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The idea of the American 'melting pot' is a myth. The U.S. government, like all other governments, has always reserved the right to pick and choose who is allowed into the country. All nations hold that primary right. Its not unfair; it is the right of soviergnity.

 I realize that the country of Mexico has become a criminal state run by corrupt politicians, a brutal and bribery-paid army, and drug cartels that kill and rape at will. However, the U.S. cannot absorb all the problems of the world. When we give help we are accused of arrogantly interferring. When we don't get involved we are blamed for being selfish and shirking our duty. The world can't have it both ways.

 I think the U.S. has done enough. We should stop giving aid to third world governments, stop building schools, stop supporting health care in Africa, stop sending food aid, just stop. Other countries must learn to solve their own woes.

John Smith
Plano, TX

Although very well done and finely polished, this film segregates and discriminates by COMPLETELY ignoring the struggles of modern day slavery, namely, those human beings we have labeled as undocumented.

 To me, some of them have taken the human type of action of which it has made the United States of America.

 It is a shame that WE AMERICANS are allowing our government to have ridiculously difficult immigrations laws that only few will actually pass.

 We took their land. We ignore their presence, now we impose unrealistic requirements for them to visit the land they once owned. How American is this???

 It is a shame that we have forgotten our human touch with our brothers from the south. We even call them criminals when they can't fit our irrational laws. Instead of being grateful for owning their territory now, we treat them like animals, not even so, my dog gets a much better treatment than them.

 I think this film is biased and does not depict the actual reality of the REAL New Americans, nor c irculates as a whole the current immigration to the US.

 Our current immigration policy IS killing the American soul that gave birth to this country as we know it. Good thing we can kill or destroy anyone not thinking like us, so we can ALWAYS get away with any atrocities against human principles.

David Ed
Dallas, TX.

I just saw the whole series of this documentary. My biggest respects go to the whole team who produced and financed the whole project. and of course A big round of applause to ALL those who made it possible.

 But....What a depressing aftertaste. It was very sad to see that the American Spirit has been lost. From my perspective, none of the stories where motivated by The American Spirit under which the United States were originally built.

 It seems that people are coming here to live the lives they could not live in their country. If they could get in their countries the material things they get here, well, they would not be here. They are just coming here to benefit from what is left as a result of those who came here driven by the American Spirit.

 What is ironic is that thousands of people driven by the American Spirit which cannot be given by ANY government institution, are now in peril due to an immigration system based on selection and not on merit.

 Needless to say, the series never acknowledg es any one of the millions of immigrants who happen to have fallen prey of a broken immigration system, namely those that we continuously keep bombarding and labeling as undocumented.

 When in fact, having this wave of undocumented immigrants is nothing but a by-product created by UN-AMERICAN immigration laws. I wonder what President Washington would think about our current immigration system. hmm, makes me wonder.

 Anyway, according to this documentary, those who did not qualify to get a visa but instead fought their way and in many cases risked their own lives in the pursue of their dreams are bluntly ignored. In my opinion this documentary segregates the historic meaning of what being an American actually means.

 Nowadays you could be a radical Muslim (like those who took the twin towers down)  but if you got your papers and marry some "legal" citizen, VOILA! you become American.

 On the other hand if you come here fighting for and preserving the American Spirit (many times without knowing it) eve n if they denied your visa because you have no Bachelore degree or simply put because you are poor, well, you automatically become a member of the people living in the shadows of the social structure of the United States of America.

 Are you reading this Your Honorable Mr. President Washington??

 If the current immigration laws had been in place a century ago, either the Mexicans would have taken back their land (yes the one we took from them at gun point). Or the US would have been taken by the Japanese or even worse by Nazi Germany.

 It saddens me to see that the driving force that made America what it became, is slowly dying to laws enacted to please corporations' interests.

 Fair, just and humanely sensitive  immigration laws were the triggering point which allowed this great nation the bloom into one of the greatest places to be part of, to fight and care for. Now it is just the opposite.

 Unless we act to change course, the American Soul is in terrible danger. The American Soul is not made b y our army or weapons of mass destruction -of which we have plenty- or by our computers and technology, not even by our geography, or by our money (which belongs to China anyways). The American Soul is made by anyone acting, thinking and speaking the American Spirit. This can only be achieved by self conviction and not by getting a stamp on your passport.

 We have to do something to get back to our American roots, before the soul of America continues dying. Immigrants "Legal" or "illegal"(using this terms makes me feel terribly un-American) is not what matters, what should really be relevant is to preserve those who fit the path of action, speech and thought of those who a hundred years ago were giving shape to The United States of America. If we do this, we will rejuvenate the American Spirit. Giving visas to foreigners who chose to keep their culture in their heads and hearts, well, is probably not the way to go.

 My final question is for anyone willing to answer it; What have you done to become Ameri can, and WHAT are you actively doing to preserve The American Spirit ALIVE? Because it is dying.

 I believe in this particular documentary, ignoring the struggles undocumented immigrants undergo, was probably not the American ting to do. But of course nobody wants to see the American Spirit in action, it is all about the legality based on the criteria of un-american immigration laws.

 I do not know who wrote our current anti-immigration laws, but one thing is for sure, it would have never been done by our funding fathers.

 And showing that scene were the refugees are offered McDonalds as a "taste" of America, that was pretty disgusting and as American I felt offended.

 We can do much, much better than that. And to me that's the American Spirit.

 Thank you so much for making this documentary possible.


I don't understand how some people say that immigrants are taking jobs away from people. When really they do the job that no one else is willing to do and they aren't even getting paid good. I notice that it bothers a lot of people how many immigrants are coming to America and they mainly only think about people from Mexico. But it sure dosen't bother them eating the food that a lot of those immigrants pick out every day. I also notice that some people think Mexican's are the ones bringing all the drugs over here and they are bad influence. But if you think about it drugs will come to America no matter what and not just from Mexico also no one is making people do drugs its as easy as saying "no". Most Mexican's only come to America so they can have a better life for them and their family and so their children can have a future. I for once don't see what is wrong with that. Mexican's are sometimes taken advantage of just because they don't have papers but a lot of people don't seem to see that.


I think its very sad to see these immigrants suffer their hard times trying to fit in the american culture and find jobs. Iam Mexican and i have never been to mexico. i only went once this summer out of my entire life. Its almost like an immigrant because they try to adapt and assimilate to the new amerian culture.They have become new americans.

Debra Rincon Lopez
Portland, Oregon

I am married to Mexican National.He was deported 5 yrs ago.I am very angry that people want to keep deporting Mexicans when California, New Mexico & Arizona & Texas used to be parts of Mexico until it was stolen from them also!Plus they never asked us the Native American people if we wanted to deport all European's when they came here & stole our lands! So who are they to say this to anyone. THEY are Immigran'ts themselves. All except for Mexicans & Native People are from this Country & Continent!


I think that it is sad that thye have to move bout they get a better education

Jorge Lopez-Sanchez
Springfield, MA

IM an immigrant so the way i got use to living in america was by watching tv so i learn how to speak and write in inglish. in my opinion people should have the wright to come to america.


I think the quiz opened my eyes on how there has always been immigrants in the US. In my experience it has not been easy for me or my husband to live here.


My family came to the United States 16 years ago. I was two years old. It wasn't easy for us to get started in pushing forward for a better life. You see discrimination and racism has always been a huge obstacle for us. People don't like to admit to it but in the united states racism is a huge problem. My family came to the U.S out of necesity. We didn't come here to steel or kill anyone just work like decent people. Now as a young Adult and at 18 it's nearly impossible for me to get any monitary help into my household due to my undocumented state. My dream has always been to persue a career as a lawyer but without documentation that dream is shattered. While My family and I have not given up it gets harder and harder to believe i'll ever acomplish my "American Dream". So much for a land of "freedom","equality", "andjustice for all" but hey maybe some day they'll stick to the constitution.

new york

In my opinion i prefered to say nothing because i belibe that is true that iligal imigrants take away jobs fom u.s citizent but we have to know that they are not just here because they whant to is because they need too..

