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Good job!. "The New Americans" has captured my mind. Anjan's story touched me. Its easy to say "People on the other side are coming and taking American jobs". But if you watch this series you would know what it takes to come from other side of the world and survive, some times, if you are lucky, strive in this country. I worked with Anjan for few months. He is one Genius software engineer i have ever met. Hoping he is doing great, especially in this good new market and India doing great in software with offshore market.

Daina Abdullah Green
The New Americans reminded us of what we have and renewed our appreciation of life. I have never express my thoughts about any tv or radio programs however after watching The New Americans, I have to say "Great Job". It's wonderful and inspirational, it touch every vibes in yr heart,mind and soul. This documentary should be shown in every school,the seeds of determination,motivation,inspiration will be planted in a childs mind.

Gil mo Lee
Fayettiville, AR

I'm an international student to study English as a second language.Recently,I'm learning about the immigration of the U.S. And I was surprised and learned so much from your program.

I don't know what is right & best and how I can express my thought..but I'm sure that all of us, Human-being, have to be treated be fair whenever, wherever, whatever they do...Thanks..

I thought that this was very interesting. I learned alot about immigration and the things that people had to go through to come to America...I appreciate living in this country and I think about all the things that I have to be greatful for...

Miracle Obeta
St.paul Minnesota
Dear PBS,

My name is Miracle Obeta. I am a senior at Arlington High School. I will be graduating on May 28 and I will be attending the University of Minnesota-Morris next year. I am writting to you because I want to express my appreciation to PBS for producing such an ingenious series "The New Americans". Furthermore, I want to inform PBS that my family can relate to "The New Americans". My family arrived in the U.S in 1998 from Nigeria, we are also known as the Ogony people. Our arrival was a result of the refugee process in ''come'',located in Benin. We experienced the same suffering that was endured by the two Ogony families in the series, and we all can relate to each other. Our story was basically told in the series, but only with different families.

madison, wi
I am a senior at UW-Madison and I watched this for a class and i must say that every single student in my class was captivated for the entire series. We convinced the UW to buy it, and now students for years to come will have acccess to this masterpiece. I must say that Shell Oil and Major League Baseball need to be held accountable for the tragedies they have committed and continue to commit. i could go on for days about how wonderful this series was, but i just want to say thank you to the men and women who opened up their lives to the world and shared their amazing and gripping stories with us. thank you and i wish them all the best!

green bay wi
What a wonderful series! Riveting! On the same level as Traffik. Will we see a followup on all these wonderful people? We are anxious to know if they stay in the US, or return here from India, how are they doing, how have their lives changed since the series aired?

Tom Becks
How unfortunate for the producers of this program, who clearly hoped for an opportunity to engage in the usual leftist moral preening, that they spent 3 or more years following individuals who almost to a person were unlikeable and unsympathetic. Israel Nwidor, along with his wife, have my respect. Every other person featured on the program made personal choices which I did not respect and presented personal values with which I have no sympathy.

It's a toss up as to who was the worst person featured. Was it the blockheaded Mexican mother who sacrificed her children's well-being for her own selfish social needs? Or was it the repulsive Palestinian husband whose duplicity and immaturity made me cringe every time he opened his mouth? I guess I have to go with the Palestinian. Rarely has a hypocrite this vile been exposed so devastatingly on television. This creep makes his living by filing GRANTS -- he said so himself -- which means his sponges off the charity others so he can get fat, smoke cigarettes and ignore his wife while he trashes the United States and hangs pictures of dead communists on the wall.

Before 911 I supported the Palestinians often in internet forums. Since 911 I have moved ever deeper into the Israeli camp, and folks like the Palestinian husband, and the Palestinian matriarch who was also featured on the program and who clearly has taught hate to her children for decades, are a big part of the reason why.

Kelly Fernandez
New York, NY
This was absolutely one of the most moving documentaries me and my husband have ever seen. Although I was born an American Citizen, my parents are immigrants of the dominican republic as well as my husband. I realize by watching the documentary HOW HARD people struggle in other countries or cultures who do not have the same advantages we grew up in (a free education, a brighter future, etc). This documentary made me realize that there should not exist any bigatry or prejudice on these hard working immigrants coming to the U.S. They come here for a reason - for a better future, and although we come from different backgrounds and cultures, we should unite in helping them achieve their goal and dreams. They deserve a chance - if our parents and grandparents came here for us and struggled to make us who we are today - doctors, lawyers and teachers, regardless of our ethnicity - we should see them as human beings too who come here for to share the same purposes. I have never looked at an immigrant the same way again after this show - and I cannot stop raving about it at work. I hope the documentary is available on DVD!

