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Jacob Carmen
White PLains NY
These stories have made me realize how lucky i'am to be born in America. Everything imigrants went through, i think it's amazing. Coming a long way adapting to a new lifestyle. I think this website is a great. It allows you to tell stories about personal experiances of immigration and talking back. I think we should keep this website going.

Ciarra H.
The immigration and naturalization service(INS)estimated that in January of 2000 there were 7 million illegal aliens(immigrants) living in the United Sates, a number that is growing by half a million a year.
our United States jobs are growing yearly as well. this means the illegal immigrants are taking away our jobs. whyu can't an unemployed person take the job? because they are criminals...or they just don't want to try to get a job. but being an illegal immigrantis just as bad as being a criminal. and is a job is what they need, then why can't they get the job? because the employer doesn't want to pay the high wages to an American citizen, when they can get an immigrant to work foe for way less. they are willing to pay an immigrant half the wages because they are not from here.
the two "magnets" which attract these immigrantsare mostly jobs. the jobs that attract these immigrantsare the high paying jobs. so as you can see, immigrants do infact take away jobs from the United States, because they get a high paying job and save up all there money to go back and help their families. when the job that they take can help our US citizens. the jobs that they takedon't help us because the fact that they take our money and our jobs is the cause of unemployment.

Jeremiah L & Larry T
1.our nations open arms have become one of the most cherished symbols.
2.people who have left the country to come here leagully really try hard to make america a better place for themand there children
3.The Cubans in the 60'sand 70's who cameto the eastcoast towns like Miami where getting run down and the legal immagrants brought money into these towns.
4.they take jobs that americans dont want to work for little pay like field workers construction cleaning and made work .
5.we found that the number of employees who are happy and there compony is higher if the company is more diverce. (61% are more happier with their company)
6.the more diverce the company the more likely the employee is to stay with that company, all the employees are happier when a company tries to bring in more divercity
7. when a company doesnt try to bring in moredivercity the employee satifactions drops around from 61%to 21%.

Michel B.
I believe that having a variety of cultures and labguages doesn't benifit everyone. Different languages tend to cause confusion and racial tension. Also when you have different cultures they tend to fight for whose is better. It also overpopulates America because half of the population are immigrants. Americans also lose their jobs because Mexicans will go for lower pay than Americans will.

Drew C. and Sarah M.
There are not too many immigrants coming to the United States.
Just about everyone in the United States came from immgrants
Almost all of our country is made up of immigrants
According to Columbia Electronic Encyclopedia, immigrants were largely responsible for the rapid development of the country
If we were to take all of the immigrants from the past 50 years out of our country, our country would be no where as far as development
Immigrants also except jobs that other people will not, therefor immigrants do not steal jobs from americans
According to the Center for Immigration Studies, there are more legal immigrants than illegal immigrants
Immigrants help our country a lot, they bring new ideas and they contribute greatly for example according to Daniel T. Griswold, associate director of the Cato Institute center for Trade Policy Studies, Immigrants have developed new products such as the Java Language for computers this has created many jobs for americans
that is another example of immigrants are helping our country every day
I believe that there are not too many immigrants entering the United States

Rachel B. and Andrew H.
We beleive that our country should not allow immigrants, into our country, from other countries who are in crisis. Allowing others in could cause a war between the two countries. Also, this could ruin our economy because they would be sending their money back to their families and not putting it towards our country. We have enough immigrants in our country already.

dustin k. and Nic J.
Immigrants who come to the U.S. should be required to learn English before they enter the U.S. This is because, if immigrants don't know English when they come to the U.S. then they are unable to communicate with others around them. This could lead to hazards at work, because someone wasnĚt able to tell them what to do in an emergency. If they have kids the kids are required to go to school this is hard because then the taxpayerĚs money has to go towards hiring bilingual teachers to teach the kids. Also a lot of time kids make fun of non-English speaking kids because they are different. Also people around them may think they are talking bad about them when they are talking because they cannot understand what they are saying. If the non-English immigrant were to phone 911 the person wouldn't be able to understand what they were saying if they didnĚt speak there language.

Michael S
The us government should put more boarder patrol agrents on the mexican border because there are people sneeking acrossed and there are taking our jobs and over populating the country

Jacob Carmen
White PLains NY
These stories have really touched me, hearing about different peoples personal experiances. Just imagine being an imigrant coming from a different country and learning a new language. It must have been really hard.

