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Mobile, Alabama threw its first Mardi Gras more than 300 years ago; since then the party has been trying to stay true to tradition. But tradition gets tricky when it comes to race and class.

Separate but unequal royal courts preside—one queen, from a family of outlaw slave traders, the other, a descendent of runaway slaves. Beneath the surface of pageantry lies a complex story about race relations and the ever-present racial divide that persists in America today.
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A woman in a Mardi Gras queen’s costume smiles and waves

The Making Of:

“And while people are aware that the camera is always there, after a while you become a fixture. Also, I had a very good-natured crew with a good sense of humor, who I think made the subjects feel at ease. Crew is key.”   More >>

The Filmmakers:

"I had many sleepless nights wondering if I was making the right choices. There were a lot of moral decisions involved… I basically decided to err on the side of truth. (Though I think truth is a pretty fluid thing.)"   More >>
Headshot of Margaret Brown

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