Frank Longoria
The program was the best documentary I have ever seen. I got my wife to watch the last hour of the first viewing and believe me, we were both anxious to see the second and last of the series. We did not say a word to each other during the program and even as we prepared to go to bed, we kept to our own thoughts and opinions.However, the next morning was a different story and even continuing into today, we can't stop thinking and talking about the program.

My wife is compelled to sympathize with the young girl in the Flores' plight and the selfishness of the mother for uprooting the family and causing such trauma for the young ones. I, on the other hand was taken by the Palestine's. I feel for the young wife and mostly for the Palestine's in general. Until I watched the program, I have hated the Palestines for the reason of which I thought and was brought to believe that they were and are nothing but a terrorist nation.It is evident by what we see on the news every night and of the martyrism (suicide bombers) who attack the Israelis most every day, however, I now see the justification of their actions although I don't condone it. I really can't say justification for their barbaric acts, but for fighting for so long to get back what is theirs, their land, their homes, their lives....I too was touched by the wonderful, caring, loving attitude of the young wife teaching those jewish kids. I laude her for her courage and that of her husband's too. I wish we could all learn from the lessons that come from the strong messages from this documentary, to persevere.

By the way, I too am a decedent of immigrants(Spanish/French/Mexican) and have come to appreciate the opportunities that we have been offered here in the United States, however, I have given back, I am a teacher of special needs children in public school. Prior to this, I served proudly in the United States Air Force for over 25 years. God bless America and those who have served before me and have fought to give us the freedom that many take for granted. God speed to those who are trying to find their way through the crazy world.

I thot the show was GREAT!! My only regret was that it will not be seen by a whole lot of people because it is shown late and all.

At first, I was peeved that why do documentaries like this not show the ones who are doing well, who have settled down. Then I realised that those are not the ones who need to be understood, they are not the ones who have trouble with others based on perceptions.

I am also a first generation immigrant and I understand how it feels to be lonely. My first culture shock was how the young spoke so "rudely" to their elders. Back home, an aunt or uncle who was raised by your parents would take the insult personally and scold you or even spank you on their behalf.

The program made me really see what the other nationalities are going through.

It also made me realise the things I had taken for granted because my assimilation into the society was easy. My heart went out to the Mexican family- the Flores even though I felt the mother was because of her loneliness robbing her eldest daughter of her right to education. At the end of it all, I wondered, who am I to judge? I am not her, I have not been through what she has been through so I have no right to judge.

There was someone who advised that all immigrants who come should forget about where they came from (smile). That can only happen in a sci-fi movie where your brain is erased. Those memories of where you came from, keep you strong, the thot of sacrifices made to enable you come keep you going back to that awful job every day. They are also waht makes America so interesting, so multifaceted. It should not be discourage but encouraged. I believe that America is a melting pot but there are still huge lumps of ingredient either from people who refuse to embrace any of the new culture or from those who hate them for being here at all.

thank you for a wonderful program and I hope to buy the video to show the teenagers in church.

Is it possible to have this program shown on other stations?


Thank you for the excellent documentary illuminating the experiences of 5 different groups of recent immigrants to the USA. I shed tears several times during the 7 hours for the terrible emotional pain they endured in their attempts to realize a better life for themselves and ther families. However, as a New Yorker and 3rd generation American, I am disturbed that some of the new Americans portrayed in this series seem so surprised by the difficulties of life here. I speak English, have a college degree, have worked full time for the past thirty years and still live from paycheck to paycheck. My membership in the middle class is a distant memory; full time "working poor" is a more accurate description of my economic status, in the country of my birth. I find it especially hard to sympathize with the Palestinian woman who feels "no loyalty to this country" as she seems so eager to adopt the worst consumerist values in our culture. The real political and economic oppression faced by these "new Americans" in their home countries are something I hope never to experience in America. But the financial opportunism of several of these people is evident and repellent to me. There are many, many Americans who have worked hard all their lives and are still unable to afford a car, or their own home, or children. Life is difficult here; the vast majority of citizens deal with very high levels of financial and physical stress. It's part of the nature of our society. Constant work and ongoing financial insecurity are the realities for many (most, in these political times?) people who were born here. Why are some of these "new Americans" surprised by this? Please don't blame your "new country" when your ill-informed fantasy of a better life here is not fulfilled.

