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THE PAPER goes behind the scenes at a university newspaper embroiled in controversy, following America’s future journalists as they hone their craft while confronting the pressures and problems of working in media today.
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Three young adults sit around a table in a conference room with papers and clipboards strewn around it, while one young woman stands at the head of the table, holding up a newspaper

The Making Of:

"We did a lot of squeezing behind computers, quick rearranging of furniture, and standing in garbage cans to get good shots."
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The Filmmaker:

"The American media—under attack and viewed as inept—is in crisis. I hope THE PAPER offers a way to look at our media in a new light, and that it sparks discussion and debate about how we might fix it."  Read more about the filmmaker >>
A man stands in front of a bulletin board of posted notices, holding a camera with microphone

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