Zina Lawani
Chicago, IL

First of all I want to thank those of you that watched the documentary and thanks to PBS for allowing this opportunity to interact. It is sad to say but in this world there will always be people who want to see others fail. In response to all those talking about illegal immigration you might want to read up there is nothing cute about ignorance. None of us came into this country illegally we were granted political assylum for things we suffered in our country because of other countries. Have you ever thought about how the oil you use and everything else you use in this country how it came to be? Do you realize people are dying everyday because the oil companies and other companies in America and around the world want to make money so that YOU can be comfortable? You have no right to speak about illegal immigration just because you have something others dont. You need to pay a visit to somewhere else and open your eyes because people do not go to other countries or to America just because....... i love my country love where i was born and raised, we are not a perfect country and we have ways to go but please do not disrespect us immigrants or not. If you ever have questions about the New Americans with regards to my family please feel free to send me an e-mail at If you have nothing positive to say keep your comments on this page or to yourself. Thanks!!

Ryan Thomas
Portland, OR

My great great Aunt was one of the many women that worked on the ships in the military harbors. I've only heard stories about her, she sounds like an amazing, strong woman.

Chris Edinger
Durand, Michigan

I think they should let the immigrants in. It's bullcrap that they single people out. It's supposed to be the land of the free and the home of the brave. It's not supposed to be the land of the free unless your not american then get the hell out.

Talia Arezzo Rossellini
Reno, NV

I was born in Rome, Italy but raised in Palermo, the less prosperous southern region of Sicily. Fourteen children managed to be made by my Roman Catholic Tuscan mother and my Reformed Jewish Sicilian father...I'm the fifth. I am the only daughter to leave (out of seven) the country and to puruse higher education without marrying or having children. I live in America now with my Chilean boyfriend (or domestic partner :) and I'm enjoying all that I am and all that I can be. Cheers!

Tampa, Georgia, New Hampshire and back again...

When i was 5 years old, i had to move to Georgia,New Hampshire and the back to Florida....i met new people, endured racist comments and finally pulled my fears away. I saw snow, that was one of my reasons i went...and it was cheaper up there. Im now 14 and live in Tampa Florida...its very hard adjusting to new places, but i managed =)

Destani Lowe
Hamilton, Ohio

I am from Cuba. I moved here when I was just young like 13 or something. I remember some of Cuba and the living conditions we had to live with. I am 19 years old now and I can still see the rats and roaches on the floors of our one bedroom apartment. I had to move away because of that. I had a daughter at the age of 16 and now I have lots of help with her here in America. I also had a son over here that was born with a handicap. If he hadn't been born here with this handicap he would have died back in Cuba. They do not have any of the technology there as we do here. I am very greatfull my children are getting to grow up in America.


I moved to US on Nov, 2007. I think it is hard to adopt American way of life. I must say it is hard to deal with their stereotypes. I am Asian and they think Asians move to US because of poverty and stuff. If my parents allowed me to make decision, I would not choose to come here. Anyways, I am waiting for my studies to be done, that way I can be back to my country.

Laguna Niguel

First my mom moved to the US from Russia (Tomsk, Siberia) to exact. Then I moved here to California two years later. My mom figured it would be easy to make money here, but it is not at all... your diplomas don't count here, you have to take a bunch of school over again. It is very tough =/ but we are getting by somehow. Hopefuly things will turn around for the better


while our country was built from immigrants and they bring diversity and culture to our land, illegal immigration/legal immigration can also cause a lot of problems. As said before, it gives Americans less jobs because of the cheaper wages and the idea of spanish being the official language is a little terrifying. the good part is that we are a country of diverse cultures and are we did our ancestors all not come to the land for a better life?

Griselda Gutierrez

I understand what all these people go threw because my mostly all of my family and friends are immigrants. My family is from Leon G.T.O, Mexico the came here to search for a better life for everyone now my parents finally became residents and well all my bothers and sister are citizens. It hurts to know that your family is treatened by the U.S law but I am proud of who i am and I no I am going to make my parents proud.


My father was an ILLEGAL immigrant in the 1950s from Portugal. My mother is a legal immigrant from Latin America. My father lost his dad to TB, and his mother had TB and another 12 year old boy to care for. Dad was only 19 and a poor farmer in Portugal. He came on a visitor's visa and overstayed it ILLEGALLY by 3 years. He worked 6 days a week laying bricks, and one day a week on a farm. He saved my grandmother's life by sending money for antibiotics, my grandmother lived 40 more years.

How many 19 year olds living today in the US would leave the US for a foreign country to do the same for their mothers?? Probably mostly the children of immigrants who still revere family and old people. These are true family values when the rubber meets the road and it requires selflessness, bravery and lots of hard work. I am proud of my father no matter what hate Lou Dobbs spews every night.


My comment is to address this comment by Rob Allan posted on 1/8/08 "It's a shame that they refused give thanks to America, or even attempt to give thanks by attempting to say the Pledge Of Allegiance for all us US citizens did to pay for them and allow them this "right".... I am actually Nini Lawani one of the "african kids" you are talking about. You have no idea how grateful we(i and my twin Zina) are to have an opportunity to be in this country and get an education. Just because you haven't seen a video or comment about our appreciation or had the opportunity to hear me talk to kids in high schools doesn't give you a right to make such comment. I am currently a graduate student and i am paying for my education, i also paid for my undergraduate education. i am also fully employed and i believe my taxes are going towards programs for people who need assistance and i don't need to hear a pledge of allegiance from them to know they are grateful. Furthermore,on your comment "This is exactly why we need to pr otect our boarders more closely. They come here to take all they can, and refuse to thank anyone here, and our customs. We need to enforce our laws more... Back 100 years ago, we turned many refugee's around and did not take each and every person, so I don't understand why the refugee's think they are owed this right" This is very disrespectful and rude for you to say. i am still in this country and with the education i received, i am giving back to the community working as a social worker and volunteering when i am able to. I do not blame you neither am i upset about your comment because you are still learning but then again, i just hope that you would never deal with such situation in your life.


I(NINI LAWANI) want to personally thank PBS for airing this documentary because i think people need to watch this to see how good they have it here. I have read most of the comments here and i appreciate that some people are learning a lot from it and some still don't understand but someday will. I am glad and grateful for an opportunity to come to this country and i am proud that even through my family struggles(especially my mother Barine), we were still able to make it. To update everyone, I am currently a graduate student in Chicago working on an MBA. I am also employed full time as a social worker in a hospital. My twin zina is an engineer working for a great company in a different state and my mother still has the house on the south side of Chicago and still trying to keep everything together with her jobs and Mary Kay. On behalf of my family,i would like to say thanks to everyone and we are very grateful for everything. You can email me if you want to.

Nataly Aguilar

A girl comes to life with surprises filled with good and bad times.and it all started with family.her father was grumpy,violent,and inresponsible.her mother belived they had to move on along with sister to the usa and lived with a aunt for 9 years. until her mom remarried.and for the first time it felt like real family.but it dint last.he was also the same.And so she fell in love and hopes this same mistakes dont carry on to her.she had always felt like she had to be mamas girl but this girl couldn't. someday she had to live her life.and knowing mom needed her for so many reasons. she was tiyer of moving,helping,saying yes.but theres still a long way to go she couldn't move to a place far where goverment helps she wanted something more this girl wanted ,peace,love,citycenship.and understanding.

Veronica Rios
Saugus, California

Amazing how everyone travels to this country. My parents came from Mexico back in the late 60s. My mom felt like Ventura, alone and scared, but she knew that this life was better than Mexico. Unfortuately, my father died and left my mom with three little girls, ages- 5 yrs, 4yrs and 9-month old baby. She refused to leave this country eventhough she didn't know the language. She got by and made things happen. She stuggled like any parent with school or sport activities, teen issues and any variety problems that face a parent. She was asked a number of times by my grandparents and uncles to move back, but she said no each time. Today, my sisters and I have our own families and live a productive life. I guess we did okay. :-)


I'm a mutt when it comes to that. I'm Italian, German, Irish, French-Canadian, Mohawk (Native American), Scottish, and probably more. So, I'm proud to be full of nothing. My Dad is; Italian Irish Scottish My Mom is; French-Canadian Mohawk German


I think this is a bogus quiz and it has old, out of data and is bias. where are the documentations. Most immagrants come here illegal, because this is better country. I think illegal should be taken back to their own country. We have enough people here. If they come to the United States illegal they are cheaters and theivies. Also, dishonest with themselves. Americans have enough burren to carry with our own gas prices! Teresa OBriant


My Irish ancestor came before the potato famine. He lived in Bangor, Maine, for some years. Married a girl who was from the same part of Ireland. He and his brother-in-law bought land in Pocahontas County, Iowa, and became the first permanent white settlers there. They took a train as far as it would towards their new land. The family took a stagecoach the last 25 miles except the men walked to save money.