I just wanted to commend PBS for airing this documentary. I was really moved by all three episodes.

Certain things stand out.

The Arab American that a lot of people seem to be irritated with, well I can sort of sympathize with him as he has gotten this renewed passion about his heritage. He obviously did not grow up with a strong Arab or Muslim identity given his behavior. As far as his USA being racist comment, he is not alone in thinking this, there are lots of Americans who feel the same way.

The Ogoni immigrants. I know its hard for them having to work such menial jobs and being looked down upon when where they are from they are highly respected their community. But it seemed like it was eating them up inside. I hope things are much better now and they have found peace.

I'm really disgusted by the baseball farm system. It looks like modern day slavery to me. How many of these guys actually make it. Does anyone encourage them to go to school it the don't make it? Does the baseball league give any money toward building schools in DR?

Ultimately what I got from the series is that money is not everything, maybe in some cases its better not to have all the luxuries we have in USA instead keep your family and culture to support you.

Anyway, the series was very eye opening and riviting. Thanks again for airing it.

Wilma Andrews
Kennewick Washington
I can't tell you how much I loved this program and how it touched my heart to see how the immigrants perservered in face of their many hardships. One needs to be very tough mentally to straddle the hurdles and setbacks involved in starting a new life here; immigration procedures, learning the language, getting a job while constantly being swamped by waves of homesickness and missing family. Yet, we subjugate our heartaches because we are guests in this country and soldier on towards fulfilling our dreams. I've been in the United States for 4 years leaving 2 adult children in Australia. The distance has helped clarify what's important to me. The generosity and warm heartedness of the American people have softened the pain of leaving my country. I applaud the `can do' attitude and self reliance of Americans relying on their own initiative to live productive lives. My greatest joy however is to live in a country where there is an acceptance and tolerance for those who practise their religion. During the first year I was in America, I became an avid PBS watcher and member and am continually astounded with your excellent and insightful programs. Thank you.

I wish I had known about this series! I missed most of it! But, I too cried when the little Flores boy feared being left behind and felt anguish at Nora's fate. I too felt anger towards her mother. Mexican mothers usu. do whatever they can for their children. But, then I remember how my parents could not understand why I wanted to go to college. They did not support the idea. They thought I should just work and bring in some income. They also thought I should NEVER leave them...even if I marry. I was to continue living near them. But, I did become an "American", went to a top college,live in a very affluent area and have helped my family improve their lives. I had to make sacrifices; time spent with family,the closeness I had with my grandmother, lost of language and culture. Most "Americans" do not foster this. I hope they learn from your program to cherish what they have in life. I want my children to see it to appreciate and understand why I get so frustrated with them! I do wish all of the families the best and want to thank you for making this program. It is the best I have seen! Muchas Gracias!

San Diego, Ca.
I saw the program last tuesday when it aired. I was fliping though channels when I came across PBS channel. It was just starting and I got hooked. It moved me. I was glue to the tv and seeing the stories in how they reach the states and how they struggle to catch that " American Dream". I was especially moved by the Flores Family. My whole family is Mexican/American. So when I started to see how hard it was for Pedro Flores to bring his family to the states was heart breaking. I wanted to jump into the tv and lend them a hand. but the luck was in their paths and was able to come the states. After seeing only second episode from last tuesdsay and able to cheat and read the complete storie online I was able to see that things for them aren't going well. I was impact in there stuggling in there new place in California. I hope the flores family is able to over look in a positive way the pain and struggle in this place they call home now. Don't give up.

As for the producer,director and film crew a big thumbs up. Good document film. I really would like to see the full document. Please aired it again soon!

Gail Anderson
Cleveland Hts, Ohio
I was deeply moved by this series. The plight of the Flores family was particularily touching to me as I adopted my two children, as infants, in Colombia. On the day I went to the American embassy to get the visa for my infant daughter I walked down a long, long hallway lined with Colombians waiting, and hoping, for their visas. Because I was an American citizen, I was able to walk right past them to a separate window and pick up my child's visa in only a few minutes. I have never forgotten that moment. When the little boy started crying in the immigration office becuause he though he might be left behind, I started crying, too. He looks so much like my little boy, Michael. Even now, as I write about this, the memory of that scene makes me cry. I hope PBS never stops bringing programs like this to the American public. Most people in America have no idea how people in third world countries suffer and how privileged they are to be able to lead the lives that they have. Bravo to PBS!

