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Rapper Priscilla Diaz was dazzling New York nightclub crowds at age nine. But chasing music stardom isn’t child’s play when you live in a shelter, your mom’s an addict and your dad’s struggling to keep the family afloat.
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Priscilla, wearing a yellow tank top with her curly dark hair pulled back, looks at the camera and flashes the peace sign. Behind her are waves lapping on a beach.

The Making Of:

“I was immediately drawn to Priscilla when I saw her perform in a nightclub at 2 AM for a crowd of people twice her size and three times her age. She blew us all away.”   More >>

The Filmmakers:

“When you are dealing with real lives, the story can change in an instant, and you have to ... find creative, sensitive and sometimes aggressive ways of capturing it on camera.”  
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A black and white photo of Director Gabriel Noble’s face as he looks into the camera with a neutral expression.

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