Ben S
Should allofthe immigrants that enter the united states be required to learn how to speak english? I think so. According to in the year 2000, 8.1 percent of the population spoke limited english.also according to the same site1.22million people spoke english not at all in 1980. By 2000 it jumped 176 % to3.37 1980 1 in 20 people struggled with english,now 1 in 12 do.Some of the immigrants might not have to speakinglish because they might want to stay true to their country and notchange therir life style or ethnic background but i think they can learn how to speak english just so they can communicate.they can still keeptheir originallanguage but they should learn just for communication

immigration hasnt helped the united states because there are certain areas of the country that there is unemployment due to immigration.Alot of the immigrants dont get greencards. They are putting a drain on the economy because when they are not working they apply for government aid. And their are launguage barriers and religous barriers.

Lia H
My Argument is that the U.S. immigration policy has not been fair to all groups entering the U.S.. For example, it is legal to deprive illegal immigrants of their basic rights to earn minimum wage. all persons in the U.S., including illegal immigrants, should be given the opportunity to live a good life. When this is not true it isn't fair to all people. the percent oif unpaid wages was more then 25% between 2004 to 2005, employers are not giving these workers the chance to survive. Immigrants are denied their basic rights to fir pay, job opportunities, and fair treatment. People die on their way over from Mexico, they weren't even given the chance to live a better live. Campaigns blame immigrants for job losses and declining wages. they blame immigrants for taking money out of the economy. How can we say that when we treat them so cruel. we've made them work in dangertous jobs, blind, deaf, and the mute on the streets of New York. We don't treat them like equal Americans. How can we say that we are treating them fairly?

Chelsea B
My argument is, 'U.S. immigration policy has not been fair to all groups entering the united states.' I feel this way because i have collected evidence that employers can legaly take advantage of the immagrants. The immagrants dont want to go back to their home land thats why they came here to live a better life style, they dont want to be sent back so they do what the employer tells them to do with out any argument. They are not likely to SUE because they obviousely have no Legal Resources, they would only SUE if they were willing to rist being sent home and they arn't willing to risk that. If the employer thinks the immigrant did something wrong, the immigrant will have to pay the employer. Reports have been shown that between 2004 and 2005 unpaid wages to employies have shot up to 25%. An immigrants basic rights are: They get a minimum wage, a safe work place and FAIR treatment. They are just people coming to the U.S. that want a better life style and they only get FAIR treatment!?! How would YOU feel if you wanted a better life style and you were only treated FAIRELY??!Employers can threten to send immigrants back to their home land, so the immigrants have do what the employer says!-thats slavery and taking advantage BIG TIME. NOT COOL...NOT COOL AT ALL!!!!!!!! They arn't being treated as equaly as Americans and thats not fair!

Kyle E.
I believe that having a variety of cultures and languages in America benefits everyone. The United States has the most diverse population in the world. Each race of Americas 280 million people bring a different background. A different cultural background and native language. This benefits everyone because you interact and learn about other cultures and their peoples. There are 26.3 million immigrants in the United States as of March 1998 by the Current Population Survey. That number has trippled since 1970. That doesn't show the population with immigrant parents though either. Almost 16 percent of school age children, 5-17, had an immigrant mother nationwide. This oncludes 42.8 percent of school age children in California. These statistics show how young people are interacting more with people of differnt nationality just in the classroom. Some would say that having such a variety would only help some. Only help the younger population when learning a foreign language. But I believe it benefits all. It exposes you to other countries ideas and customs. This exposure can really show you how good life is in America and how it could be changed and that benefits everyone.

I'm against puting more border patrol on the border with mexico.during my research i found that there are already 2000 border patrol agents, guarding one of the most buisily used entry points for illegal immigration. just in this on eentry point there is a 14 mile, 10ft fence that is loaded with the latest survailence technology. This includes stadium lighting, motion sensors, and infrared scopes. So we dont need more border patrol. We already have more than enough i think that nobody will disagree with hard facts!!!!!!!This debate is over!!!