Patricia S.
Denver, Colorado
It's a small world after all. That's what I've enjoyed most about this excellent series -- the reminder that people everywhere basically are the same, wanting the best for our children and families, no matter who we are or where we live. Moreover, our lives are interconnected. This series proves that without a doubt.

The dignity of the individuals featured in your series gives me hope for humanity, indeed. In fact, this program has been like a breath of fresh air, a spoonful of good medicine for our entire country during these troubled times. It's a great reminder that, no matter what others say about America, ours is still a great country -- and the thousands of people trying to get here proves that.

Finally, I hope the series is taken to police departments, educators, policy makers and even the White House. Putting a face on immigration issues is the best way to change things for the better. I hope you win lots of awards for this series. Public television has outdone itself this time. A grateful viewer.

San Francisco, CA
This is a beautifully assembled documentary. It is refreshing to see a straightforward narrative of immigrant life without the decidedly pro- or anti- American/immigration biases found everywhere in the media today. The trials and tribulations of the New Americans are taken for what they are, rather than feeding into some preconcieved theme imagined by the director. I suppose what I am trying to say is that I adore this series for being an honest documentary: It documents without bias or judgement.

My parents came to the US from Europe and the Middle East in the early 80's. What I love the most about The New Americans is the sense of familiarity and nostalgia for my own upbringing that it brings about, even when the cultures being revealed ahve nothing to do with my own. For example, Naima's mother behaves just like my own mother and my grandmothers. There is something wonderfully universal about these stories; something that even 7th generation Americans can appreciate.

Elaine Paguio
Memphis, TN
I was crying the whole time I watched this show. Like them, I was an immigrant from the Philippines. I wish you have featured the filipinos in America also. I noticed that the immigrants on your show were a little ungrateful about the comforts they are experiencing now in the states. They still feel like their country is better than here. I wouldn't be saying that if I were in your show. Because USA is far better than my country. I think they were just probably homesick when they said this. I would like to thank you for airing this show because it made me reflect on my life here and put things in perspective. It also made me understand the Palestines sufferings. I used to think of them only as the terrorists or suicide bombers.

I feel really sorry for the Mexican family. I wonder why USA can't do something about them. They are just our next door neighbor and they are very hardworking. People like them deserve to have a better life here.

Fabiola Hernandez
San Francisco, CA
"The New Americans" documentary provided me with more information about the life of those immigrating to the United States. I can sympathize with what the people being documented were going through. It's kind of disappointing that in class we were unable to watch all of the stories. Like them I am part of that circle. My family and I immigrated to the United States in the late 80's. We had to adapt to the language, along with their customs. As for me it wasn't to difficult because I was but a child and the transition wasn't to complex. Like in the documentary we have family back in Mexico and in all my years here I have only gone back once to visit. Even if other people do not agree with me I consider myself an American. I feel extremely lucky to be with my family. In regards to the film, I thought it was a wonderful idea. That way people can see what the life of an immigrant truly is like. I give praise to the directors.

St. Louis, Missouri
I loved this series and I am enjoying reading the postings of others "fans". But I am disapointed at those who have called the Palestinian story anti-semetic ... and the criticism aimed at Naima's husband, Hatem. There are two sides to this conflict and the Israeli side gets more than it's fair share of publicity. And yet, the one time we see that ordinary Palestinians are also suffering, there are all these people playing the "anti-Semite" card? It's a cheap shot & those posters should be ashamed of themselves for resorting to it. I congratulate Hatem for not forgetting the plight of his and Naima's family in Palestine, just as I applaud Naima for her ability to work with Jewish children, just as I applaud American Jews for caring about the future of Israel. We are all entitled to our own feelings & beiefs on this (and any) issue. That's the true gift of living in America.

Carlos Egas
Fullerton, CA
Yesterday with the family Flores history I cried a lot, specialy with this cute boy Pedrito Flores, asking to his Papa Berna about why the crops died? and when he pleads with his parents not to leave him behind. "You're all going over there, and you're not going to take me."

