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The Film

Filmmaker’s Web Site
Visitors can read a synopsis of the film, download images of Oakley Hall III and the Lexington Conservatory Theater and read articles and reviews of the film.

Community of Writers at Squaw Valley
Visit the Web site of the writers’ community established in 1969 by Oakley Hall III’s parents and novelist Blair Fuller. Read about the history of the community and peruse a list of workshops, lectures, conferences and readings.

Albany Times-Union: A New Life Rises After Fall
Read a May 2005 column that both looks back at the life of Oakley Hall III before he suffered brain damage and forward at his life as it is today. Also, read a review and article about THE LOSS OF NAMELESS THINGS. Fee required.

Sacramento News and Review: Theater Review: Grinder's Stand
Read this 2002 review of the Foothill Theatre Company's production of Grinder's Stand, in which the critic lauds Oakley Hall's final work as "a gorgeous little show, reverberating on so many different levels that one scarcely knows where to begin describing it."

KVMR Radio News Hour: Molly Fisk Radio Essay: Tad
Read or listen to a radio essay (#49) by this Nevada City, California poet in which she talks about first meeting the post-accident Oakley Hall and their ensuing friendship.

Regional Theater

NPR: All Things Considered: American Stages
Explore the world of regional theater—from emerging talents to fundraising and theater design—in this eight-part series that examines how resident theaters have transformed America’s cultural landscape. This comprehensive NPR report includes photos, audio of famous monologues and links to regional theater Web sites.

Wikipedia: Alfred Jarry
The plays of Alfred Jarry are considered by many to be the first dramatic works of the theatre of the absurd. Read an extensive biography of absurdist French playwright Alfred Jarry, whose work—especially the famous play, Ubu Roi— inspired Oakley Hall III. Regional Theater
Browse these summaries and links to regional theaters, from the brand-new Guthrie Theater in Minneapolis, to The Actors’ Gang Theatre in Los Angeles, whose artistic director is actor Tim Robbins.


Traumatic Brain Injury

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: Traumatic Brain Injury
Visit this concise, informative Web site to get the latest information and statistics on traumatic brain injury (TBI), including different types of injuries, causes and characteristics and suggestions for prevention, control and elimination.

Brain Trauma Foundation (BTF)
Research the causes of and treatment for TBI at the Web site of the Brain Trauma Foundation, a nonprofit dedicated to improving care for TBI patients. Get numerous links to professional organizations and academic resources and download BTF’s treatment guidelines on patient care.

NPR: The Span of War: Helping Troops Recover from Brain Injuries
Listen to this Morning Edition story about an innovative program that is helping to get soldiers who have suffered traumatic brain injury back into the workforce.



In The Shadow Of Memory (American Lives Series)
By Floyd Skloot

(Bison Books, 2004)
In this collection of essays, part of the American Lives series edited by Tobias Wolff, Skloot conveys what it is like to live with a damaged brain.

Confronting Traumatic Brain Injury: Devastation, Hope, and Healing
By William J. Winslade

(Yale University Press, 1999)
This book by medical philosopher Winslade, a brain injury survivor, offers a broad overview of head injury: causes, treatment, rehabilitation and health and public policy implications. Winslade shares his personal story as well as high-profile cases such as Reagan aide James Brady and the Central Park "wilding" victim.

Head Injury: The Facts
By Dorothy Gronwall, Philip Wrightson, Peter Waddel

(Oxford University Press, USA; 2nd edition, 1998)
This overview of the basic facts associated with brain injury presents the nature of brain injury and the aftermath, both immediate and long term.



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