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i can't stop thinking about this wonderful documentary even though it's been 2 or 3 year since i've seen it. i tried to buy it from but it's so expensive! please air this again soon. i would love to show it to my students.

New York City
This film took my breath away. I loved the clips of animation to highlight moments of Maggie's life. This unique documentary is an incredible tribute to a unique woman.

Mary Beth Murphy
Philadelphia, PA
Excellent film. I thought I knew about Maggie Kuhn but I did not realize how great were her accomplishments. I've seen and heard her quotes like "Speak your mind even if your voice shakes" but had no idea that my neighbor was responsible for them. I hope that this film signals that PBS is planning to incorporate more programming that challenges stereotypes about aging--we are bombarded with youth-vanity images more than ever. And since my destination is to grow old, I don't want to feel bad about that fact--if you don't grow old you're dead.

Any word on whether or not Maggie's house in Germantown is slated for historic preservation or some other kind of marker/memorial?


Wow! I caught the last half-hour of this program and wished I had tuned in earlier. I'm 26 years of age and I was truly mesmerized by this women's vigor an passion to be who she was and wanted for everyone else. So honest and repectful in the same. After the program completed I immediatly came to my computer which normally sits idle and became intrigued by what this women had accomplished. I screamed to myself, " if only I could be Maggie!" I was truly inspired by the documentary of this women's triumphs, and the the things she spoke of touched me so deeply. Truly a blessing for all that she has done for the American Society. Opened doors to so many other avenues. Thank you Maggie and the people who brought you to light. More, more, more!!

Philadelphia, PA

What an amazing woman. I'm currently trying to self educate on politics and social activism. I now have a new (local)hero to add to my short list.

I hope pbs airs this more frequently at earlier times so that more people can see it. Even now, her spirit can inspire...but not if most folks are in bed.

Raymond Di Giacomo
New York, NY

The point in the program that most affected me was when someone said that the broadest problem facing people isn't racism, homophobia, sexism, etc., it's ageism because EVERYONE is going to get old. Hearing that made me realize how ridiculous it is to think that the problems facing older people aren't my concern, because they will be EVERYONE'S concern sooner or later. (At first I didn't quite get why Maggie & others in her group actively reached out to young people, but then, after the afformentioned point was stated, it made such perfect sense.) It caused me to look at problems facing the elderly in a new, more personal light.

Ann-Marie Tesar
Brooklyn, NY

What an inspiration! By the end of this documentary I was nearly shaking, crying with joy and completely inspired to stand up for my convictions, now and in the future. I am embarrassed to say that I had no idea who Maggie Kuhn was before this film, but I'll never forget her. I hope her message is spread as a result of this film and that future generations learn from and about her. what an incredible spirit.

neil c. potash
bowie, md

Remember when she died, we were wprking at the Giant and she was so revered. Loved her there. Stood up for everybody!!!

Cass Housley
Dardanelle, AR

I was so impressed with this film. I was suprised that I had never heard of Maggie Kuhn, especially growing up near Philadelphia.
This womans life is inspiring to anyone and I think everyone can learn something from her wit and wisdom and how she viewed herself and what role she played in this world.
Thank you for showing such a wonderful program. It definitely made me think more about my elders and how we can work together to make this place we live in more fair and compassionate.

Christy Schneider

I am 29 and yet sometimes my friends of a similar age and I have complained of feeling old. If someone tries to try keep up with the speediness that can sometimes characterize capitalist American culture, even a ten year old might feel old, losing the race to the nine year olds.

Maggie Kuhn's gusto and commitment to the idea that each person has a right feel fresh, useful and engaged with whatever or whomever they choose to love was inspiring and invigorating. That commitment fuels change in individuals and institutions. GRRRRR!!

Heather A
Bend, Oregon

I loved it!

I laughed, I cried, I felt ALIVE! It almost made me want to be a senior citizen before my time:o)

It was really well made with great information about the fabulous woman she was. Thank you for making htis film and offering it to us on PBS. In fact, I was bummed when itwas over, I waned it to go on longer.

What a powerful person she was.


I have wanted to join the GPs long before I was eligible. I'm ready now -- where do I sign up and how can I become an active member?

Thank you very much.

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