They are several kind of imigrants whose came in airplane, bus, swiming the Rio Grande or Caribe sea, but the only purpose of them is get the opportunities that were decline in the motherland or give better future for their families.

I think that the only part that the documentary fail is that a big percentage of the imigrants don't have permits of work, driver licenses, or a social security number, so these families have the chance of choose a workplace for the rest of the imigrants there are not choose. They can comeback to his countries for visit, the rest live in a big golden jail.

So the american dream is not the same color for everybody.

Cynthia Fabrizio Pelak
Memphis, TN
Wow! What a wonderful series. Thank you for everyone involved in making it happen--from the new Americans themselves, to the producers, writers, camera persons, PBS supporters, etc. This is the kind of smart reflection and creative representation that we despertly need in this country. The film contains so much it is hard to know what to highlight in this brief email. One of the most powerful messages that I took from the series is that in all our differences--nationalities, ethnic identities, religions, genders, ages, and much more--we share many more similarities as human beings. We share the same hopes, dreams, and desires. The protrayals of the new Americans were honest, loving, and thoughtful. I also very much appreciated how the music was carefully chosen. I can not say enough good things about the series. You all deserve raises!

In appreciation,
Dr. Cynthia Fabrizio Pelak

Patricia M. Wells
Davenport. Iowa
I could very easily emphatize and feel what the different families in the "New Americans" were experiencing. Coming from an immigrant family myself and being able to persue and achieve the "American Dream" I felt as if their struggles are not in vain. There is opportunity in America. There is hope for a better life in America. Although,it may not be easily acquired by all, it is accomplishable, it is possible. I am living proof. Although we are seaking to better our lives and that of our family members, we must not forget where we come from, we must not forget the cultural richness and experiences that we bring with us and that we can share them with those around us. I currently teach ESL children and after viewing the series, it has given me a better prespective of immigrants, their feelings, their fears and their views of America.

Thelma Moore-Steward
Aliso Viejo, CA
Watching this series was a transforming experience for me. As an African descent American, I felt profound empathy and kinship with all of the familes.

I am touched by their resilience. Observing their active embracing of their religious faith, their regard for their elders, their work ethic, strong family supports,etc, humbles me.

Last night in a graduate level education class I teach at Calif. State University, Long Beach, I asked students in the class who were immigrants to share their experiences. I was again amazed at the level of difficulty the families experience in coming to America. They do not lose hope, but they realize many challenges.

Coming from communal cultures to an individualistic culture is extremely challenging. Racism surprises them. Yet, they grow to love this country. But they see its hypocrisy easier than Americans whose families have been here for generatons.

St. Louis, Missouri
I can't remember the last time a television program affected me the way "The New Americans" has. Days later, I am still thinking about the immigrants who were profiled. The series also brought back memories of what it was like to grow up as the child of Irish immigrants in NY. Even though my parents already knew the language, they still struggled to find their place here -- just as anyone who moves to a new region or country would. But they, like the families in the series, knew that there is no other country on earth that will allow you to go as far as your hard work and perseverance will take you. It's not easy, but then nothing worthwhile ever is. One last note - I was touched by the closeness of the families. Despite their hardships, they posess a wealth that can't be matched by financial prosperity.

Bianca Harle
Placitas, NM
Hello "The New Americans" team:

I want to express my appreciation for this incredible documentary. I found these stories extremely moving; My heart went out to all of "the new Americans". I cried with them and laughed with them as they lived the roller coaster of the "American Dream--the imigrant version".

Having come to this country alone at age 16 myself, I could relate to many of their struggles. I imagine that these people, like me, will miss their native soil in how ever big or small way, for the rest of their lives. For what ever reason we come here for, "home" is innately in us, and can somehow not easily be replaced.

I wish all "the new Americans" in this series much success, health, happiness and peace in their new lives.

Thank you directors and producers for this outstanding work.

Most sincerely, Bianca Harle

Baltimore, MD
Thank you, PBS, for giving us ecellent reality TV! As a teacher who works with students from various countries, your program has given me so much insight into the experineces of new immigrants. I am especially aware of how the news shapes how we see people, and much of the media has biased my views. I was moved by all the stories, but especially by the Palestinian immigrant. Her story sheds light on the struggles new immmigrants, herself, and "old immigrants," her husband, experience when interacting with one another. But what moved me the most is realizing the love she has for the Jewish children and her challenging others who see a paradox in what she does. Their message that they are not against Jews was well represented in the way she/they lived their lives. Her honesty showed me the difference between politics and humanity!

dearborn, MI
After watching the first part of this series I couldnt get these people off my mind- especially the Mexican Family, as I myself am Mexican. The thought of them going backwards and coming all that way to be "pickers" left me numb and actually made me cry. I hurt for the older girl who wanted to go to school and the sweet little boy who was doing so well in his Garden City school. I was hoping to find out how I could help them have a chance to realize the American dream!

