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Gray Panthers
Information-packed site includes history of the organization, a timeline of achievements and a guide to local chapters across the country.

Organization providing computer technology access to adults 50+, features discussion boards, self-paced courses and reports on current research projects.

American Association of Retired Persons (AARP)
Membership organization's Web site offers online learning options ranging from health and wellness to info on consumer fraud to work options for older adults. Spanish language version also available.

National Citizen's Coalition for Nursing Home Reform (NCCNHR)
Designed to inform families and friends of nursing home residents, site is full of informed tips for consumers and advocates featuring fact sheets, a library, newsletters and government policy issues.

Alzheimer's Association
Extensive information for those who have Alzheimer's, their caregivers, researchers and physicians. Also includes local Alzheimer's Association chapter info and email newsletter.

Explore more than 10,000 programs a year in over 100 countries covering a wide range of subjects with the not-for-profit that organizes learning adventures for people 55 and over.

National Council on Aging, Inc. (NCOA)
Promoting the dignity and contributions of older persons, the NCOA's site contains information on their advocacy, programs, research and publications. NCOA's Workforce Development Division provides leadership and training to senior professionals nationwide.

Gerontological Society of America (GSA)
Providing researchers, educators, practitioners, and policymakers with research on aging, the GSA's site provides access to research, online journals and the AgeWork job board.

International Longevity Center
The ILC highlights older people's productivity and contributions to their families and society. Part of a research consortium, ILC and other organizations worldwide study how greater life expectancy and increased proportions of older people impact nations.

Older Women's League (OWL)
OWL is a national grassroots membership organization focusing on issues unique to women as they age. Their small site has reports, membership details and a chapter directory.

UCLA Center on Aging
With a focus on research and community outreach, the center's site includes details on conferences and community education programs, links and downloadable video lectures.

Presbyterian Senior Services
Maggie Kuhn served as a consultant to this nonprofit that advocates for the elderly. Learn about the older adult ministry network, the six myths of aging and how you can be an advocate for change.

Resource Directory for Older People
A cooperative effort of the National Institute on Aging and the Administration on Aging, this site boasts hundreds of links related to seniors.


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