ball, not looking at the camera with serious expressions on their faces
St. Louis ladies' bowling club, mid-1940s, photo courtesy William Sale

1947 photo of President Harry S. Truman used on the cover of Keghler bowling magazine

Bob Hope and fellow comedian Jerry Colonna appear on the April 1943 cover of Bowling, the official magazine of the American Bowling Congress.

Inventor Gottfried Schmidt registers a patent for the first automatic pin setting apparatus in 1944.

President Harry Truman is such a fan of the sport he has a bowling alley installed in the White House.

Picketers gather outside the 1949 ABC Tournament in Atlantic City, New Jersey to protest racial segregation.

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1941 photo courtesy Los Angeles Public Library
Getting the score: 1939 photo courtesy Los Angeles Public Library


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