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In this surprising allegory of America's involvement in Iraq, Iraqi film student, Muthana Mohmed—whose school was destroyed by American bombs—lands a dream job working on a Hollywood movie in the West. On set, idealistic expectations and cultural misunderstandings collide, launching Muthana on a journey more complicated than either he or his American benefactors ever anticipated.
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Muthana Mohmed stands behind a movie camera, looking into the eyepiece

The Making Of:

“The...protagonist...wanted something from me in exchange for being in the film. The fact that he was from a country that had been bombed into submission by my own [country] made that dynamic all the more complicated and confusing.”   More >>

The Filmmaker:

“I wanted to make a film about Iraq, but I didn’t want to make something I knew a lot of other people were going to be making. So [OPERATION FILMMAKER] was a perfect way to address something I was already obsessed with.”   More >>
Headshot of Nina Davenport

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