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Illustration of a group of objects: car, chairs, wire sculpture, electric fan, chair, camera, glass, floor lamp, sofa, clock radio, wine glass, salad bowl, utensils and light bulbs.  Text reads: Nearly everything we buy, touch and use in our daily lives was at one time dreamed up by a designer. Filmmaker Gary Hustwit (HELVETICA) examines the art and science of industrial design, and the stunning ubiquity of its impact.
Illustration of a bicycle
The Making Of
"I found that I still had so many questions about design’s role in our lives, and that the documentary form was an excellent way to try to answer those questions and explore a subject that interested me.”
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Illustration of a chair
Which Object Are You?
Are you flashy or reserved? Are you a daydreamer, or a realist? Take this test and determine the object that best reflects your unique personality.
A white travel alarm clock with an index finger pressing the alarm button

Gary Hustwit in front of an open window with a city street scene outside Illustration of hanging lamps
The Filmmaker
“One reason that I’m delving into the world of objects in this film is that I, admittedly, am obsessed by them.”
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