Caitlin O.
There are not too many immigants coming into the U.S.
The U.S.'s origional 13 colonies were founded from immigrants, and everyone who came to live in the U.S. to make it what it is today were immigrants. Deining people the option of immigrating to the u.S. would be going aganst one of our founding principles. Some people will say that immigrants are overpopulating the U.S. and they are taking away American's jobs, but the reality is different. Without immigrants coming into the U.S., our population would deminish. As far as the myths that immigrants taking away our jobs, that's not true. They fill up the jobs that most Americans do not want to have. Plus, immigrants add greatly to our econemy. They bring with them buisness conections and new ideas to broden the U.S. global trading and profit. There are not too many immigrants coming into the U.S. now, with only 4 immigrants per year per 1,000 U.S. residents, it's segnificantly less then the great migration of 1890-1914. Not only do immigrants add to our econemy, but they add greatly to our culture with new and different costoms, religions, and languages. The U.S. beifits hugly from immigrants.

Kyle P.
The number of immigrants entering the U.S today is on right on track. According to the immigration data of the past fifty years, immigration has doubled. Parallel to this is the world population. since about 1940 the worlds population has doubled. Most of the population increase is within under-developed countries. Most immigrants to the U.S are from developing countries. 51 percent enter from mexico, a developing country.
immigrationj has been an important aspect of America's history and still is today. It is what makes our country so diverse culturally. Our countries founding fathers, along with the settlers that came with them were immigrants to America. during this time people were allowed to enter the U.S as they wished because there werent any laws preventing them. But by the mid 1880s laws started to form prohibiting certain people from entering the country. The immigrants that did make it into the country were subject to the lowset paying jobs, discrimination and poor neighborhoods.
Now more than a million immigrants enter the U.S. each year. This may seem like too many people . However the ratio of U.S. immigrants to the world population has been steady during this period. also these immigrants make up only three hundreths (.03%)of a percent of the country's population. our cpountry is far from overcrowded and unemployment has decreased in percentage so there is no need to stop more immigrants from entering this country.

Ashley C
Drew: My name is drew C
Lee: And my name is Lee C and we are for putting more border patrol agents on the border with mexico.
Drew:There have been may cases of violence in the U.S because of the illegal Mexican immigrants and grugs being smuggled across the border from Mexica. According to the DEA, 57% of all illegal immigrants are mexicans.
Lee: Out of all 384427 legal immigrants only 36% of them are mexicans. that means that in2002 only 138193 legal mecican immigrants compared to246033 lealimmigrants from other countries.
Drew: This year over 800000 illegal mexicans immigrants have come over the border into the U.S
Lee: One group of mexicans transpoted thousads of pounds of pounds of ocaine as well as marijuana, herion and meth. from tijuana to san diego. another oganization has transported cocaine and marijuana laredo transpotation corridor into
South Texas.
Drew: 61% of all gang related homicides are hispanic gang related himicaides the unemployment and poverty rates are high above the national average in California qhich shares a border with mexico which is commonly used for illegal immigration.

Kyle E.
I believe that having a variety of cultures and languages in America benefits everyone. The United States has the most diverse population in the world. Each race of America's 280 million people bring a different background. Different cultural background and native language. This benefits everyone because you interact and learn about other countries and their peoples. There are 26.3 million immigrants in the United States as of March 1998 by the Current Population Survey. That number has almost tripled since 1970. That number only says the immigrants not people who are now citizens who had immigrant parents. Almost 16 percent of school age children age 5-17 had an immigrant mother nationwide. This includes 42.8 percent of the school age population in California had an immigrant mother. These statistics shows how young people are interacting with people of different nationality. Some would say that having a variety would only help some. That it would only help when learning a foreign language in school and then wouldnt help. But I believe that it benefits all. Having such a variety exposes you to other countires ideas and customs. This exposure can really show you how you good life is in America and what could be changed, and I believe that benefits everyone.

Illegal immigrants take away jobs from U.S. citizens. It is estimated that there are aboot 5 million illegal immigrants in the U.S. right now. THe number is growing by aboot 275,000 people every year. This means if everyone of these people is to get a job 5 million U.S. jobs will be taken by illegal aliens. In a report it was discovered that 1 in every 20 workers in the U.S. is in the U.S illegally!!!!!The illegal immigrants are taking away jobs from americas most unprepared workers. I dont know about you but this is absolutely rediculous. Any person that is not in agreement with me may say ohh but they take jobs U.S. citizens dont want. All i have to say is what about the young unprepared workers that are just looking for those types of low paying jobs. You can say that illegal immigrants dont take away americans jobs but,, ummm.... its not true. As you can clearly see,yes illegal immigrants take away american citizens jobs.