Another ancestor came from Scotland, one from Switzerland, and the last one didn't arrive from Norway until after the Civil War. The Norwegian branch settled in Wisconsin. My great-grandmother was 5 years old when she arrived and didn't speak English.


I was born in Zacatecas Mexico.My parents decided to come to the U.S to have a better education for me.I was only 7 years old and i was the only child.MY dad lived in texas and my mom was a teacher at mexico.I came here like any other immigrant with another persons birth cirtificate my parents had to pay. i was really scared because my mom was not with me ,due to she was a teacher she got a VISA.the coyote which was a female lady wanted to leave me alone at a gasoline sation because me mom and uncle did not arive fast i remember her telling me "if they do not show up soon i'm going to have to leave you here alone!!!" but thank got they arrived. As soon as they got there i got off the ladies van and stared runing to my mom and i just hugged her then my uncle paid her and we left.

i was so happy because i was going to see my dad i had like 4 years without seening him but then my mom told me that daddy was not there he was far away but soon i was going to see him and by like the miidle of november my mom left she was going to meet with my dad in texas i stayed with one of my aunts she lived in COMPTON i went to school it was difficult for me because i did not know english time passed then like to 3 days before Christmas my both parents arrived i was so happy and then we the 3 of use lived togther , and now i a 13 years old i have little brother and i am an A student at MARSHALL MIDDLE SCHOOL i am also in AVID an i look foward to getting an education on Cosmethology...i thank god for protecting me and my my PARNETS for all there support.


this was a very scary time i was in florida on vaction when a hurrican struck we were only visiting and we were in a hotel we flew so we had no way to get back becuase all the air lines were temp. closed there were people dying every where and the winds where very high at this time it was weet it looked like a huge flood to me i lost my mom at one point but we finally found each other now i'm safe and really happy to be home


hi, im little sunny, and come from South America, i have a son from before and im married with a norwegian men, and now we live in norway. I will not use my real name because im writing a book about the inmigration in the north of Europe and the hard that sometimes is when after you study university in your hometown, after all your effort for be better you come to another Country for a new life and where the first that you see is that u have to study a new lenguage, because here the english is not enough, you have to go to the end of the line and all you grades are NOTHING if you dont speak norwigian...Can you belive, i have been here for almost 10 months, legal with all my rights like a norwigian but...if i dont speak the lenguage i never will get a job and even if i get to speak, never will spect to be accepted like them...Racism??? just for think.....


i know where i come from but i need to know more than that i need to know why we still in this kind of situation .


I am pharmacist looking for post graduate studies in related speciality.Beside this ,I may face any financial problem for self sponsor . Therefor, I may hope for dual purpose that means working and learning permision.


Hello, my name is Jennifer. I am anew musil. I will tell my story,but first I would like to tell the story of my husband. His name is AbdulHussein. He is from Irag. He had to leave his country in 1991,when he left he left behind three children. The reason for his leaving is because of Saddom Hussain. My husband was a police officer, and he hated Saddom. So those people had to ,so they were not tourtched or killed. My husband stayed in Saudia Arabia for 7 years, then the US brought him and his friends over as refugee's in 1997. When he left his daughter was only 6 months old. She has never met her father face to face. We talk to them every weekend. As for me we have been married for 4 years. Almost three years ago we started talking about having a baby. I told him that my doctor said I would never have any more children. My husband being a devoit muslim said that we should pray to Allah and to Imam Husayn for help. We orayed for three weeks staight. I was not sure about this,because I was a Christian. Almost three months later I found out I was pregnant. When I was three months pregnant I was diagnoised with cervical cancer. I was devistated, but my new faith in Allah was stong I prayed my whole pregnancy. I have been in remmission for three years now. I have trully been blessed with a miricle baby, I would do it all over again. Praise be to Allah and his messenger Mohummad.


My mother is of portuguese decent from Sao Miguel, Asores, Mindelo, Cabo Verde, and Sao Paulo, Brasil. My father was from Siracus, Sicilia and his mother was a Muslim Albanian from a small town just south of Tirana. on top of all that, my family is Jewish. 03/13/2008
Adrean Pinder

I am from brooklyn b/c i was born there right here in the us im black Duces!

Kevin Childers

Im from Ireland, well my great grandparents immigrated from ireland during a potato famine.. my grandmother tells me stories of when they lived there... and she still has a bit of the accent one day im going to visit Ireland and see if i can pick up some of their Herritige.


I came to this country when I was 2, we immigrated from Mexico. My parents came here with four kids the oldest 4 and the youngest 6 months. I have often asked my mother to tell me how we actually got here, she still cant get herself to share the story. I can only assume it was not pleasant. I cant imagine growing up any where else or what my life would have been like. I am very grateful to live here, I can only hope things get better for all of the families being torn apart by DHS.


I think this is BS they come to America illegally, take our taxes, get away with breaking the laws, and get treated better than most Americans and even the veterans. If they are such hard workers and work for cheap then lets pay them to build us a border and make sure they are on the other side...WE NEED TO PUT TROOPS ON THE BORDER!!

Cecil Wickham

I was born in North Dakota, my parents were alpaca farmers. Growing up my best friends were alpacas. They would sing me to sleep with their alpaca songs. In the winter we would make cream colored Sven sweaters out of the alpacas' soft fur.

Tito Gustavo
chico, CA

I worked in the rice fields and lived in the ghetto of Butte. Life was difficult, and I never thought I would make it out of there to become a professional ballerina like I am today. It was difficult balancing work with my ballet recitals, it was hard core.

shawnee oklahoma

i think ppl should shove off! what ever happened to ITS A FREE COUNTRY!? EVERY one should be able to live here.

Frank Rivera

I believe that if yourself have not gone thru the struggle urself you can not understand what these people go thru, or even their feelings or expectations coming to a new country, not knowing the language, discrimitantion, new legal system and a bunch of new things all at once.


I believe that if yourself have not gone thru the struggle urself you can not understand what these people go thru, or even their feelings or expectations coming to a new country, not knowing the language, discrimitantion, new legal system and a bunch of new things all at once.

Rob Allan
Chicago, IL

Seen the 2 African kids graduating from high school. It's a shame that they refused give thanks to America, or even attempt to give thanks by attempting to say the Pledge Of Allegiance for all us US citizens did to pay for them and allow them this "right"... This is exactly why we need to protect our boarders more closely. They come here to take all they can, and refuse to thank anyone here, and our customs. We need to enforce our laws more... Back 100 years ago, we turned many refugee's around and did not take each and every person, so I don't understand why the refugee's think they are owed this right.


wow, cant believe in this day and age that sweat shop meat plants still exist in the good old usa. yes the amount of legal workers should and must be regulated. but why bring a worker here to be used and abused by big business. there is plenty of money for the biggest meat house in the world to profit from. it breaks my heart to see the strife of thispoor man who is one of millions. we cant bring them all over but the ones we do must be spoken for. no union poor wages who is being paid off to let this happen. why is the greatest country in the world not living up to its most treasuered and sought after dreams. look i was born here and made a mess of my life and became a very hard bitter man. but thank you for putting these people on this program because it has made me see that even though i broke my neck on the job thru no fault of mine lost my home and all my way of life became addicted to pain medication and am now a full blown heroin addict i am so touched by your presenting to me the way people really suffer. i had been so full of sorrow for myself and now my sorrow goes to people such as the 3 stories i have written to you about. i would gladly die trying to help any of them. without a doubt they are an insireation to me and to get me to get my life togehter. i hope it can overcome my terrible addiction. its making want to more than ever since my injury. how moving and powerful it was for me to see your stellar program. those people and you people for filming it are the true champions of the world to me.please tell how i can get involved to change any of the first 3 stories. if i can write to some one host a family or person i will i want i make others who really deserve a chance have that chance. i was literally crying like a baby all episodes and my wife of 14 years said you have changed and she was proud of me even thiugh we have lost all and like i said have a problem from pain medication. please some one contact me may i write a million letters to who ever can change these gross injustices or a place to have my views printed. there is still more love i believe than greed and hate but if we all dont act now it wont be so for long my # i will give may someone contact me THANK YOU DEARLY.


