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Margaret S. Maringa
Elkridge, Maryland
My sister and I left our homeland because of political persecution just like Barine, Israel and Ngozi.

There was no time to say formal goodbyes to our family. It was another ten years before we raised enough money to fly our parents to the US for a mini-family reunion. Tears of joy flowed freely on that day. And the highlight was our father's prayer as he blessed and thanked the US government and citizens "for keeping his daughters safe from harm. "

Thank you America for opening your doors and hearts to us.

What a wonderful program. I came upon it by accident and watched every minute. One thing that struck me was how lonely and isolated the women felt. They were used to socialing with their neighbors. Here that seems to be lost. I think we have much to learn from each other.

Boston MAss
What I appreciated most about this excellent documentary was that so much time was spent with the subjects in their native culture. It made me aware how ignorant I am of other places and customs.

Lisa Ward
Alpine, Alabama
My daughters and I have been watching this show and find it very interesting. The only thing I saw I did not like was when an immigrant was told in order to be someone in the US was to have a credit card. Not all of us have credit cards. So I thought it was wrong to say that. My duaghter has a friend in Pakistan and she really likes the show, I just wish it came on earlier.

It changed are thinking of immigrants.

Maria Orton
Aurora, Colorado
The New Americans series was extremely well done. I can't stop thinking about the families and their struggles. You guys did a great job conveying the hardships and struggles that new immigrants face. This has definitely changed my persepective of new immigrants. I hope the second generation benefits from the courgage that the first generation of immigrants has shown. thank you.

Dawn Ortiz
Evergreen Park, Il.
Thank you, for this amazing story! I found the first episode by accident and I was quiet until the end. The Flores family in particular Nora Flores especially moved me. Her story is sad because she is so young, and with just a little help she can become an amazing independent woman. I have watched my Hispanic family struggle my whole life and they, like the Flores family, they just want to live a life with food on the table and a good home. If there is a way to reach out and help Nora Flores I will be happy to show her that her story mattered. Thank You, Dawn Marie Ortiz

Huong Huynh
Brooklyn, NY
I command your presentation on the New Americans and I am deeply touched. As an immigrant myself I can relate. Especially for Iseralle...I see my father in him. The way you tell the story is real, sad, yet lovely. This story conveys necessary truth to our present society- to understand and remember where we came from. I want to add "the future belongs to those who see possibilities before it becomes obvious."

Rochester, MN
I ran into this while flipping channels one night. It had a huge impact on me because I teach in a district with a lot of famlies that come to US for a new start. It was difficult to hear what some of the experiences were for the famlies and to think that my students could be living and feeling the same way. I would love to see this used in the classroom at the appropriate level. It opened my eyes to what coming to America means. It is not a gaurantee that life will be better than what they left behind. I thank the famliles for being so open and allowing us to be part of their struggles.

Rebecca Kilgore
Portland, OR
I was moved by the stories of these brave and resolute people, and also impressed with the team of filmmakers who committed to this longterm project.

It seems to me that the immigrants profiled brought with them riches which our culture has lost: a high value on family, religion, work, and education. In this sense we can lean from them. I hope it is a two-way street and we can help them in return.

Jennifer Inzunza
Las Vegas, NV
I am a first generation child of Mexican parents and how quickly one forgets where they come from. Not only did this mini-series remind me not to take my home, job, religion, community, and education for granted, but it taught me to look at immigrants as the true definition of living the American dream.
God Bless the World!

Des Moines, IA
Riveting. That is the only word that fully captures this documentary. I found it impossible to get out of my seat and leave the televsion fearing that I would miss something. Each family had stories of such heartache and pain and at that moment I realized all that we take for granted. As I wiped the tears from my eyes I had a greater appreciation for all the different cultures and the treasures they bring. That is what makes this country what it is today. Thank you for reminding us all.

L Stuart
Ft Laud FL
I watched all 3 nights of the program and I have a whole new respect for immigrants to this country. I am especially in awe of the Nigerians and the Mexican families. I admire them for their courage to leave their homeland and come to the US and start over with nothing. I respect their work ethic, their determination to succeed, and their taking advantage of all this country has to offer. A lot of Americans don't have these characteristics. I am not so sure I would not do as well as they have done. I was shocked at how much the Dominican players were earning in comparison to what the American players were being paid. $5,000 for the Latinos and $350,000 for the Americans, that is a shame. This program was awesome and I others will also take away a more enlightened view of immigrants.

I noticed the big difference in the Indian immigrant verses the other countries. The In dian parent talks a lot of philosophy and spiritual guidance to his son. He tells him to gather knowledge and come back to India and help the country. Money is not everything. Every immigrant from other countries seem to just want to come here and make money. The Palestinians live here as Americans and complain about discrimination but they do not love this country the way they love Palestine. In other words they want equal rights here but all their patriotism is for Palestine not USA.

