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Dear Educators,

The New Americans Web site offers an online educational adventure for 7th-12th grade students. The site supplements the documentary mini-series, which explores the immigrant experience through the personal stories of immigrants to the United States.

Note: The New Americans Series Guide and Activity Kit for higher education settings, including ESOL and professional development, is available here.

For grades 7-12, interactive sections provide users with opportunities to explore the immigration experience interactively—through a timeline, maps, and exercises in tracking family history and examining the effect of immigration on the nation.

The For Educators section of this site offers 11 lesson plans that address varied historic and modern day immigration issues. Lesson plans aligned with national academic performance standards, give students hands-on opportunities to grasp the essence of immigration to the United States, from analyzing factual data to conducting oral histories of first or second generation immigrants.

These lessons will connect students more intimately The New Americans immigrants and those living at large throughout the United States. Browse through this section to choose learning activities most relevant for your students and which best address your instructional needs.


Patty Litwin
Social Studies Teacher/Special Projects
Los Angeles Unified School District


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