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The Film

Visit the filmmakers’ Web site to take a bowling trivia quiz, read about the bowlers in the film and view a gallery of photos and more.

PBA: Chris Barnes
Get bio and career stats on pro-bowler Chris Barnes.

PBA: Wayne Webb Awarded Commissioner’s Exemption
Read this February 2006 article on Wayne Webb

PBA: Pete Weber
Get bio and career stats on pro-bowler Pete Weber.

PBA: Walter Ray Williams, Jr.
Get bio and career stats on pro-bowler Walter Ray Williams, Jr.

At this fan club home for Walter Ray Williams Jr., visitors can view photos, get Tour schedules, sign-up for the newsletter and purchase the “Walter Ray bobble head” doll.


Professional Bowlers Association (PBA)
The acknowledged “major league” of bowling, the PBA was established in 1958 by 33 charter members, and today serves more than 3,800 professional bowlers. Visit the official site for the latest news on PBA tours and competitors, up-to-the-minute scoring results and game tips.

United States Bowling Congress (USBC)
As the national governing body for the sport, the USBC serves more than three million amateur bowlers in the U.S. This information and resource-rich Web site includes sections on coaching, official game rules and a downloadable 34-page Bowler’s Encyclopedia with records, statistics and oddities.

International Bowling Museum & Hall of Fame (IBMHF)
Featuring a comprehensive history of the sport of bowling from 3200 B.C. to today, the Museum’s site includes an interactive bowling trivia game, a database of Hall-of-Fame bowlers and instructions on how to use the collection for research. The site also includes information on visiting the museum, located in St. Louis, Missouri.

Bowlers Journal International
Browse this bowling magazine’s archive of stories and columns about the industry and sport of bowling. This international perspective also includes a schedule of televised tournaments, an index of bowling resources and links and a special report on top coaches.

A site “for the fans, by the fans,” BowlingFans.com offers practical information for players and fanatics, from youth and beginners, to seasoned seniors and includes tips from the experts, amateur and professional message boards, classified ads and more.



Bowling: How To Master The Game
by Parker Bohn III

(Universe Publishing, 2000)
Parker Bohn III, the 1999 Professional Bowlers Association Player of the Year, explains everything you need to know in order to shoot your maximum potential--from equipment, mental preparation and practice regimens to strategies for different lane conditions. A preface by comedian and amateur bowler Drew Carey looks back in words and pictures at the sport’s colorful history.

The New Bowling Trivia Book
by Donald Williams

(Evergreen Publishing Group, 2003)
This book of little-known but real-life trivia is packed with bowling facts, history, records and oddities.

Let’s Go Bowling!
by Eric Dregni

(Motorbooks International, 2005)
A colorful look at bowling from a cultural angle, from its alleged origins in ancient Egypt and its move to the United States to its starring role popular culture through decades of TV, movies and music, fashion and more.


The following served as information sources for several pages on this site:

Bowling Through The Decades

International Bowling Museum & Hall of Fame

Professional Bowlers Association

United States Bowling Congress


TV.com: Episode Guide: The Honeymooners

TV.com: Episode Guide: Married With Children

TV.com: Episode Guide: The Flintstones

TV.com: Episode Guide: All In The Family

“Frank Deford Goes Bowling” by Frank Deford, Sports Illustrated, January 25, 1988

“There’s More Competition For Sponsors Than Meets The Eye” by Dennis Bergendorf, Bowlers Journal, March 1, 2006

“When Bowling Ruled The Tube” by Mike McGrath, Bowlers Journal, December 5, 2005

“Will Bowling Finally Crown Its First $1 Million Champion?” Bowlers Journal, April 1, 2005

“Bowling Prepares for its NCAA Debut” by Dennis Bergendorf, Bowlers Journal, March 1, 2004

“The PWBA, R.I.P.: Tanks For The Memories” by Jim Dressel, Bowlers Journal, April 1, 2004

“What’s Hot In Antarctica?” by Marcy B. Davis, Bowlers Journal, Jan 2, 2005

“What Went Wrong With The PWBA?” Bowlers Journal, September 2003

“Lifestyle Marketing: Bowling Pins Down Upscale Market” by Tara Buckley, ADWEEK, January 8, 1990

“Gear to Spare: Bowling has become a sport awash in high-tech equipment and fashion-designer style. And the trend strikes even our old-school bowling columnist as cool” by Rick Press, Fort Worth Star-Telegram, June 4, 2002

“Style Guide: Bowling: Ready to Roll; Bowling is cool again—so the cast of the new series Ed hits the lanes for a night of fun” by Eleni N. Gage, Additional reporting by Amy E. Goodman, Carlos Navarro, Amy Powell, In Style, October, 2000

“Sense of Style: From geek to chic-–designers strike while bowling is in fashion” by Jill Radsken, The Boston Herald, October 12, 2000

“Life In The Fast Lane: Harry Truman’s pals installed a bowling alley in the White House so the new president could escape the heat of the kitchen” by Ed Leibowitz Smithsonian Magazine, January 2003

“It's Time to Rock 'n' Bowl” by Ana Beatriz Cholo, Los Angeles Times, May 30, 2001

Barbie Collector

Nat Nast Luxury Originals

PC Game Zone: Drew Carey Show Bowling Contest

BowlWNY.com: WIBC takes over the WPBA

The Players


“Barnes looking for breakthrough; Bowler has had no trouble cashing” by Scott Godley, Austin American-Statesman, November 14, 2000

PBA: Chris Barnes

PBA: Pete Weber

PBA: Walter Ray Williams, Jr.

PBA.com: PBA Pressroom: Wayne Webb Awarded Commissioner’s Exemption


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