Amy Wasinger
Hays, Ks
What a great series. I just happened upon it on PBS the other night and was hooked. I often remind people when I hear them complain about immigrants, that they would not be so lucky as to have been born in the U.S. if their ancestors had not been immigrants. Then they will make some comment about how at least they shoud learn our language. So I remind them that their ancestors probably didn't speak the language either and some never did learn it. It takes at least two generations to become "American" and it is the children of immigrants who acclimate to the american culture the best and who most benefit from it. So say a prayer thanking your great,great grandparents or your grandparents or your parents tonight for being immigrants.

To be an Adult immigrant is not an easy task as your program so beautifully demonstrates. It is for their children they suffer the way they do and there is probably not one of us who would not choose to suffer the same way to give our children the best life possible.

Layton, UT
I loved it!! I loved every part of this series-- happy and sad, good and bad. This is the best thing that I have seen in years on TV! It really made me stop and think about how much I have in my life to be thankful for. I understood and felt for all of these people. I hope that they are all doing well where-ever they have ended up. Thank You PBS for producing and airing such a great show. Keep up the great work!

Patricia Vannicelli Reid
The Ohio State University
This series was truly an enriching experience! The journeys, though heart wrenching, enabled me to realize how difficult the "land of opportunity" is for those seeking a better life. The "American Dream" for many becomes a nightmare, for others, the start to new hope. As a third generation American-Italian, I thank my grandparents, who made this same journey some 90 years ago, and made it possible for me to fulfill the dream they were searching!

With a greater understanding of our differences, it becomes much clearer how very much we are the same! I look forward in using this series in the classroom.

Barbara Owens
Clinton, MD
I'm sorry I missed parts I & II. I only caught the third and final installment (3/31/04). I loved it! I was extremely moved by all of the people featured in the story. I was happy to see the "American Dream" exist for some of the families profiled, while others didn't fare quite as well, it was good to see what could be accomplished through hard work. I hope the young girl from Mexico can go back to school and realize her dream. Will it be replayed? Are follow up stories in the works? I would like to see how everyone who was featured, have feared since this program was aired, and know what lies ahead for them.

Patrick McAndrew
Chicago, Illinois
I want to thank PBS for broadcasting such an important film. The direction, editing, commentary, etc. were all suberb. The stories of these new Americans' lives were engaging and thought-provoking. I was moved to tears many times as I watched these families' experience daily struggles and joys. Thank you to the directors, producers, and especially the families themselves for opening their lives to us. This is the type of "reality T.V." this country needs more of.

Baltimore, Maryland, USA
Bravo! Independent Lens and PBS. This series had me transfixed over the past three nights, and I even stayed up past my bedtime last night to watch the conclusion... still I was left wanting more. There are so many stories to tell- also an important note is that this could have been told in any Western country that accepts a substantial amount of immigrants from all over- like the UK, Canada or Australia.

My husband is an immigrant- he moved from the UK to marry me and so that we could have a life together. We did the whole K-1 fiance visa, Adjustment of Status routine. We joked that his story wouldn't have made much of a dramatic documentary... an educated guy from a similar, rich western country moves to another rich western country to have a life with his educated wife. Certainly we've had some trials and tribulations... the first year we were married there was 9/11, his dad passed away, I had some health issues and he was unemployed for over a year because just like that guy from India- he's a tech worker and there just weren't any jobs, but still- these are the same issues that all sorts of people were dealing with- not just immigrants. For this same reason, we laughed that they wouldn't bother doing a documentary on a Canadian immigrant to the US, either.

Anyway, the series was shot well, filled with massive doses of humanity and understanding and I applaud your efforts... Please give us more stories!

Aye Wollam
I am deeply touched by your program . I cried with the palestinians, and I was dismayed when the Mexican family left Kansas and the daughter lost her dream of finishing high school, and I was amused when the Indian worker tried his first artichoke meal. I came to this country 13 years ago from Burma. I relate so much to some of the things the people in your program went through. This program effectively showed how we are all connected in most ways. I wish all Americans will watch this program and saw what I saw. Maybe next time they see a person different from them they would see the humanity in them before they judge on the difference.

Normal, IL
This program was exceptional. We enjoyed it very much - I found myself laughing and crying along with the subjects. Very well done!

