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These lesson plans for The New Americans for grades 7-12 are available on the Web or as PDF documents. The PDF format provides a downloadable printed version of the lesson plan; Adobe Acrobat is required. (Get Acrobat Reader to view.)

Note: The New Americans Series Guide and Activity Kit for higher education settings, including ESOL and professional development, is available through the Community Connections Project at


You Have to Live in Somebody Else's Country to Understand >
This activity allows students to explore what it feels like to be an outsider in the United States.

Immigration Debate >
Students state, research, debate, and revisit personal perspectives regarding immigration and immigrants.

Immigration Policy: Past and Present >
Students review the history of U.S. immigration policy and current legislation to make determinations about policies that best serve immigrants and the nation.

The Demographics of Immigration: Using United States Census Data >
This activity gives students an opportunity to review, calculate, and compare and contrast immigrant-related demographic data.

Contributions of Immigrants >
This lesson deepens' students understanding of contributions made by immigrants to the United States.

Of Cultural Riches >
This lesson examines the vast cultural riches immigrants bring to the United States and ways these influence American cultural attributes.

America: The Land of Career Opportunity >
Students explore the challenges new immigrants face when seeking employment in the United States.

The American Mosaic >
Students explore immigration to the United States during the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

Immigration Oral History >
Students conduct oral histories of first- or second- generation immigrants to learn first hand about the immigration experience.

Reluctant Immigrants >
This activity introduces students to the refugee, an immigrant who does not necessarily emigrate to another nation by choice.

Latinos in America >
Students explore various aspects of the Latino presence in the United States.

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