I was born and raised in El Salvador, as a teenager I joined the army and fought in the civil war...we reach a peace agreement in 1992, so we started a new police job was... undercover antinarcotics officer, tried to do the right things... but sometimes you can't... so I started a new adventure in my life... in 1998 I moved to the states. A whole new culture..... married in 2002 with a Dominican lady and we had 2 daugthers... we are living a "american subculture" 3 different cultures in kind of difficult but.....wonderful 12/06/2007

How sad that all comments on this hot button issue on immigration started by our politicians so that we the American taxpayer cannot see the real issues affecting us. A lot of the problem is put on immigrations without considering global issues and what it has done to this country. will we ever see a solution? no because this issue will be used on the next election and the taxpayer will again be blinded to the real issues such as health care, war in Iraque, the billions of taxpayers money spent or lost with no accountability to the taxpayer.

12/06/2007 Jacob America the beatiful. Isnt that what everyone says. Wirght? Then why would we be so selfish as to say that we cant let people who are truely suffering into our great country. These people are being persecuted and are starving. We as americans know so little about how truely difficult and unforgiving life can be. Odds are if your reading this you are in a nice comfortable home with a nice computer and have water tho drink, and food to eat. My point is these people dont. So lets let America shine for more people and be a god-send to those who are suffering.

Tom O'Porter
Myrtle Beach, SC

My fathers parents came here from Donegal, Ireland Legally. My mothers grandparents came from Sligo, Ireland Legally. I would arrest and deport the illegal Irish aliens first, just to set the example. We have about 20 million illegals in this country who are going to have to leave. If Hillary Clinton gets in office she's already said that she's going to be "much tougher" at enforcing our immigration laws that Bush ever was.

Alyson Bearden

This makes me ticked off because other peolpe treat new americans like CRAP!!!!!!!I mean they have to understand that the new americans are normal human beings like us.Don,t you get mad? I mean its normal to have peolpe from other cultures come into this world .well signing off sincerly ,Alyson Bearden

tusaloosa Alabama

I think that people can help other people that are in need of money and food.THE WE CAN help people that need cloths.I think its` great that people still celebrate their tradion.

C.A. San Bernardino

Why the hell should people get to tell other people to get out of this so called land of the free this land is based on lies and sterotype. this is not a matter of who land this is this is the matter of who works for this land so that this counrty can be developed properly. you know who works for this country? the immigrants because these are the people that are more grateful then you are because you didn't go through their struggles, you didn't do what you had to do for your family to eat, you do not know the pain that is afflicted amongst these beautiful people that are letting themselves be taken advantage of just to make ends needs. so before you open your mouth and say any foul words about people doing american jobs and how they are not worth it and don't do a dam thing think about who is picking the vegatables for you to eat, who is planting food for you to eat, who is doing the jobs you don't want to do. THINK.

Ann Rithmyxay
Atlanta, GA

Thanks for sharing your stories. I consider myself a Lao-American half generation who immigrated to USA in 1981. The refugee and teenager experience at the same time was really painful for me. Kids in High School are very brutal and crew.

Hemet, California

The influx of illegal aliens has got to be stopped and immigration laws enforced. The negative impact on American society is destroying the standard of living for citizens and is destroying the opportunity for legal immigrants to advance and improve their standard of living. Yes, illegal aliens from 3rd world countries take American jobs. Wage deflation in construction, and entry level positions makes these jobs no longer viable as a means of support. The dumbing down of the school system to accommodate illiterate and non-English speaking minors is destroying the educational system. The social welfare system is hit by both the illegal aliens and the loss of benefits to citizens on the job who before had access to insurance and now because of excess labor pool lost those benefits. The criminal system is overburdened by illegal aliens and their children. The environmental damage of overpopulation and the drain on resources is at a criticalpoint. Any perceived gain is offset by massive damage all due to unenforced Federal laws concerning our borders. I understand the economic reasons the illegal alien sneaks into this country, I understand the economic reasons big business has a vested interest in cheap, ignorant labor to prevent paying a living wage. But America can not be the welfare system of the 3rd world without becoming a 3rd world society itself, and that is what is happening. I love my country, I love my culture for the success it achieved ... but it is being lost in the name of profits for the few by importing cheap labor. Close the borders today, all the borders. Deport every single individual and family not in this country legally. Eliminate the anchor baby laws. Clean up the damage to our society and environment, THEN allow a reasonable and sane immigration policy to start.

jamere sneed

I tink immigration is right.people deserve a better life.even if it means coming to the united states sure if you were in there place you would do the same thing. in their country they could killed 4 no good reason. so before you go and persecute someone who isnt your color think of the struggle they had to go through to get here.a country in which they worship. and a country we americans take for granted.

Pamela Ressler

My Parents were both adopted.Dad knew his Parents briefly.Father killed in Macon,Ga.Mother lost In 1929 Miami Hurricane.We have a little info on them.He remembered his Mom as very dark,with American Indian heritage.Not able to say what kind. My Mom was put up for adoption as infant.I have finally discovered her Biological Parents real names.Since then I have found some info of where she could be decended from.My Point is that all of us have so many Races in us that Predjudice towards any Race is so Stupid! You are probably being Predjudice against yourself,and Family.I'm proud I was not brought up to think this way!

Deidre N elson
Jacksonville, Florida

During WW11, my father, Joseph E. Paulin,was stationed in London, England at the army hospital. My mother, Kathleen G. (O'Brien) Eggers was stationed at the same hospital. They fell in love. Dad was still married and Mom's father forbid her to come to America. Dad came back to America and tried to make his marriage work. It didn't, so he sent Mom the money for a one-way ticket. The next day she was on the flight to America. She didn't talk to her father again for twelve years, until she took her three children back to Ireland to meet their grandfather and grandmother for the first and last time.

Peter Ang
Sparkill, NY

I came to U.S.A. when I was 33 years old from Philippines. I had seen America before my wife, son and I emmigrated to U.S.A. I worked as a mate on an oil tankers owned by Exxon and had called several ports in U.S.A. I married a Filipina nurse whom I had son born in Philippines. We emmigrated to New York in 1983 in search for a better life, opportunity and freedom. My wife worked in hospital as registered nurse, while I went to nursing school. I became a registered nurse and presently working on the same hospital where my wife works. Our son who was 1 year and 6 months when he came to America is now a mechanical engineer and works as product manager. Thanks to America's public school system. My second child who was born in New York is now pursuing to become a nurse. With two paychecks coming every payday in our household, we live comfortably and had achieved an American dream. Every one in my family is American citizen. I am a proud naturalized American citizen, a proud American passport holder, and a proud American traveller on this planet. Long Live America.


My maternal great grandparents immigrated from Ireland 1849-1856 as a result of the "Great Famine". They eventually migrated to Nebraska bought land and became prosperous. One set of paternal great grandparents immigrated from Prussia to NE in 1872 as a result of the Franco-Prussian war. The others came from Germany in 1881 to by land in NE because his older brother inherited all the family land in Germany. My German grandfather was 14 when he came over in 1881 yet he never spoke English until he was married and had children. He and my grandmother alwasy spoke German at home.

David Dwyer
Montgmery, AL

My family and I moved from Jamaica when I was 14 years old. We came here to join my uncle who had been in the States for over 30 year. We have found that while the challenges for immigrants in this country are great, the opportunities that have been afforded us have definitely outweighed the challenges and uncertainties of moving to another country.


I dont care who you are or where you come from EVERYONE was an immigrant or there family was at one point in time so get over it. no i do not belive that people who come to america should live in welfare and i know that most dont BUT some do whether they are immigrants or not and it is there for those who need it and yes people do take advantage of it but to those who think that immigrants will only take crap jobs or dirty job YOU ARE WRONG. i am a lower class american who has had many jobs over the years and i noticed something the jobs that paid well i've only seen hispanics latino or whatever and very few of people of another race and in fact these places most people there DIDNT KNOW how to speak english at all and it almost cost me my life because a pallet of dry concrete was falling they screamed out in spanish and i didnt know anyhting was wrong until the pallete missed me by 8 inches. my point being is that if you come to america i dont blame you just please do the proper process about it and learn english in case of emergency situations. and for the comments about no americans wanting to take dirty jobs that is b/s i cant even get a job right now including marketing/sales and food prep ive tried everything but i havent gotten a single interview in the past seven months and im more than willing to take a dirty job.


With the recent report from the department of labor, the current unemployment rate is 4.5% and an estimated 12% of the population living below the poverty line, isn't about time to GIVE BACK American jobs to Americans? I for one supports stricter border patrol and hefty fines for companies that hire illegal immigrants.