Bronx, NY Bravo to PBS! For a program well done.The New Americans was so riveting!I missed some of the program on March 29. I checked TV guide and notice it on March 30. I was so anxious to see it. I was glued to my television the entire time. I immigrated from Jamaica in 1985. I had similar experience as the the family from Mexico. Being turned down by the Consulate after many ardous trips. Unfortunately, for my family, the entire family did not immigrate at one time. My mom had 11 children, so we migrated in two's and three's. The adjustment was difficult at first. But like all imigrants to America, we wanted a better life. I was able to earned a Bachelors degree and currently works in the legal field. I am hoping that the New American will air again so I can tell my friends and family about the progam. I can't imagine a world without the programs on PBS. I will update my membership and mail a check. PBS you deserve every donation. I wish I could do more. Thanks!

patrick damron
Philadelphia, PA
I was very pleased to watch the new americans,and i stayed up all three nights to follow the variious stories of each family.

I am originally from Nigeria,i came to the states just 2 years ago,so i was pleased to see other Nigerians featured in the programme,trying to do well and make a better life for themselves and their families.The show is superb,there is so much to learn from it.for Black americans i think they should stop and ponder why Africans are so successful when they come over to the states,even with all the hardships they go through. I felt the pain each family was feeling,the mexican family,hartem and his wife,the dominicans,and the two Nigerian families,because i know what it is like to leave home and loved ones behind.i came to the states at 24 to pursue a masters degree,even though am not an immigrant and there is no problem at home...i can still hit me so close to home,when the indian was trying to call home with the call cards,i always spend about $10 a week calling home to speak to my mum,sisters and loved ones. I think the documentary should win an award...because it is real,crisp,no pretense,and no acting.....

about the new immigrants criticizing the U.S,I think it is just natural...I urge everyone to try and travel more often,get to know other parts of the world,then perhaps u will understand where they are coming from...There are high rise buildings in Nigeria,Mexico,India...but when the new immigrants come over they expect to see buildings heading up into the skies....if its just like what they have back home,then they are dissappointed....People should learn more about the world....we are more alike than we think.
Thank you.

Linda Miehls
Delphos, Ohio
All I really want to say is this series blew me away. Being a 3rd generation German American, I never comprehended the struggle people went through when they first come to this country. I applaud their courage and determination.

Sadly, I just caught the last day of the program. My family left the Dominican Republic 15 years ago and moved to Puerto Rico. Like many immigrants we were economic exiles as our homeland didn't provide the opportunities for us to have a better live. It was a challenging transition to get accustomed to a new way of living (and we had it easy, since we share a common language). My siblings and I attended college there and have forged lasting friendships and welcomed new family members that are a mix of Dominicans & Puerto Ricans. I left Puerto Rico for NY 7 years ago, in search of something more exciting and a new set of challenges. The one battle I don't think I will win is that sense of displacement. I related to all the stories in the series because I have had moments like those of the people featured. Gracias PBS for outstanding programming.

wayne ivey
tucson, arizona
Thanks PBS for wonderful insight into the lives of the New Americans! My eyes were a little teary as I saw the struggle of the immigrants. The Palestinian man (the one with excellent English skills) is a rebel with a cause, no doubt. I wonder if he knows the negative effect that he has, though, on the listener by his actions and speech which do not help portray the Palestinian image in a positive way. His wife, Naima, on the other hand, portrays a Palestinian who is caring, thoughtful and even handed which shows in her work with children (who just happen to be Jewish). If Palestinians and Israelis were much like Naima as portrayed by her on this PBS show, there most certainly would be peace and prosperity between those two ethnic groups. Naima husband, wake up!! Quit smoking first which is killing those around you; put your energy into economic pursuits which is a much more powerful message than putting out the same old message that we all have heard and take issue with; grow up!! I am neither Christian nor Muslim nor religious, but I do believe in a mythical God, not any Jesus or Muhammad around whom zealots can polarize in order to hate and kill one another.

Zsofia Pasztor
Everett, WA
I am so moved by this series! My husband and I were born in Hungary, we were married there and we left in the fall of 1987. We lived in a UN refugee camp in Austria for 20 month, and our baby girl was 15 month old, when US took us. It has been almost 15 years ago. We are very proud to be Americans and Hungarians at the same time. We have four children now, my husband and I are about to graduate from college, but this 15 years was very hard, and very trying. I was told once, that only the strongest, kindest and most hummble make it in the US. I know it is true, and it is true about the people we saw in the series too. Few understands what does it really mean to have nothing, to not speak the language, to not understand the culture. I could go on for pages about all the things that matter, and make a difference. Thank you for this wonderful program!

Dubuque, Iowa
Bravo. Every American should watch this program. There are far too many people who take the opportunities available in this country for granted.

floyd gadd
st louis mo

the best show i have seen in a long time. I am from the UK,so im used to good tv. This was exceptional.

all Americans should be watch this. keep up the good work.
Vote Nader.