Chelsea C.
There are too many immigrants coming into the United States. According to the Future Freedom Federation Organization, everyday 4,000 - 7,000 unathorized aliens enter the U.S. According to a national census, 84% of Americans think immigration is a problem and 55% think it is a SERIOUS problem. A Time Magazine poll shows that 63% of Americans would support a policy that stopped all immigration from countries suspected of harboring terrorists. Letting a large amount of immigrants into the U.S poses a threat to our security. People blame the government for terrorist attacks and robberys but actually the illegal immigrants pouring into the country cause half of the problems. At there is a poll that shows that 56% of people think illegal immigrants HURT the country. 2500- 3500 elude the border patrol each day and now over 1 million immigrants enter the U.S each year. Hispanics accounted for over 41 million of a total population of 294 million people. Of all of the immigrants swarming the country, 1,000 settle in the United States each year,taking jobs from deserving Americans.There are too many immigrants entering the United States.

Andrew C
My name is Andrew C.
And my name is Ashley C and we are for putting more border patrol agents on the border with Mexico.
There have been many cases of violence in the US because of the illegal Mexican immigrants and drugs being smuggled across the border from Mexico.
Out of all 384,427 legal immigrants, only 36% of them are Mexicans. That means in 2002, only 138,193 Mexicans immigrated legally, compared to 246,034 legal immigrants from other countries.
This year, over 800,000 illegal Mexican immigrants have come over the border into the US.
One group of mexicans has transported thousands of pounds of cocaine, as well as marijuana, heroi, and methamphetamine from Tijuana to San Diego. Another organization has transported cocaine and marijuana through the Laredo transportation corridor into Southern Texas.
Nationwide, 61% of all gang related homicides are Hispanic gang-related homicides. In Phoenix, Arizona, 80% of all cases of violence have been by illegal immigrants. The unemployment and poverty rates a high above the national average in California, which shares a border with Mexico that is commonly used for illegal immigration.

Rachel C
Did you know that the United States has about 50% of the worlds wealth but only about 6% of the population? This is cause for other countries to envy and hate us. George Kennan from the U.S. State Department Policy Planning suggest that in order to keep this position of wealth we need to make and keep good relationships with other countries. This means if a counrty is having economic problems we should let their residents come live in the U.S. This would also be good for us because immigrants help the economy. Immigrates help the economy because they pay taxes, and increase productivity of U.S. business. We need to help countries with economic problems because it helps them and us. It helps us by halping us to mantain a position of power, and improving our economy.

sonny v
the us should not allow citizens that have been persecuted by their country to come here to seek asylum.
my evidence includes that there are just not enough asylum workers and supplies to take all the persecuted citizens from other countrys.
besides this fact the people that do make it into the asylums here get beaten, ingnored, and get treated badly even if the doctors know there isnt anything wrong with them. the refugees that come here get unfair financial consequences for coming here to united states and resident status which costs us alot of money.

I believe that Illegal US immigrants do not steal jobs from US citizens.The jobs that illegals take are at or below minimum wage, have bad working conditions, and work very long days. The NAS says that if people hired citizens,it would pay $10 billion instead of $1 Billion. This would be horrible for the economy and take the jobs that Citizens have.
If US citizens worked in place of illegals, more jobs would be lost.

Eduardo, C
America culture is influency music, muvies and jazz music.
Tyler cowen, professor of economics at Geoge Mason Universiry in Virginia.
Addressing a question about goverment attempts to protect culture.
Queried on how outside artistic tradition have influenced American culture, Cowen replied that the United States is one of the most open nations for immigrants, new food ideas, new music, and many other innovations.

Amber Hoak
If a country is having political problems, the United States should not let peresecuted citizens come to the U.S. to seek aslyum here. In 1995 about 200,000 individuals filed for aslyum. That nearly equaled the nation's annual adverage immigration from all sources. Even if an application was rejected, most cliaments remained in America, often diseapering or having long appeals that lingered on until they found another way to gain permanet residency. Asylum is just another way of of having illegal aliens coming to our country and taking our jobs, education, and resources. The INS commisioner said "People with no legitimate claim to asylum are applying in record numbers. Some brought by smugglers, some using fake documents, and some overstaying their visa's. Fradualnt asylum claims are routinely used as a backdoor to enter the U.S." So basically we are providing these immigrants with an oppurtunity to come to our country illegally.