Angel Garcia an Immigrant

My name is Angel Garcia i was born in Durango,Durango,colonia Emiliano Zapata i came to the United States when i was 2 years old along with my twin brother, and my sister.I am 15 years old, i have been living in the U.S. for Twelve years.Still fighting for the immigrant reform to be passed so my family and i can become part of this country.My family is a regular loving family who is just alike any other anglo family. If you would support us by singing a letter that will be sent to directly to George Bush by El Piolin a local Los Angeles radio broadcaster. If you would like to support us go to My email the letter will be posted there.

Angel Garcia an Immigrant

I think that we should be aloud to immigrate over to the US becasue of the economic status of our Home country's.We left our country because it was necassary for our survival, becasue we had no money to feed our family. Also to all of you racist, what would you do in a situation like that and you are trying to kick us out of our own country california belonged to Mexico before it became part of the US and i think we have a the right to live here.


i think that just because of the differences in races and where they come from they shouldn't be discriminated. they are not that different from us. they have families, difficulities in life and they all have a past, wheather it was good or bad they all have one.

deborah Barnes
Seattle, Wa

I think the cross cultural influences from immigration are inspiring and educational; this is the best way to eliminate the "us -them" propaganda. However, the first Earth Day (1970), population 0, VW gas thrifty cars, "Silent Spring" by R.Carson and other environmental wisdoms were turned inside out. Why? When birth rates dropped, immigration quotas were raised; was it to keep wages low, tax, military and voter bases growing, or to alleviate the burden of an aging population by adding younger workers? -oops ignore the health care, pollution education, infrastructure and outsourcing issues! I think the human species like any species that outgrows its resources is doomed. Our way of life needs changing so enabling an old construct is a sorry thing to do. Stop the fight so we can move into the macro level concepts, you know the unity of everything, universe. It is time for the US to be an example of the place we wish all of our children to inherit. We need to look at full truths and relinquish the voting party, uber-nationalistic and other tunnel vision approaches. We need to crack open the old dogmas to allow the light in; it is still (barely) a beautiful world, and in the words of Dr Suess "We can and we must do better than this."

Luis T.
Pawtucket, RI

My attitude toward immigration is that if immigrants want to come to the US, they should be allowed to as long as they come here with a good attitude, wanting to work hard, pay taxes, and follow and understand our laws. They would have to come into the US the right way and have all of their papers in the right order. We also have to think about the fact that there are people that want to come to the US and do good things but are not allowed to come in and then there are those who want to come in for the wrong reasons and they are allowed in.

Pawtucket, RI

I know that illegal immigration is not right but what can we do if we have to come to the US? My reason for coming to America is because my Dad couldn't stay in Guatemala because if he did by now he wouldn't be alive. Some American people think that immigrants come to the US because they want welfare or because they want to take good jobs. Some Americans are focusing too much on immigration or the welfare and jobs immigrants have. And they are forgetting the terrorists made the twin towers fall not immigrants. But now they have to focus more on us the immigrants and they never think why, or what the reasons are for immigrants to migrate to the US. The don't realize that they immigrants have the dirtiest

Pawtucket, RI

I don't think there is anything wrong with immigration. I believe anyone from anywhere should be able to come to America. Sometimes people will be put into the middle of wars in other countries and it's mostly people who don't want any part of it either. Also they should be able to work. All the jobs that are being taken by immigrants are the jobs Americans don't want. No one wants to work hard and only get paid minimum wage. Also the bosses who pay workers would pay an immigrant $3.00 an hour rather thann the correct minimum wage. Everyone should be treated equally. It's not fair to immigrants.

Pawtucket, RI

I believe that immigrants should get the same rights as Americans. I also believe immigrants should learn how to speak English because they are capable of what any American can do. Everyone in this world is different so stop being afraid of the turth. Immigrants are only taking the dirty jobs because most Americans don't want them. Immigrants are human beings too. We are in 2007 not the 1900s. Laws need to change; Immigrants are just as good as Americans, it's just that they don't have the money or the support they need.

Vanessa B.
Pawtucket, RI

It's not fair how they are treating illegal immigrants. We all know that they don't have a right to be here illegaly but we don't have to treat them as if they're deliquents. They are just coming to work. Americans say that immigrants take away all their jobs. That is not true. Americans want all the easy jobs. On the other hand, immigrants take the "dirty" jobs that Americans don't want to do.

Pawtucket, RI

My attitude towards immigrations is that immigrants hsould have a chance to live freely just like "the Americans" do. If it weren't for immigrants. American citizens would be doing the dirty jobs, making clothes, cleaning toilets. The immigrants are the ones who do this for our nation. 12 million immigrants are here as we speak taking facotry jobs that we're not doing. They are making North America a better environment, a place of different cultures, religions, and ethnicities. My mom came to America as an illegal immigrant, doing dirty jobs to feed, cloth, and put a roof over her children's heads. My mother got her citizenship papers so that she wouldn't have to go back to her country. All you have to do is follow the law and do it the right way.

Pawtucket, RI

I think immigrants are the future, past, and present of this country. After all this is the nation of immigrants. Society doesn't want to accept that Latino immigrants are here for a takeover. Education in Latin America is far superior to education here. The only thing that holds us back is the language barrier,if it weren't for that it would be a warp. Americans don't want that but they have to accept we are the future of this country.

Pawtucket, RI

My attitude towards immigrants...well I think every immigrant deserves to be treated and respected as everyone else. They're just like me and you. My family are immigrants, I'm an immigrant but we came legally. We didn't cross the border or come for a visit and stayed. America is the land of the free yet some people feel isolated and traped under all these rules. I don't have anything against immigrants, they should know what is right and waht is wrong. They should all come legally with their visas and papers. Just do it the right way.

Pawtucket, RI

I think that immigrants should be allowed here but they should do it the right way because there are some who do it the right way and they have to wait a long time to become a citizen. Plus they come here for a better life. It would be easier to do it legally because they wouldn't have to worry about immigration looking for them and they could find better jobs. Anyone who wants to live here should do it the right way.

Pawtucket, RI

My opinion on immigration is people come from their scary, dangeroud countries to have a better, safe, American life. More laws make it a safer place. All immigrants aim for regular jobs not.

Pawtucket, RI

I think that immigrants should have a chance in coming to the US. Americans should at least be thankful that immigrants are coming here and oding the dirty jobs that the Americans are not doing. I mean the immigrants are cleaning bathrooms, working in factories, and other types of dirty jobs but also, they should live freely and not have to worry about any problems in their home country.

Pedro Flores
Portland, OR

Helloh i am named pedro. i am moving from mexico when the peoples come and take me. i like it in here. my family we make lots more moneys than mexico. in mexico, my job was chickens selling them in the street. Lots of people they think the mexicans are illegal or something we are people we come here illegal and we love america. thank you for that i can share my story.


I was born in Honduras moved to Chicago when i was three and im now 16. i still don't have papers so i can't drive and i can't work. Were i come from we herd a lot of good stories about America so we moved. But we had alot of money, and good house with a lot of fruits trees to grow and sell. The education is alot better then America. but the good thing is im about to get my papers in two weeks.

Juan de la Vega
Atlanta, Georgia

When I was 17 years old my family came from Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. We came to the USA (Miami) for better work and living better. But, Florida was full of people like us looking for work. So, when I was 18 we went north to Atlanta. Where I went to Spelman College and my dad had a gotten a good job. But, only my father and was here in the states. So, when we raised enough money my mother and little sister came over. But, I miss the Dominican life and all my friends and family. So, when I graduate this summer I took a job as a professor in a university in the D.R. But, the US is okay for a while but, it is very different than my homeland. But, I like it here for the opportunities it provides. Like my good teaching education, that I will now have. But, I have a lot of love for the USA and for the DR (republica dominicana).

J. Greywolf
Orlando, FL

As a US-born public health professional, I have worked with immigrants of various nationalities in the US Southeast for nearly 10 years. For those claiming that they "take American jobs," I dare say that these accusers would hardly be willing to do the type of labor that they do (with all of its attendant hazards), especially at the wages they are paid (and yes, they do pay taxes): chicken de-boning plants, cabinet making factories, agricultural labor when paid by the amount of strawberries, tomatoes/other crop picked, plant nurseries, landscaping, etc. Further, they are recruited by industry management, who send scouts into Mexico, Guatemala, and other countries where low-wage labor is sought. So, take it up with the industry leaders, if you are really concerned about American jobs being "taken."