Teena Ellison
Everett WA
Thank you for sharing the stories. I live here but come from Canada so I do not suffer the way others do. I do however have the privledge of working with Refugee and Immigrant families and my life is richer for it. There are good and bad in every community. I feel for those who are homesick. My home is close just a few hours away, yet it can feel so out of reach. What is must feel like to those who cannot return to their homeland, what it feels like to be lost in the language, to not be understood, to start all over. I think it is important to hold onto traditions, while embracing in a respectful way the traditions of our new home. Education is important. If we all had or make opportunity to share each others stories we would all learn and appreciate our differences and learn of our similarities. Bravo to PBS and the independant Lens for educating us all on the many faces and hearts of America.

Nashville, TN
I'm a senior in high school and I wish my fellow students were more exposed to these types of programs that protray reality. Each person's story brought me to tears.

But I have something to say about it. Its ok for immigrants to seek happiness in the US. But they must not fall for the assimilation that is the downfall of their heritage. Embrace your culture and traditions. Question your government and "justice." Diversity is what makes this country so culturally rich. Don't forget your past and always think about the future.

The happiness these immigrants search for is not fulfilled in a materialistic manner. They seek family unity, peace, justice in their country. They are not happy about leaving behind they're country and comming to a prejudicial society that will challenge their every believe. No...they come here because they are forced to do so. They are only trying to survive. Which is what live is really about. I invite people to analyze the situation and open their eyes to the realities of the world. For example; The Congo (now Zaire) is the richest country in Africa in the way that it has the best resources, like diamonds and other mines, yet the Congolese live in miserable poberty. And who benefits the most from these resources? The US. Oh yes....America the Beautiful? People... let's not live in ignorace.

Somerset, NJ
Where to start? Thank you to everyone who worked on this project. As an immigrant who came here through the 'green card'lottery, I identified with so many of the experiences of the families. Israel, sending money home to his people and 'explaining' to them how life is so hard here. When he tasted his first hamburger. I could tell that it did not meet his 'expectations' but he was too polite to say anything. I remember how I hated the food here, like the Dominican boys. The chicken was too fatty, the tomatoes were so big and everything had to have cheese. As I watched the show, I laughed even as I cried.

I was greatly moved by the sacrifices that Mr. Flores made. I was very surprised when he actually agreed to leave his home in Garden City to go and be a field worker in Mecca. So his wife could be happier. This to me spoke of true love and sacrifice within the family. I hope that ultimately the oldest daughter will be able to go back to school.

It is my fervent wish that a lot more people can see this. Thank you Independent Lens, thank you PBS.

Chicago IL.
I was very moved by the entire program. Everyone's story is difficult and I can only imagine how hard it must be to immigrate to this country. It makes me think of my ancestors who came here during the holocaust from Europe.

The story of my ancestors made me think more in depth about the Naima (sorry if misspelled) and her husband Hatem. I know that there are a lot of Palestinian refugees in this country that left due to persecution from the Israeli Jews. I don't really know any Palestinians but I was so intrigued by the intimate look this program gave into the lives of a young Palestinian couple. THey are normal people who work here to organize against Israel's actions, because like Hatem said, we are funding Israel and their army which sometimes I feel are the true terrorists in the conflict.

I don't know why people in this world especially Americans feel they have to be better than anyone and make it near impossible for immigrants to come and survive here when this country was built by immigrants . It also makes me think about Israel where much of my family lives. Why must it be a state only for Jews. I know Jews lived there 2000 years ago, and Palestinians since, so why does Israel get the entire land to themsleves? We need to start seperating ourselves by the privelage of becoming a citizen of a state when many cannot.

I think that the US along with countries like Israel need to open ours and their borders to allow people to leave their places where they cannot live, and in Israel's case allow the people to come back that they forced out during the 20th century.

Still, great program, bravo!

Hiruy Kebret
A great, thought provoking show that deserves a standing ovation. I was so captivated, I cancelled all my plans during the three days it aired. The people that touched me the most were the "minor characters" such as the Palestinian mother with her great insights and one liners. "God willing" and "It's all water". Pedrito, the youngest Mexican child and his love for his grandfather (such a good soul that kid). Juan's mother in Dominican Republic and her intellegence in seeing baseballs failures more than fulfilling young people's dreams, i guess it is the "hoop dreams" of the Dominican youth.

Great show again, Thanks PBS.

PS. "What tears will you have left for me when i die, if you cry so much now" Israel's mother.