This series will forever change the way I percieve immigrants. I never realized what a struggle it is for them to leave their loved ones and come to this country with naive preconcieved notions of what AMerica is all about- and then to see them disappointed- in the land of milk and honey, is truly sad.

New Orleans, LA
This program was amazing! I just happened to turn to PBS five minutes after the start of the series on the first night. At first, I wasn't sure what was going on, but I couldn't take my eyes away from the screen. This was an amazing documentary that taught me more than I thought possible. I have found myself periodically thinking about each of the families in the series for the past couple of days. Being a native born African American who descended from slaves, the information I have on my family is limited, but through the stories of The New Americans, I found a sense of connection with my past. Thank you so much for telling such an incredible story, and thank you to the people who let their stories be told. Who says there is nothing good on television?!

daisy Ellis
racine, wisconsin
This show affected me emotionally as no show has since the series of Roots; a story tracing one man's journey back to his homeland of Africa. I am an american citizen, born to parents whose grandparents were slaves. My parents endured discrimination and prejudice trying to survive with dignity while rearing their family. Like the families in your story, my family survived through strong family relations, hard work and putting a premium on education; as much as could be obtained. The result? Each generation becomes more successful than the previous.

Charlotte, North Carolina
I want to applaud PBS for a job well done. I am an immigrant and thank God for the opportunity to live in this country. I am also a mother of three and sometimes wonder if I made the right decision by raising my kids here. The cultures are different but people are fundamentally thesame. Everyone wants to be loved and appreciated. In fact, we are celebrated in our homelands. My heart goes to the family from Mexico, especially the daughter that wants to go to school but now has to work full time in the farm picking strawberries. Can we contact her? I wish she could go back to school. Tha kao

Diana Tisi
Kent Lakes, New York
I have worked for MCI International, Inc. for 20 years - a culturally diverse environment. The former pastor at a church I attend created an outreach facility in Mt. Kisco, NY for local immigrants. Although familiar with cultural differences, I was enlightened by this unbiased and heart-wrenching program that kept me up way passed my bedtime - I just had to watch every evening, every segment and came to care deeply for everyone. The struggle for immigrants is a reflection of the struggle for all Americans - keeping faith and loving family gives strength to survive in a winner takes all society.

Thank you so much, Diana Tisi

New York, New York
I'm a 4th generation American who found the struggle of the "New Americans" heartbreaking. The differences between the immigrants of prior generations and the 21st century immigrant are not so much in adaption, but acceptance. There was more than one reference made about America and "This is not my country". Immigration use to mean accepting the culture and most importantly the language. Instead there is division everywhere along with the demand to speak multiple languages and exaggerated rights. The demands made on our Nation are huge. We're a nation not an individual...............

Barbara Owens
Clinton, MD
I'm sorry I missed parts I & II. I only caught the third and final installment (3/31/04). I loved it! I was extremely moved by all of the people featured in the story. I was happy to see the "American Dream" exist for some of the families profiled, while others didn't fare quite as well, it was good to see what could be accomplished through hard work. I hope the young girl from Mexico can go back to school and realize her dream. Will it be replayed? Are follow up stories in the works? I would like to see how everyone who was featured, have feared since this program was aired, and know what lies ahead for them.

Washington, DC
Like many of the others who commented on this series, I want to express how the program truly moved me like no other TV program...ever. Within a span of a few hours my emotions had run the gamut - from tears of empathy to smiles, anger, optimism and frustration. This was one story and also multiple stories, woven together in a tapestry rich and textured. I've never felt compelled to write a commentary on anything before, but couldn't resist visiting this site to see how many others were completely overwhelmed by this brilliant piece of reality television. Bravo and onward, Independent Lens.

Atlanta, GA

I am raging I missed the first night. How absolutely wonderful.

I am an immigrant from Dublin, Ireland. I am married to an immigrant from Mexico. I am here 11 years and he 14.