In my work in this region of the US, I have observed that many Americans, who are, in fact, products of immigration themselves, quickly forget that fact and lay blame on newer immigrants for a multitude of social ills. Indeed, the vast majority of immigrants do not abuse the health care system; we have difficulties getting many groups to use it at all, beyond emergencies. If you examine national & regional health & social statistics (where collected/available), you will see that beyond special groups (i.e., refugees, asylum seekers), dependencies on government support are much more common (and generationally so), among US-born Americans as opposed to immigrants, who become naturalized or not. It's time that the xenophobes wake up and realize that they, themselves, are very likely enjoying the freedoms of this country precisely because their ancestors immigrated to the U.S., and get their facts from reputable sources before citing percentages about this and that, and parroting a distinctly anti-immigration media.

Clay Russell
Spartanburg, South Caroli

Illegal immigration should be stopped. It is an economic burden. Illegals are taking away jobs and are taking advantage of welfare. Are government is focusing more on illegals than on American citizens. The taxes of an American citizen are paying for illegals education and health insurances.

Seattle, WA

The first time I came to the U.S from Michoacán Mexico was in 1999. When I came the first time I went to Camarillo, California to visit my mom and my younger brother. Then we went back to Michoacán, Mexico because, we just came to visit and we went back with my father who was living in Oxnard, California. In 2001 was the second time I came to the U.S. was with my mom, dad, my brother and me, we move to Oxnard, California where my father lived. I stay in Oxnard, California until 2003 and in the same year almost at the beginning of 2004 we went back to Michoacán, Mexico because, we went for vacations and also because my brothers were going too. Then in 2004 was the last time I came to the U.S. because, we decided to move to Seattle, because my older brothers lived here and we wanted to be all together as a family.

Seattle, Washington

My father was the first one to come to the United States. He came here on 1995 from Mexico. He came here because there were no jobs in Mexico and we needed money to live. So then he decided to come to the U.S so we could have a better life and have everything we needed. My dad first got to California and lived there for a year. My dad didn’t like it there very much so he decided to move to Washington. On the year 2000 he decided to bring my mom, my sisters, and I to Washington as well because he felt lonely here without us. On 2001 we went to Phoenix, Arizona for a couple of months because my mom thought that it would be nice to live there, but it wasn’t that nice so we moved back to Washington. We all love Seattle, Washington very much so that’s why we haven’t moved since then. We have made plans that we won’t move from here until I graduate from High School because I have my life here and I love it. Then we will return back to Mexico to end where we started. But we don’t know what life got for us so we just have to wait to see what happens in the future.


i think that its okay to come to america. Because if immagrants wouldnt come to america then we wouldnt really be influenced in anyway. Im glad that they came to america its a wonderful place and u are Free.i love were i live and i love my background


Hi..I am Rhanie from Phillipines,and i was born year1988 my mother is Filipino and my father too.And i have one sister...she is 33 year old she have 2 kids and her husband was manager,and i was undergraduate for psychology because offmily problem and financially. My father haVE ANOTHER FAMILY and my mom died. Sa ngayon naghahanap ako ng trabaho pra makapagaral ulit ako gusto kong makatapos ng pag aaral sa kpatid ko akong my asawa nakatira sya ang nagpapaaral skin dati pero ngayon hindi na,sna naman po tulungan nyo ako.. more power! tnx....


Seriously, it is 2007 and everything I am hearing is horrible. Yes, people should cross the border legally, BUT that is completely unrealistic! Do you seriously expect a father with no job because of the terrible economy in the country to wait? El Salvadors corrupt government changed its currency to American currency and pays their people according to the old economic system where $1 is 8.9 of their currency. Then on top of that, the government has everything sold in dollars! Do you all think that you have 9 years to wait for the legal process to go through in order to come and work just for your family?!! NO! It is human nature to protect your family and if it weren't for the big role this old good U.S government played in El Salvador's civil war, they would probably be less bad off today. In addition, the U.S goes out to find workers from Mexico and other countries to come fill in the jobs in agriculture! So seriously think about what you are goings to say. Plus, "illegal immigrants" when they get fake ids to work, they actually DO PAY TAXES. SS is taken out of their check, which they cash as check cash places. So SS and other public services available to this country would be terrible if it weren't for the BILLIONS of dollars the immigrants pay from they low wages.

Goron Calison
Baltimore, Maryland

Unlike most of the New Americans, I am a gringo who had the privilege to live as a child in the Departmento de Cabanas, El Salvador CA Mine was a wonderful experience living in a mining camp with a father as a mining engineer and my mother a company secretary. At age 11, I, upon my favorite mule got to travel thru the countryside, getting to know the people and the land. Because of my experiences in El Salvador, I have begun writing a series of multi cultural and bilingual stories involving the local Indians, Spanish, Negroes, and Americano. I lived in El Salvador during a time of relative peace although there were always skirmishes between the National Guard and Government troops, especially when Hondurans began pouring into El Salvador because of revolution in Honduras. My Mother had begun teaching me Spanish as a young child of 3 and continued to learn not only about the people but the land and its customs. Some day, I'm going back to see if there's anyone left or if the countryside has changed. I still love El Salvador and its people, but I am not naive, I know now, that the company that my father worked for, did not always do the best by the people or land, and I'm sorry about the people who died as a result of chemical poisonings and dangers in mining more than a mile into the hard rock so evident in the area.

Daniella Sekelova
Pittston, PA

I'm here to tell you about my life. I was born in Slovakia in 1993, right after the Velvet Revolution. It was a hard time to live there, so my mom, dad, and eight siblings came to America. It was a long journey and my baby sister died along the way. It kinda discouraged me to come and I was afraid of America. Hah, I never thought it would be so big! All the cities surprised me, and i was taken aback by all the people. I never understood how America was a "melting pot" until i finally got here in the year of 2000. It has really changed my life a lot.

Philadelphia, PA

I like this show because it reminded me of my life. I came to the United States at the age of 12 and I was so excited to see this totally different world. As I stepped into this big, busy world around me didnÕt know what it was going to be like. I felt as if I failed somewhere, for example I wasn't sure what to speak or what to do and all I wished was to go back home. Even though I missed all my friends and all the people I grew up with I always liked it here because I happened to meet so many nice people who struggled so hard to reach their goals. Now I am in 10th grade hoping that I can reach my dreams to make my family happy. You should follow your dreams no matter how hard it is. And don't worry god is always watching over you!!!!!


I just saw the first broadcast and loved the show. As this segment focused on those entering the country legally, it allows us to view other aspects of immigration without all the devisive debate.
These "New Americans" are bringing with them the willingness to work hard to succeed at all costs, and an acknowledgement and sense of responsibility for those who sacrificed so that they might have more. Values that unfortunately do not seem to be present in many of our young people today. We all have much to learn from each other.

Amy S.
Salt Lake City UT
The problem with immigrants is not the immigrants; it is the Companies that higher them illegally. The owners of these corporations and/or companies need to be put in jail. If an American or any other country goes to Mexico to work and they do not have the proper work visas (sp?) they have to leave or serve a jail sentence; From what I hear, the jail time is not just a couple of days. I'm all for anybody who wants to live in American JUST DO IT LEGALLY! America is 'The Land of The Free'.

emmanuel kwadwo boateng
worcester, MA
i think the US is a kuul place. one needs to be hardworking to live good. one thing that worries me is that i came in with a dv lottery but has still not received my green card, not even a welcome notice. could anyone help ma with this problem, please. thenks.

i belive that all that people who are againts illegal immigration should think about it twice before criticizing. people should at least ones in their life think what would they do if their were the ones who were dealing with this situation . i am pretty sure that most of the people would do whatever just to give the best to their family. so what iam trying to say is that illegal immigrants dont mean to break the law, is just that they have no choice but to sacrifice for a better living

Alma C.
In my, opinion Since I was little to this day I have heard this was and is a free country for culture and it is not our fault we MEXICANS except such a low rage amount of money.

Orange Cove C.A.
I think the stories I just read are truely magnificent. They are very heart touching and enspiring. The imigrant's struggles and obsticles are eye opening experiences that encourage me to reach for the impossible.