Susan Bullock Sylvester
Jacksonville, FL
Thank you. This program makes all the so-called 'reality TV' shows seem staged. I spent 2+ years (1988-90) as a Peace Corps volunteer living in a poor area of the Ecuadorian Highlands and can identify with the emotions this documentary series captures so well. I was fortunate in that I chose to be in Ecuador and could freely return to the US. Yet many of the people I worked with could not understand how I could leave the US when being in the US that was their highest goal. That always made me sad, because I felt deep loneliness and homesickness at times and knew, that for any of them going to the US, they would experience much more pain and culture shock. I had the support network of the Peace Corps and other resources that they likely would not have in the US. You captured the feeling of the 'stranger in a strange land' and brought my heart to tears. We live in a complex world with different cultures yet such similar dreams for our children.

Pittsburgh PA
It was heartbreaking to see the Flores family end up working in the fields after coming so close to having a decent life. To see their eldest daughter go from excelling in high school while working at a movie theater to working in a chemical strewn field and dropping out of school was sad; I hope she will not give up on her dreams.

It was terrible to see that the Dominican ball player who was wrongly accused of a crime ended up without a baseball contract. I don't understand why the Dodgers would train Dominican ball players in Montana, when they could have trained in with more Latinos state like Florida, Los Angeles or Texas.

Naima is a sweet soul; I hope she will find happiness, and I hope Israel's family will prosper.

I could not walk away from the TV for a minute not to miss a single moment of the documentary. For years I?ve been saying that someone should make a movie about the current immigrant?s life in North America, and there you have it. Someone must have heard me!

Unfortunately I have to say that I am one of 'New Americans'. Well, at least I was for a short time.

About 7 years ago, my family and I immigrated to US from a former Soviet Union country. After years of battle of immigration cases, lawyers and thousands of dollars in legal fees, we were deported from US. Sadly, and honestly to say we were the perfect "New Americans"; educated, motivated and already established in the local community, but none of that stopped the government to closed the gate behind out backs.

In search for a second chance, we moved from US to the north, Canada.

It?s been over 3 years of the same story all over again. Lawyers, immigration applications and tons of cash. Unfortunately nothing would work. Canada has refused to let us stay here just as their southern neighbor.

Today, after 7 years of living in North America, my family is packing bags (literally) to travel back, back to where it all began. Not knowing what awaits us "back home", we're to start a new life all over again...

Land of opportunity? Please. More like a country of slaves, they will use you and abuse you until they don't need you anymore.


Anant Vashi
Cleveland, Ohio
At the core of every politicised issue, underneath the rhetoric, statistical analysis and self-interest, there are always people, just living their lives. Thank you to the producers of the New Americans and PBS for helping us experience immigration for ourselves.

Vinesh Jagmohan
Jersey City, NJ
I thought the show was excellent. It was an exact portrayal of life of almost all immigrants in US. Life is hard here and I thought you guys did a great job balancing out the life's struggles and happiness.

Robin Douglas
Lima, NY
Thank you, PBS, for producing such a thoughtful series. My children, 16 and 12 years old, and my husband were just as interested after I described the people and their stories from the first night's episode. We are very impressed with the candidness and transparency that all of the immigrants expressed. I related, to some degree, to the immigrants' feelings of displacement, homesickness, and confusion because I am an "Army brat" of 20 years. Our Caucasian family of 5, originally from Virginia, relocated to Germany and Japan, and New Mexico and Alabama. I'm married and have my own children now and have been "rooted" in one area for over 25 years. I tell my children (who will probably never see the places where I grew up) that I wouldn't trade my experiences, but I wouldn't want to relive some of the pain of adjusting to new schools, leaving friends and family, and misunderstanding foreign cultures and languages. I empathized with these individuals--It's not all "adventure!" I felt so bad when the Flores children were pulled out of school; I was touched by the friendliness of the hotel staff that gave Israel's wife a baby shower; I thoroughly enjoyed Naima's sense of humor with her intense husband and I admired her bravery in finding work, getting a license, etc., in spite of the language barrier; I felt awful for the stigma of blame that the Dominican Republic ballplayers suffered when one was charged with assault; I admired how the young man from India was trying so hard to be a productive professional and to provide for his family; I appreciate the generosity and graciousness of the Montana host families. Because of your program, I am more motivated to befriend the internationals where I live. Because we are part of a church that welcomes and assists internationals with furniture, fun events, family meals (especially at Thanksgiving), help with driving lessons, and more, we have benefitted from friendships with people from Taiwan, Nigeria, Japan, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Haiti, and China. We have enjoyed their traditional music and sampled their food and felt their concern for families and situations back in their homeland. Thank you, again, for undertaking such a huge project; we all need to be reminded to show a little more kindness to each other. Would any one of us have stepped up be a friend to the families in your show?

Fuad Jinadu
Cary, NC
Thank you for airing a program like this. It is very informative and I think some other networks can do more of this and let most Americans appreciate life a lot more.

San Antonio, TX
This film should be required viewing for all Americans. It has stirred so many emotions in me that I can't adequately express everything I experienced watching it.