I think your program was so good because it was so real. I feel that many, many Americans have absolutely no idea of what it is like to be an immigrant or what one goes through to come to this country.

I believe you have opened many peoples eyes.

I really hope you repeat this program as my husband didn't get to watch it.

Well done!!


Renee Beckley
Pontiac, MI
I really enjoyed this show.

Especially the part about the baseball players from the Domincian Republic. I visted the Domincian Republic in November 2003. It is true that country is very poor. American Money is one dollar to thirty-six of theirs.

I belive our tour driver said that gas was twenty dollars to the gallon. I wish Ricardo and Jose good luck.

Jose get more serious in what you do and pratice, pratice

I would love to see you in the Majors and I am one who does not know much about baseball will pay to see you play. Ricardo keep up the good work.

Jamila Crawford
Raytown, Missouri
i am a 29 yr old african american from the midwest. I was flipping channels on 3/29 and found this show and I was hooked. I watched all three days. I hate reality T.V. shows on other networks but this show is truely a reality show. I learned so much from this program and I really enjoyed it. I hope that you are able to do more of these shows about the immagrants. I work with foster kids and I made them watch the last two nights of the series. Please keep up the good work. I was glued to my T.V as if I was watching a soap opera.

Aurora, Illinois
After viewing the PBS documentary The New Americans, I felt as if I was filled with a new energy. An energy of family, community, and spirit that has left many assimilated Americans today. As a high school and adult teacher of English Language Learners, I felt invigorated and proud that I am able to work with immigrants that are filled with the spirit and respect that so many Americans take for granted. Thank You for airing the series. I plan on purchasing the cassettes, and using them in my high school and adult classroom.

First of all..

I would like to thank the producers and everyone involved in the series "The New Americans" for a job well done. We need you to continue delivering excellent quality programs such as this to our living rooms, our communities and our Nation.

Sometimes we forget how valuable our families are and how much they struggle to survice. This program really shows what matters in life and how we can make a difference in someone life.

Thank you PBS for opening my eyes to a new way of looking at the world.


Kirkland, WA
When the Palestinian American groom said "The United States is the most racist country in the world.", I did agree with him. Racism is so bad in the US that the government even had to enact laws to prevent it. Even her history is plagued with racism. But...I will never live in any other country in the world because even if the US is the most racist country, she is the most diverse country where freedom reigns. Racism is lingers only the hearts of individuals but diversity rules over the citizenry and government.

Kendra Lakeman
Augusta, Maine
I happened upon this program by accident, but became intrigued immediately. My 13 year old son joined me and as we watched together I realized how important it is for all young people to grasp the hardships immigrants face in this country. If they can identify they may have more empathy. I would love to know where all the groups are now and if you can contact them. I felt at the end of the series I knew them all as friends and congratualate them for their accomplishments while in this country.

New Orleans, LA
I was mesmerized for two hours on both Monday and Wednesday. (I didn't know that the show aired on Tuesday) The stories were well documented and interesting as well....I learned so much and went on to learn even more when I went to the website. Please tell me when this series will be re-aired? I would love to catch the part that I missed as well as the whole wonderful experience. Thanks Independent Lens and PBS....and keep me posted....

Robin Devin
i just wanted to thank PBS for broadcasting this outstanding program. I found all of the episodes absolutely riveting. I only wish there were hours and hours more to watch. Each segment told a fascinating story (the information about the baseball player producing camps in the DR was particulary informative and I am not even a sports fan!) If only this was what was produced as reality TV!

lisa kim
los angeles, ca
this was an excellent and wonderfully executed documentary. the honesty of the stories truly impacted my emotions and more importantly my thoughts. not only did it remind me of the hardships my own parents faced moving from Korea to provide a better life for my sisters and myself, but it reinforced my own belief that immigrants and their hopes and dreams truly embody what this country stands for.

New York
I have found these stories amazing. I think of my Irish and German grandparents and grandparents an all the work they did to form a life here. Working in coal yards while going to school at night so their children could have a good education and prosperous future. Now I look at these new stories and wonder how they find the strength to keep going.

Sue Sass
Wayne, PA
I loved it. Thanks for providing the best and most informative television programs.

Who needs special cable programs when you can watch PBS and learn about life.

I did not want the show to end. I want to know what has happened to these families and their struggle to survive.