AMERICANS SHOULD NOT LET IMMIGRANTS LET INTO THE UNITED STATES. In the United States minimum wage is approximitly $5.15. How Canada has a minimum wage of about $7.75. Canada also doesn't pay for health care. would it benefit immigrants to go to Canada instead of the United States?
More immigration in our country will cause a plague of epidymics. if people keep coming to the United States our resources will be depleted and we will have to be relient foriegn sources. This makes our country vulnerable to terroism, foriegn attack, and bloackades.
Also the population of the world will be about 1,000,000,000,000,000,000 in the year 3000 AD. in the United States there will be about 1,130,000 people per square mi. that is not including the inflation rate of immigrants.

Alfredo R.
Pedro Flores came from Guanajuato mexico to Garden city. He works as a meatpacker. He has family in Mexico. He sees his wife and his child twice a year for the past 13 years. Pedro works as strongly as possible so when he has saved enough money he can have his family legally migrateto the United States. He livesin a bording house. When he goes home to mexico he doesnt want to come back to Garden City but he has to because he has to save money to bring his family to the U.S. He is one of thousands of immigrants that come like him,just to have a better life.
Immigrants rebuilt the neighborhoods.Many immigrants come to the U.S. and they buy ahouse in a terrible nighborhood were they are cheep.Many Vibrant ethnic have taken root in our cities. Barano worksan average of hours a day. He usually sees his family on the weekdays.

Ry R.
The truth is that we need more border patrol agents on the Mexican border. There are currently only four border agents per square mile of the Mexican border. That is definatly not enough agents to effectivly guard the border. Since there are not enough border agents the easiness to cross the border only encourage illegal immigrants to cross the border. With all of these immigrants coming over they are taking a large amount of jobs. It is estimated that 45% of all agricultural laborers are illegal immigrants. These illegal immigrants also take away money from the U.S government. The government spends approximatly 1 million dollars anually to send illegal immigrants back to their country after they had crossed the border. If we caught them at the border we would have to spend less money. Opponents to this view may say that border agents just divert immigrants to less guarded urban areas but that is untrue. In the last year 660,390 illegal aliens were caught by U.S agents. So they are doing their job. From this it is clear that border patrol agents will stop illegal aliens and thus save american jobs and save the government money

Tabitha D., Micah D.
I belive that having a variety of cultures in America does not benefit everyone, because the illegal immigrants take away the jobs that the legal Americans could have. According to "Illegal Immigration News in the U.S", and Francisco Burzi, one out of every twenty workers in the United States is an illegal immigrant. He also stated that there is an estimated 11.1 million illegal immigrants in the U.S. as of March 2005.
It may be nice seeing how other cultures are but having all of them here has brought many diseases to the United States. For example Mexicans have brought tuberculosis and hepatitis. Spaniards have brought diabetis, and African Americans broght AIDS.
Along with bringing diseases they have also brought many drugs like cocaine, marijuana, and heroin.
There has been studys showing that by the year 2080 as much as 37% of Americans will be of Mexican Decent.

Preston E
If we couldnĚt accept the Irish why canĚt we accept Mexican Americans today? If there are jobs that the average American will not accept and the Mexicans will why not let them take care of our dirty jobs. This was the land of opportunity for the Irish and the English and all the other European settlers and now the Mexicans seek the same opportunity they just want a fair chance just as the others. Gebe Martinez from Houston Texas explains to Houston Chronicle Bureau that Mexicans hold 24 percent of all jobs in farming, 17 percent in cleaning, 14 percent in construction and 12 percent in food preparation. Mexicans had owned most of northwest America until the untied states kicked them out so there for they should at least have the right to work here. As most people know Mexicans are extremely hard workers and they always put in 110%. According to the NPR Mexicans are here to contribute not to bring a Burdon to our Nation. I say with they Mexicans are trying to contribute to our country let them stay and work here.

Olivia g
My argument is that immigrants has helped the U.S. its given us the oppertunity to leatn about diferent cultures, how they live and about their every day life.
there was a poll conducted by NPR on May 27-Aug 2, 2004. they surveyed more then 1100 native born Americans and near 800 immirants. the public views on immigration are significantly lower then what they were after the date of September 11. 60% say that having immigrants has helped were as 40% say it wasnet helped.
i think that by America not letting immigrants in that their being racist. just because they wernt worn in America doesnt mean thy cant live here. if we are suposed to be "the land of the free", why are there so many problems with immigrants living here?