It is realer than real.

Savannah, Georgia
This program really touched my heart and moved me. I cheered for the immigrants success and victories and shook my head with their defeats. Great journalism.

Sonia Garcia
Baltimore, MD
Thank you for a great program and I hope it will help people to understand and respect inmigrants.As an inmigrant myself I know what it feels like to leave your country and your love ones.

What it really bothers me is to see the conditions in which people have to work in the fields in California, they are not even given masks to protect themselves from the chemicals. I wonder, would it be the same if the workers were americans? I wonder if they get health insurance. I really think those people work under inhuman conditions.

Thanks again for a wonderful program.

Neelakantan Venkatesh
Orlando, FL WOW! As an immigrant from India my self, I feel very fortunate to be here. I also went thru what anjan went thru albeit, I came as a student in 91. I think coming as a student and then getting a job here, certainly has its advantages rather than just coming to work. I strongly believe my education here helped me to communicate better with people I work with. Having said that life does need some luck for people under extraordinary situation like anjans. In some sense I am happy that given the closeness of anjan's dad, he got to be with him during his final days of life. So he is fortunate in his own way.

Talking about the production, I think this was one of the best. The music, even though I could not understand many, conveyed the feeling and made me feel part of their struggle. Overall this is one of the very touchy production I have seen in a while.

Congrats and Thanks!!!

Carol Jones
Horsham, PA
I couldn't stop watching this show. What a wonderful program. Every child in school should see this to realize the opportunities they take foregranted. I wanted to take that young Mexican girl into my home so we could complete high school. What courage our ancestors had!

Thank you PBS .. Ive never been so moved by any other TV program. I watched the show that aired on the 31st ,i missed an hour and also all episodes of it aired previously. I was soo touched ... I was in tears.

Scott Statson
Grand Blanc, Michigan
Thank you for such a great program. The show was very well done and I would agree that this is great television.
The show is a reality check for those of us who take this country for granted. It was a reminder of how good we have it here in the U.S. and how fortunate we are to have such a great country that people will go to such great lengths to get here.
Thank you for showing the differences and diversity of perspectives. I was really touched by the Mexican family and the families struggles to make the journey and adapt to a new way of life This show will make me look at immigrants in a whole new light. Thank you PBS!

Darlene Doolittle
Springfield, MO
Absolutely riveting....I was totally enthralled during the whole series...should be required watching for ALL - most especially young people to enable them to empathize with the plight of these courageouspeople.We as citizens take our natural born rights without a second thought.

Each and every story touched my heart deeply. What a won- derful job you all did with this series...totally, totally awesome...give us a follow up.

I certainly enjoyed your series,unfortunately I missed the first airing. I was rooting for the Flores family,and the couple from India. But then I became wary of the Palestinians after several remarks were made by Hartem.He said that the Americans think they are better than everyone else when referring to our refusal to use the metric system.He also said to his little nephew,that if the airport screeners ask you if anyone has touched your suitcases tell them "no",because when they see your arabic name on your suitcase they automatically will think your a terrorist.The nephew replied " The Iraqi's are the terrorists." Hartem replied to his nephew,"no one is a terrorist." This was alot of food for thought.I'd like to know why they are here,the wife is obviously very unhappy.

Ann Fallon
Charlotte, NC
Wow!! This was the best series!! It was amazing. Watching the series opened my eyes to the struggles, both financially and emotionally that immigrants go through, I had a totally different perception. I just can't say enough good things about this documentary, it deserves any award that is given to documentaries.

Malena Benoit
Naples, FL
This was, without a doubt, one of the best documentaries I have ever seen. I am a "new American" too. I came from Mexico 6 years ago, and I can relate to all of the stories. This program has ignited the flame for social work within me. I just feel that I want to help people. Thank you!

Oak Park, Il.
Thank you for broadcasting this amazing piece of work. I was riveted the entire seven hours. It should be required viewing for ALL Americans.I think we will all have a better understanding of why people choose to come here and what they sacrifice in hopes of a better life for their families here and at home.

Many thanks to everyone involved who worked on this series and to PBS for sharing it with us.

Marcia Kavanaugh
marquette, mi
I rarely stay up late, but your series on immagrants was compelling I stayed up past my bedtime. My great-grandparents came from Germany and Scotland. In both cases there were no economic opportunies for them in their home countries and the industrial revolution illiminated my Scottish ancestors jobs in the weaving industry. My sister has done extensive research on the Scottish people. Although we know alot about the people none of their traditons were kept and they soon blended into the America society. I admire these immagrants who can be part of two cultures.

Merle B.
Hilton Head, SC
I came to this country when I was two months old, I didn't experience racism till I moved to South Carolina twelve years ago. My sympathy goes out to the new immigrants who thought America was a melting pot. Thank you PBS, after watching the New Americans, I know I'm not the only one who struggles with prejudiceness.