John Jansen
My feeling on the whole immigrant thing is let them come because we really are not any different than them. The way that this country was started was by immigrants! but that is just my opinion. I feel that if they are going to come then they need to follow the rules that we have. The whole reason why they came to the United States was to get away from the stuff that they did not like back in their country. 1. If they don't like that we have God in anything then they should not come. 2. If they think that they should not have to follow the laws peroid then they should stay over in the country where they are because this country was started one way and all the immigrants are changing the ways that we are doing the pledge, well I myself feel that if the other religions that have to get excuesed from class to go and pray because they have to pray 80 million times a day then when "WE" Americans want to do our pledge we should be able to do that if they can be excused to do their prayer and if they don't like it then go sit in the hall. I myself am tired of not being able to do the pledge in my school School has been in session for almost a month and now we can do the pledge (1) time every week. My teacher and everyone else forgets to do it because we are not used to doing it let alone I'm in 10th grade now and this is the first time in (4) years that I and my classmates have been able to do it, We couldnt even remember half of the words some of us because it had been so long.


Las Vegas, NV
I thoroughly enjoyed the program "The New Americans". Sometimes those of us who were born here have a tendency to take for granted our freedoms and opportunities. My own father was born in Mexico, and came to this country, legally, with his parents many years ago. My aunt and uncle did the same, and opened a very successful restaurant. They were glad to be here in the U.S., and became productive citizens who were respectful and mindful of what it means to be an American. I must comment on my least favorite character in this show, the Palestinian man. If he can't find anything better to do with his time than to demonstrate in the streets of Chicago for the "rights" of people who consider it a privilege to train their children to blow themselves up and take as many innocents with them as they can in the process, he's in the wrong country. His wife is a much better person than he will ever be. He is condescending, arrogant and doesn't really want to live here.

The United States of America passed a law,no child left behind in our school's. But a little American girl has to live in Mexico because her mom chose to and has two more children,boys by another man. the boys get to go to school ,but the little American girl dont get to go,they live in a area where the housing is not bad but have a fence around the apt. building that the kids never can get out of. crime is two bad. they visited in America,got help from our Gov. then went back,the girl was devistated. why is this allowed.What i do want is something to be done to protect the child.

Missoula, MT

The subject of what to do with our immigration situation is indeed a complicated one. What frustrates me is that for over a year I have been attempting to secure a legal VISA for my Brazilian boyfriend. We are currently attempting under the Fianc» VISA requirements, but why should we have to make a life-long decision whether or not to marry within the 90 days he will be allowed to be here? During this time, he is not allowed to work and so will not be able to fully incorporate into the American Life Ò old or new. We, and thousands others, want to have loved ones enter legally, and feel our attempts are being hindered, legally and socially, by the illegal alien debate for amnesty. What do the rest of us do while our government considers a decision on this matter?

Alex A

I agree that Mexico has seriuos econic issues that need to be dealt with. But when americans say mexicans should stay in thier contries and stand up to their government I say it is easier said than done. Alot of these people have no jobs and cannot let their families experiance hunger or lack of shelter; they are desperate in many cases, otherwise why would they risk their lives on the trip to the united states. To many it may seem simple; send them back to thier contry. But they are not in such a situation as these peole are in and there for have no compassion.

Stillwater, OK
Seems to me with all of the immigration debate that we should be cracking down on all of the employers who hire illegal immigrants so that they can circumvent the system.

CJ, a legal immigrant
Kent, WA
This is not about the work ethics of illegal aliens. This is not about how hard illegals work or how little money they make or how tough it was to swim across the river to illegally gain access into the country. None of the aforementioned is being questioned or debated.
The fundamental issue is the illegal aliens entered this country ILLEGALLY. It does not matter how hard-working, how attractive, how good/bad of a person you are, how intelligent, how tall, how dark, how strong you are. If you entered this country illegally, you broke the law. If you are a law breaker, you are a criminal. It does not matter what you do afterwards. You are a criminal. It does not matter if you donate your kidneys to save your American neighbor or if you save kittens from a burning church. It goes not change the fact that you illegally entered the country. You are a good person who does good deeds but by entering this country illegally, you broke the law.
What is this talk about amnesty and making illegals LEGAL for the mere fact the INS did not catch them and they were able to stay under the radar screen for 5, 7, 10 years? By living in this country illegally does NOT give you the right to become a citizen. In doing so, the clear and loud message is: BREAK THE LAW and you will be rewarded.
Do not think this is an issue about America does not want immigrants. This country welcomes law biding, hard working, legal immigrants.

Johnny Copeland
Baltimore Maryland

After reviewing the comments of the "New American" it comes as a shock to see the hearts poured over the issue on how the "New American" search for simpathy. My thoughts on the matter is why America History is the upmost importance. The majority of comments are from those who had the option and free from any forced decision to come to America. Certainly there may have been some minor mistreatment, however take the Native and African American who have suffered in so many ways it make these experinces seem like a walk in the park. A great deal of complaints are from students who are attending school for a higer education, slaves were denied that previlige nor were your immigrant ancestors subject to rape, beatings and murder.In my opinion the only thing about the "New American" is to forget about who gave there lives and freedom to here such a "bogus cry".

Seattle, Washington

For those of you how think illegal immigration is a bad thing, did you actually watch the video? Immigrating is not as easy as you think it is, those who immigrate have an extremely difficult time adapting to our culture. When their attempt to achieve what we perceive as wealth fails; we can only blame those in this country for their failure. I assume that those who are condemning immigrants have never tried to survive off of $8,ooo a year and by the way they are supporting their family back home so subtract a third of the total from that already small yearly salary. I can understand how those would not want their taxes dollars to pay for education for illegal immigrants, but I don't want mine to pay for the government listening in on my phone calls. Don't be so selfish, America is not what it claims to be, we are falsely advertising our nation to be something it is not... Free.

I support strong laws and i say if you want to come to America do it legally. I hope they pack everyone that is ILLEGAL in America and ship them home in boats, planes, busses cars trains and if they come back put them in prisons on islands. I do not like uneducated mexicans trying to get an education on my tax dollars. They can pay for it. As of the may march in Chicago it was a flop, there was only two state rep's at the speech, and i am glad. They broke the laws they can go home the same way they got here. God Bless America and thank you for the real immigrants that came to the good ole USA LEGALLY.

Charlotte NC
How can so many people focus on just one aspect of controling our US boarders? People from south of the boarder have been comming to the US as seasonal farm workers since I was born 57 years ago. I was fortunate to be born in the US but when I was called to serve in Viet Nam I was there. To get a drivers license I had to reach a certain age and take a written test along with a test drive. The point I am getting at is to get what I wanted to make a living for my family I had to abide by the laws of the United States. Many of the people I have spoken with share my view. If you want to live and earn a living in the US you have to do it right, respect the laws of the land. If you want to gain the respect of legal citizens wait until you qualify to enter the country work hard and save before you bring you girl friend or wife over the boarder to have children. By the way. Paying for that child birth would be good instead of reaching into my pocket to pay for it. When the Itialians, Irish, came over here there wasn't medicaid, and food stamps. They had to earn and save which is why many of them became very sucessful and contributed to their new country. I have been passive in reacting to the huge insurgancy of foreigners disrespecting our boarders. American have been known to rise up when faced with a massive invasion. When I am introduced to a neighbor from south of the boarder I don't want to wander is this person a law breaker or someone who did the right thing. I challange all illegals to choose to abide by our laws.

Dayton Ohio
Immigration is good thing. It allows people who live in horrible places in the world to come to the U.S. and start over. However if the people wanting to immigrate are doing so illegally or are smuggling drugs into the country then they shouldn't be allowed in. If the immigration office is so up to date how come they don't see and stop these illegal people? I am not saying that immigration should be stopped, i am just saying that illegal immigration should be caught and stopped. My sister Flannery agrees with me. She is also writing you. Thank you for your time. i hope you can be open to my point of view.

Flannery O' Brian
Dayton Ohio
yeah, i am soooo up 4 immagration because my great great granparents came from italy to the americas 2 start a new life here in the americas. My siter Elma agrees with me. Neither of us or our grand parents or parents would be here 2day without immigration.

Thanx alot.

Norman, Oklahoma
Once again I showed this program to my social studies classes. I teach middle level and it is amazing that students begin to sympathize with the plights of the families by watching this film. This film helps students look at things from another point of view. Many have become kinder to exchange students, wanting to know more about their home countries. One of the most interesting comments happened as we were watching the Palestinian story. In the film, Hatem makes the comment during conversation that the United States is the most racist country. I asked the students what they thought about the statement. One student raised her hand and said, "maybe." "It hasn't been my experience but it might be different for me if I were a different race or if I were an immigrant." WOW!!!
Thank you to all involved in making this film.

