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Socheata Poeuv in a red shirt and green skirt, standing in front of engravings of traditional Cambodian figures, looking off to her left with a hand pressed against one side of her face.  In the background there is a row of Cambodian temples from a distance at sunset. Text reads: NEW YEAR BABY -- Love Joy Pardon.
Filmmaker Socheata Poeuv grew up in the United States never knowing that her family had survived the Khmer Rouge genocide. In NEW YEAR BABY, she embarks on a journey to Cambodia in search of the truth about her family's past.

A young woman embracing a gray-haired man
"Before I knew their story, I couldn't even see my parents for who they are."
SA black-and-white photograph of a woman holding a baby behind a handwritten sign reading “Poeuv - Socheata” Khmer Rouge
The Khmer Rouge, the ruling party in Cambodia in the late 1970s, was responsible for two million deaths due to forced labor and execution.

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A middle-aged man in a beige hat, a younger man in a button-down shirt, a middle-aged woman in a red shirt holding a water bottle and a younger woman in a pink shirt stand with their arms around one another
Photo Journal
View a photo journal from the trip taken by Socheata Poeuv and her family to film NEW YEAR BABY.

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