Carolina Beach, North Carolina
BRAVO! Spectacular show from a 61 year old white born in America grandmother. We have so much to learn from these people, and in my opinion they are all very rich in a way many Americans will unfortunately not understand. Hats off to your production team.

Irvine, CA
I just want to mention what a wonderful engaging series pbs has provided. I felt so touched. It has been a long time that a TV series or program could make me feel the way I felt when I watched these immigrants experience the emotional and physical obstacles relating to emigrating to the states. I came to the states 20+ years ago from Asia, and although I have adjusted well to the American traditions/culture, I still feel a little more comfort in communities predominantly rich in Asian influences or communities having some Asian ambience. As a result, I am able to be in touch with and also appreciate my roots. The TV series has, in addition, help me (hopefully others too)learn to appreciate what I have now and not to take the little things (we overlook so easily) for granted. Thanks again pbs and thanks to the immigrants

S. Samarrai
Los Angeles, California
Awesome, Thank you PBS, Sponsors and everyone who got involved in such great show , As an Immigrant watching my kids growing up in this great country and becoming an active part of it I think that all the difficulties and the pain that myself and all other immigrants went through is worth it .May God protect and bless this country and make it the best, PEACE

Doug Hill
Costa Mesa, California
I am amazed by tremendous amount of love, wisdom, skill and effort that went into making this extraordinary documentary. I think it will become a classic. Watching it was an education of both the heart and the mind for me. It is not just about emigrants to America, but something more universal -- the struggle of all humanity to find a better life in our fast-changing global community. We are all truly one family. My deepest thanks go out to all those who contributed to making and presenting it. This is television of the very highest quality.

Ben Ewing
San Francisco, CA
I can't remember having been so trasfixed by a television program. Every minute of the New Americans provokes further thought on the wonderful, horrible land that is America.

The new Americans encounter hostility and suspicion one minute and are embraced and welcomed as equals the next. The sadness of leaving family behind is overwhelming, but so is the pride at being able to help support those back home. Never have I found myself shifting so quickly between shame and admiration for my country.

I cannot adequately express my respect for all of the filmmakers who made the New Americans possible. Their years of work represent an enormous accomplishment. The editing in particular stands out as superb.

To Israel, Naima, Jose and all of the others who shared their lives, I thank you heartily for your willingness to open your houses to me and all of the other viewers, and I welcome you with open arms to a country that is surely better for your presence. May you and yours find that the moments of happiness outweigh the times of hardship, and peace and good health be unto you all!

Thank you PBS for broadcasting this show. It was very educational. I've seen many shows on different culturals and this one was the best. I think America should keep doing what their doing with the immigrant situation. America was build on immigrants so why should it change now that we have become so successful? I think a lot of Americans are very selfish when it comes to money. Immigrants want the same oppurtunites as Americans do like freedom and a chance to work to better themselves and provide for their families. Everybody works hard in life to have the essentials needed to live no matter if your just a immigrant starting out or a wealthy business men because in a blink of an eye you can lose it all. I grew up in a rural hispanic area near the Flores Family in the COachella Valley and the majority of the population is hispanic. I am not hispanic, but Italian and african american so I am kind of in the middle of it all. I'm use to hearing things about migrant immigrants farm workers and their struggle to get to america. Some of my friends parents were farm workers and they were very hard working and respectable people.And they are very family oriented. I like all the stories very much especially the one about the couple from palestine. I had a very close friend that was from palestine and that story reminded me of her. Some of her family were in Chicago also. I haven't heard or seen her since she moved back to Palestinen with her husband, her name was SADEKA. They were very nice people and adjusted to the american life style very well. I miss her very much and I wish I could see her again. In conclusion I enjoyed this program very much and hope you will air another one.

I realy liked the new americans series i think that this program made me relize that we might be from diferent places we come to U.S.A. for the same reasons to have a better life. i really liked it good job thumbs up.

melissa shinn
fairbanks, alaska
everyone needs to see this film, people in schools, churches and gov't offices. the people in the film restored my belief in humanity. so many touching, eloquent scenes, faces and words! i wish i could go visit the ogoni in nigeria, the palestinian family, the grandpa left in mexico. i'd like to adopt the eldest mex. daughter and say come to HS here in our town, and if i was youger go out with jose, the ballplayer. thanks for an experience, not just a film, this was real sharing, a spiritual fellowship ps:my fav saying,"if something falls out of the sky, the earthcatches it!"