I specially enjoyed the coverage of the young Palestanian woman and her family.

Thanks again.

Sue Sass
Wayne, PA
I loved it. Thanks for providing the best and most informative television programs.

Who needs special cable programs when you can watch PBS and learn about life.

I did not want the show to end. I want to know what has happened to these families and their struggle to survive.

I specially enjoyed the coverage of the young Palestanian woman and her family.

Thanks again.

Decatur GA
The oldest girl in the Mexican family in "The New Americans" really touched my heart, and brought tears to my eyes. Such a person should be given a scholarship to finish her education and learn English. With her caring attitude, she would make an excellent nurse or medical assistant. Please E-mail me if a fund exists for her--I would love to contribute!

As an aspiring documentary film maker, this documentary has inspired me and reaffirmed my reasons for wanting to make films. I sat by myself crying for the families for their happiness and sadness. Thanks for the inspiration and for making the film in the first place.

Ed McCray
Thanks PBS. As a "new american" I certainly related big time to just about all the stories. I've ordered the video of the series for my library and plan to show it to my sons (now ages 6 and 3) quite often as they grow up that they might always have an appreciation for immigrants and their struggles for a chance at life that they (my sons) were born into.

Marysol Quintero
Alamo, Tx
I loved the series The New Americans it was really interesting to see the many different immigrants of different ethnic groups and how they may be different in culture but they all come to America with the same dream, to succeed. I believe the series showed the reality of how much immigrants struggle to achieve the "American Dream."

Brooklyn, New York
Many thanks for highlighting the plights of immigrants trying to better themselves in the USA. I was deeply touched by this documentary and have a greater respect for the role immigrants play in our lives. I would like to see more documentaries like this. Many thanks!!

Bob Potter
Portland , Oregon
I am haunted by the Flores girl who at 18 years old dreamed of nothing more than having an education. What a tragedy that something that should be a right to all people is so hard to obtain. This young woman has tremendous courage and I would gladly contribute to her education if I new how to contact her.

Tony King
Springfield, Missouri
Thank you so much for such a wonderful show. It has helped open my mind to the struggles many people go through to come to America and enjoy the freedoms we so often take for granted. I was especially touched by the Flores family and what they have done to stay together as a family.

I love your new program about immigrants who come to U.S in hope of better life and most of all for the freedom that we have.Keep up the good work so that we as "american's" who have it all and still dont apriciate what we have....may God bless our country and all who enter the gate of freedom....

Bibi Ishmael
Bronx, new york
I really enyojed watching the stories of the new Americans. I am an immigrant myself, so I can relate to all the stories. Thanks for doing these stories. May GOD continue to bless America. I am living my American dream, thanks to GOD and this beautiful country.

Rochester, NY
To PBS, Independent Lens, those who allowed their lives to be on display, and all those who supported it:

Thank You! What a wonderful, thought provoking, and enlightening program. I felt for and fell in love with all of them.

Syracuse NY
I am really touched with the sacrifice that all these emmigrants have to go through. I came to the United States to study and I will return home soon. I think Americans should be exposed to these kinds of stories so that can understand other culture and not to take people for granted.

It was deeply moving. Especially the Technical Worker with Solid Education and a Philosophical mind.

So wonderfully captured that it has lots of experience in it for us to learn. Thanks to the families and PBS

Great production. I felt for all involved, except the Palestinian man and his wife. How in the world could they have such a sense of superiority over Americans? Yet, I know that many immigrants feel that way.

kate duffy
I think what my great grandparents went through to come to America. when I run into a NEW AMERICAN I try to give them the same respect,courtesy,and help I hope they had.We all just want the same things.

I followed this story from beginning to end. It was such a moving/touching story, that I had to comment.

Thank you PBS for airing such a wonderful educational documentry. We have all learned from their strength.

Al Betr
Dallas, TX
Great job PBS. I turned off my phone and told friends not to disturb me between 8pm-10pm cst for 3 straight days. I hope the crew get some kind of an Oscar nomination for best documentary.

fugyaljen sherpa
brooklyn ny
I watch the show new americans, it is really hesrt touching.I my self an illegal alien and it would be nice if PBS can do this kind a show with Sherpa people from nepal.

Okinawa Japan

Laurent Martinez
Sacramento, CA
This show was great! I really enjoyed it. I made me realize some things.

Chicago IL

Bravo PBS!


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