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The Film

Muskrat Lovely: Film Web site
Get tips on how to skin a rat and and win a beauty contest on the filmmaker's companion Web site. Read production notes on the making of the film, learn about the crew and read film reviews.

Pageant News Bureau: Muskrat Lovely
Pageant News Bureau, the “original pageant Web site," sings praises of MUSKRAT LOVELY in this review. Expecting a merciless exposé of beauty pageants, the reviewer instead finds the documentary "as gentle as a nap in the hay."

Dorchester County

Dorchester County Tourism Department
You're welcomed to the "heart of Chesapeake country" from the region where MUSKRAT LOVELY was set. Take an online photo tour and find useful information on planning a visit to Maryland's Eastern Shore landmark.

Friends of Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge
Explore the Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge, home to muskrats, waterfowl, peregrine falcons and more, through its Web site. Get in-depth visitor info and enjoy a virtual trip through the site's wildlife photo flash cards and raptor cams.


The Muskrat

Everything Muskrat
From muskrat-inspired music to place names, products, trapping, skinning, humor and more, find everything you’ve ever wanted to know about muskrats with this expansive resource.

Animal Diversity Web: Ondatra Zibethicus
The University of Michigan’s Museum of Zoology provides a scientific look at the Ondatra Zibethicus (muskrat) species including how they communicate through musk glands and sound, their food habits, behavior, conservation status and more.


Quirky Pageants & Festivals

Turkey Trot Festival: Miss Drumsticks
Explore Yellville and all things Turkey Trot on the official Web site for the festival and town. View photos of past pageant winners and performers and read about the history of this region of Arkansas.

Gilroy Garlic Festival: Garlic Festival Queen
Read about the contestants and judging criteria for the Garlic Festival Queen Pageant and enjoy pictures past and present at this festival's official Web site.

Worm Gruntin' Festival: Worm Monarch
Find all the festival facts here, and learn about other features that make this Northern Florida Gulf Coast county special.

Farmers Rural Electric Cooperative: Rural Electric Queen
Go behind the scenes of the Farmers RECC 2006 Annual Meeting, which includes the coronation of a Rural Electric Queen, and view a gallery of past winners.

Natchitoches Meat Pie Festival: Queens Pageant
Visit the online home of this Louisiana festival to find meat pie history and recipes and to study up on the rules of entering the Queen's Beauty and Scholarship Pageant.

Shrimp and Petroleum Festival: Festival Queen
Visit the Shrimp and Petroleum Festival’s site and learn about the Cajun Culinary Classic, crafts and the history and traditions that inspired the event. Don't miss the Queen's page.


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