Sadaya Zimmerle
Oakland, CA
Beautiful, honest series. I came to care about everyone. I do not agree with Hateh's methods/way of struggling for a solution because like violence, political disunity/divisiveness only tends to bring more of the ame but I resonate with his grief and desire to do something about an awful situation. In her own way, Naima was possibly doing more for the cause of peace through putting her wounds and baggage aside in loving association with Jewish children who she then comes to know (along with the staff) are wonderful young spirits like all children.

Querida Nora: si quisiera que le mando cassettes para aprender Engles me llame al numero 510-667-3913 y deje um mensaje con su direccion (despacio por favor) Y le mandare. Nunca la pierda la esperancia!

Igwe Eucharia
Chicago IL.
I just want to start by saying a big "THANK YOU" to pbs, and to the people who dedicated their time, effort and money to this documentary because it certainly made me a better person. I am a Nigerian who has been here for about three years now and I was shocked by the things I saw and heard about Ogoni people. I can trully say that most Nigerians both home and abroad are ignorant of what has been going on in Ogoni or may be the magnitute of their problems.It is the irony of the century that people who has been tremendrously blessed with a natural resources such as oil are living in such misery. While watching the documentary I saw my friend and her Sister,and my neighbor as well and I called them immediately. I respect them now more than ever since I have seen what they have gone through to be here.
I wished that my fellow Nigerians at home could see this documentary in order for them to understand that coming to America as an immigrant is not going to second heaven just as Isreal said in the documentary rather is like a baby who just took his first step and have no clue where he will end up. I was shocked myself when I first got here, in 2001 and I cried for days when nobody is watching because of the things that I saw. Finally I hope to see more of this kind of explosive documentary in the future, if possible what is life like for poor Americans as well because not everybody in America is rich.

Jason Anthony
Lake Forest ,California
I was glad to stories of the new Americans on air because this side of the story never gets air time on other networks.The story of Anjun Bachu hit home for me because i too came to the states on an H1B visa and was fired just two days after starting the job.i was stuck with huge legal bills and other's a awful experience and i could relate to Anjun's Dilemma.the American dream is just a myth,and i hope that everyone , especially people abroad gets to see the program . I wish all participants on the show the best. I hope that we humans will learn to treat people whether immigrants/citizens equally.

Saint Paul, MN
This was true "reality" television--poignant stories about real people. I was most touched by Nora Flores, a young woman who wanted simply to finish high school.

portland, or
I loved this show and tried NOT to watch for fear i'd be too depressed. But Israel's faith and ultimate success inspired me.

Naima's story was interesting to me because she married an American. As a couple, Hatem and Naima seemed so ill-matched. Sometimes Hatem appeared so foolish and cruel, paying more attention to his Arab-American politics than his own Arab wife. Their disconnect was heartbreaking.

Kendra Conroy
Wasilla, Alaska
I just wanted to thank you! I have spent the last three evenings glued to my television. I tripped over your show on Monday night while flipping channels and it didn't take but a few minutes before I was hooked. I am so grateful for the time spent with Israel and Ngozi, Naima, Nora Flores, and the others. My heart ached for these courageous people and I found myself caring deeply for their happiness and safety. I cried over their loses and rejoiced when they found luck and love. Thank you for helping me to open my eyes and my heart.

Sadaya Zimmerle
Oakland, CA
I was upset about the Mexican family's move out of their better situation in Kansas. I wish that the Mother had been able to get counseling, an outside job w/ new friends, and other possible alternatives that would have aided her adjustment. I realize that she may have felt so depressed that she may have felt like she was going to die and could not probably think of anything else except to get near support but I feel very bad about the senseless and painful results for her kids that are also impacting their future.I know this is real life, but I do not want the story to end here. I want Nora to have an education. It may not be the place for PBS to do it but this seems like an excellant opportunity to start a fund and although I have limited funds I would like to contribute to it. I would love to communicate with Nora also to encourage her to not give up. Things are still possible para ella salir em frente.If nothing else, I could send her English language tapes which are an excellent way to learn the language.
Sincerely, Sadaya

San Francisco, CA
The New Americans is an absolutely remarkable, captivating series. If it doesn't win an Emmy award, there is no justice. Bravo on a job well done! Truly incredible storytelling, editing. The access you had to these immigrants' lives was also remarkable.

Los Angeles, California
I cant take myself away from this show, it is truly a phenomenal series, that heightens the understanding of so many peoples. my family immigrated from latin america, and i had some insight into that journey, but to see what people from so many different origins had to leave behind, and what they have to endure/enjoy once here, opens up a real level of insight into the impetus of the many recently immigrated peoples making up this country.

A real powerful experience. i am greatful for something so wonderful on tv that is meaningful and enriching. Truly an accomplishment of excellence and education, as well as an insight on the human experience seen from US Americans' eyes & focused on the point at which other cultures intersect its own. culture.


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