Nalani V
If a country is having political problems, the U.S. should allow persecuted citizens from this country to seek asylum here. This statement in various reasons is wrong. If we let persecuted citizens seek asylum here, not only do we have to pay for there welfare, a place to live, work, and education, but they are also a political embarrasment. We should also take care of the healthcare in out country before we worry about more bundens on society. They often seek to settle in a nightboring country where thier culture, climate, geography, and language are familiar to them. This can impose a huge burden nations that are suffering from the same pressures that created the refugee crises. Although victums of persecution have a right to asylum, each state retains the right to decide who does and does not deserve to claim that right. Also, another issue is that asylum seekers have been known to take advantage of an overloaded system. Thier are "EWIs or visa abusers" that live here legally until they get cought, and only then claim asylum.

Cassy G
Having a variety of cultures in America has benefitted everyone. Having these cultures gives everyone knowledge. As people learn new cultures they remember the best of the culture. At times when two cultures only know the bad parts of each others cultures. It is after these cultures clash that there is eventually a resolution. The resolution gives America more knowledge, and knowledge leads to peace. From every problem or conflict someone learns somthing and once america is more knowledgeable, peace will come. Every culture has somthing that it has or will contribute to America and the world. The main conflict between cultures comes from misunderstanding. If one culture dislikes what another culutre is doing most of the times they do not see the importance of the thing the other culutre is doing. Some cultures are fairly awkward and wierd, however, the unusual ritual is really important to that particular culture. Once america learns that even though people believe different things we can live together in peace. America will never be perfect, all we can do is learn as much as we can and shoot for peace.

I think that ifacountry is having economic problems the U.S. should allow its residents tocome here for a better life the reason is that immagrants are making the econamy better than it was.With out them our way ofliving would be change. They also have horrible working conditions in thier home country.One out of six doctors in Ohio are from south Asia.

Rose B.
I believe that if a country is having economic problems that we should allow its residents to seek a better life in the US. 11,498,100 people currently want to come to the US from other countries according to the US Commitee ofr Refugees and Immigrants. They come from countries all around the world and are driven by their countrie's lack of job oppurtunities. Unicef says that 13 children die each minute as a result of third world debt.
Immigrants who come to the US work in many different fields. They take jobs seen as unattractive to Americans like farming or factory workers. however, many immigrants who come to the US are not unskilled laborers, but successful medical doctors and technologists. We Are Americans, a book with information on immigrants by Dorothy and Thomas Hoobler, states that 1 out of every 6 doctors in Ohio come from South Asia. Technology companies like Microsoft and Intel rely heavily on foreign workers and even supply them with temporary visas.
Immigrants that come from other countries enrich our culture. When 200,000 people fled Cuba in 1952 because they disagreed with Fidel Castro, they created a thriving community in Southern FLA. In 1975 the US government even made bilingual ballots for the spanish speaking immigrants. Many tourists visit Southern FLA to eat Cuban Food and learn about Spanish traditions. Many people running stores and restaurants are immigrants according to We Are Americans. They come to America and open restaurants and stores that help bring a little bit of their home to the US.

Michelle S.
Immigrants have benefited everyone in America. Immigration has helped our country. It gives America more cunsumers and more workers. Thanks to immigration the U.S has more people to do work that Americans wont do at low wages. Labor from immigrants keep prices, supplies and services available and cheap. Sure immigrants have brought diseases and drugs into our country, but they have also brought healthier foods, new technology, and language. The Navajo language was code for WW1, without it we might not have won the war. Their languages help us communicate with other countries. It helps us respect people and other cultures.

Julia B.
Immigration hasnt helped the United States. Immigraton has brought a variety of cultues and influences, but at the same time immigration hinders us more then helps us.
My evidence for this comes from and it states,"over 8 million illegal immigrants live in the United States. Illegal immigration causes an enormous drain in public funds. We cannot provide high quality education, heath care, and retirement security for our own people, if we continue to bring endlist numbers of poor, unskilled immigrants into the United States." Illegal immmigration brings crowded classrooms and overwhelming communities.


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