Albuquerque, New Mexico

I believe it is very selfish of whoever wrote the above comment on "The truth about Immigration." These people who face the dangers of crossing the border illegally and risk their lives while doing it, are only in search of a better life for their families and themselves. They are only in search of the American Dream. The majority of these people only want to work and earn a decent way of life. It is morally inscrupulous and naive to want to send them back and to think that by doing so, crime would end. Crime is always going to exist, no matter what we do or who we want to get rid off, and its a totally different story. Also, the author of the article argues that if we send these people back and that there would be more jobs for the unemployed legal citizens. Well newsflash, the immigrants are doing the jobs that no one else wants to do, getting their hands dirty for those who would never dare to so. So please, do not blame the immigrants for the current unemployed status of the legal citizens, if anything they are doing people like you and me, a favor.

G. Wille
Lee's Summit MO

I understand why the Hispanic people come here but I don't understand their sence of entitlement when they get here. Where do you think I would be if I went to Mexico and demanded what these people are demanding? It upsets me that their here waving the Mexican flag and demanding amnesty. When are we going to start taking care of our own citizens and stop worrying about the rest of the world.


What has happened to our world. I'm all for the great american melting pot but what ever happened to the jobs that should be here in america now there over seas. i'm sorry but we have enough people in our own country that could use those jobs. I think its high time that Pres. Bush stops letting jobs go out of this country and let some of the peolpe that need them here get them!!!!!!!!!! For me i am sick of trying to call for tech support or help with doing inter net things with people who can hardly speak english. Don't get me wrong I have alot of freinds that are from Pieto Rico who do very well with speaking english. So if they can do it then why can't every body else. KEEP AMERICAN JOBS HERE, NOT OVER IN INDIA


It is so amazing to learn from the news that there are more than a million of people marches around the country just to join the rallies about illegal immigrations...85% of the crowd are Latinos and the rest are Americans and other nationalities--what I don't understand is that why some people supporting illegal immigrants? Which at the 1st place the word ì illegalî is bad already-- Some school even canceled there classes just to join the rally (that blows my mind) I have nothing against Mexican and other immigrants here in our country--if they only come here with proper papers and documents to work legally-- because it is really unfair if your are paying your taxes--and they don't pay at all. it is also unfair for other people and other nationalities that went through all the trouble in USCIS just to get here and work here legally--while other people could just dig a hole in the ground. i wish the government will tract down all the illegal aliens not only Mexicans but other nationalities as well.

Jacqueline N.
Kingston WA

Thousands of people come to apply for asylams to come to U.S. for better living. However,when picking and choosing immigrants to come into America, the highly educated immigrants are chosen first because of their benefits. This leaves those immigrants' countries desperate for doctors, engineers, nurses, etc. It is refered to as the brain drain. Then the U.S. is left with no other choice but to go help those countries in need. So by letting in all of the highly educated immigrants we are not only crowding our country, but creating problems for theirs.


I'm against puting more border patrol on the border with mexico. During my research i fond that there are already 2,000 border patrol agents guarding one of the most busily used entry ponit for illegal immigrating. Just in this on entry point there is a 14 mile, 10ft fence that is loaded with the latest survalence technology. This includes stadium lighting, motion sencers, and infarred scopes. even tho there are other fact having to deal with this agument. So you can't unnoledge the facts and this agument or discution is over!!!!

Sierra M.

Immigration has happened all over the United States. There is a huge percentage of immigration here in this country. People wonder what they do,why they are here in the first place, and how they got into the country.
In the 1875 a mexican boy tells about his life living in Mexico and how when they moved to the United states it had helped them from suffering. he says that theres enough jobs for men andwe earn little but much better. mexicans come here to live a better life, to show us Americans differnt ways to work, and different things we never knew or seen about,like music,food,and differnt ways to farm.

Hannah D, Charin G

I think that we should let immigrants come into the U.S. if the country that they come from is having economic problems because if we let them in legally then they would only add to our economy by providing sevices and paying taxes. If we don't let them in then they will come in illegally and decrease our economy. I also think this because other countrys woud help us in our time of need so shouldn't we do the same?


I believe that illegal immigrants take away jobs from U.S citizens. It is estimated that there are 5 million illegal immigrants are in the U.S. right now. This number is growing by about 275,000 people every year. This means if everyone of these people where to get a job, there would be 5 million American jobs being taken by these illegal aliens. In a report done by the Dallas Morning News and the Associated Press 1 in every 20 workers is in the U.S. illegally. Amazing isn't it? As discovered by Dr. Donald Huddle illegal immigrants are displacing about 750,000 American Workers every year, at a cost of 4.3 billion dollars. Now you might be saying to yourself, but the illegal immigrants take jobs that the U.S. citizens won't do. But if you think about it our least prepared(young workers)are looking for these types of jobs just to make the money they need. Therefore the illegal immigrants migrating to America are taking away jobs from U.S. citizens.

Nick A. & Andrew L.

Illegal immigrants take away jobs from U.S.citizens.
Each year the border patrol catches more than million illegal immigrants who vialate our nations law by crossing the u.s. boarders. An estimated 7.2 million illegal immegrants take away money from U.S. citezens. They are taking away thousands of enrty level jobs that could have rather gone to unemployed U.S. citezens. The unemployed rate in the U.S. in 2006 is 4.7%. The census beauro says that 29% of all roofers and dry wallers are aliens.

Keoni & Audree

Our argument is that the U.S. government should not put more border patrol agents on the U.S.-mexican border.
Mexicans only want to come to our country to have a better life and to get good jobs.
There is a rumor going around that says that mexicans introduced our country to "crack" and several other drugs. But the truth is drugs like that came from every where they can be produced.
What if a national disaster occurred then the mexican leaders will not let us through because we did not want them in our country so they wont let us in their's.

Zach Hord

I strongly agree that if a country is having economic problems,the U.S should allow it's residents to come to the U.S for a better life. Many countries with immagrants, such as Mexico, are filled with corruption. I think that since we are such a powerful country when it comes to economy we should welcome immigrants from other countries.

Vicki B.

I believe that all immigrants should be required to learn english. It would help immigrants if they knew english so they can get a good paying job. It would make it easier for them. Knowing english would also give them good communication skills. If an immigrant didn't know english they wouldn't be able to communicate with people and that gives them the opportunity to take advantage of the immigrant. If they knew english, it would help them participate in things that other people do. Such as working going to school, hanging around in the town and most of all communicating with other citizens. Children who are immigrants tend to be picked on by other kids because they do not speak english. Americans tend to pick on people who are different than them. So if an immigrant knows english it would help them a lot.

Jacinda M.

I belive that immagrants should be able to live in America as long as they have a clean record and as long as they have plans for what they want to do because how can we say America is the land of the free if we dont even let thoughs who want to come to America get through without worrying about being sent back wher they came from just to deal with the consequenses of trying to escape the continent.

Katie S

Illigal Immigrants dont take away jobs from U.S. citizens. Usually an employer creates jobs for immigrants, mostly labor intensive jobs like farm work or cleaning. They get paid cash, so that the employer doesn't have to pay taxes on the employee. So the employer is benefiting from the immigrant by not having to pay tax, and the employee (Immigrant) is benefiting because they have quick, easy cash to support themselves and their families.


I think that immigration can be a good thing. They are just here to find work. They dont mean to cause trouble. Immigrants are the ones that re-started the city of Miami, after all the Americans had left it. They teach us a valuable lesson, on how to work with people, no matter how different we may be.

Andrew H.

I belive that having a variety of cultures doesn't benefit everyone in America. This is because as immigrants come to the United States more and more are having to let go of their own culture and embrace the new culture to where they are presented. I also believe that Americans are having to learn other cultures just to keep up in their business.

Kylee C.

My argument is that illegal immigrants do not take our jobs. They add more creativity to our culture. They dont want to take our jobs they want to contribute to us for helping them, like with Welfare.


My argument is that the U.S. Government should put more immigration border patrol agents on the border with mexico. More and More illegal aliens are breaking through the border. Half a million aliens are coming through the border. All of these illegal aliens are taking jobs and money away from citezens. 50% to 75% of drugs come from mexico. We need to stop this.


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