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The Band

Get the latest tour dates, read the Funkcyclopedia and view the Video Clipz. Visit Funk Central and sign up for the Funkateerz newsletter and color George Clinton Funktelechy on his official site.

PBS: Tavis Smiley: George Clinton Interview
Listen to the audio or read the transcript of this August 29, 2005 interview with George Clinton, as he talks about the release of his latest CD, his first in ten years.

JoyZine: Interview with George Clinton, Father of Funk
This interview with Clinton and longtime P-Funk member Billy Nelson discusses the origins of the band, the definition of funk and other nuggets from the music scene.

Bootsy Collins Homepage
The official Web site for Bootsy Collins contains a discography, biography, links to interviews and a comprehensive gallery of photos.

Rhino: Q&A With Bootsy Collins
Read a Q&A interview with Bootsy Collins and learn about his musical influences, technological predictions and other anecdotes.
Legendary P-Funk keyboardist, producer and song arranger Bernie Worrell’s official Web site includes downloadable song clips, concert information, links and merchandise.

Digital Interviews: Bernie Worrell
Worrell talks about his childhood as a piano prodigy, his shift from classical music to jazz and his work with groups such as P-Funk, Cream, Keith Richards and the Talking Heads.

Houston Independent Media Center: Ray Davis
Read an interview with Ray Davis shortly before his death in August 2005 in which he talks about his early musical influences, the shift from performing with the original Parliaments to P-Funk and his post-Funkadelic music work.

Funkadelic Guitarist Eddie Hazel: In Memoriam
Read a biography and obituary of the late Eddie Hazel on this In Memoriam page.

Wikipedia: P-Funk Members
Get the long list and links to more information about P-Funk members and offshoot bands including the Brides of Funkenstein, Parlet, the Horny Horns and others who “intermingled” with P-Funk and recorded on their own.


P-Funk Tributes

The Motherpage
This ultimate tribute site is a treasure trove of P-Funk information, meticulously compiled online. Read the FAQ, browse the discography, view P-Funk cover art and more.

The New Funk Times
“Funkin’ up the Web since 1995,” this portal features tour dates, photos, discussion forums, articles and more.

RonG’s P-Funk Tape Joint
Get P-Funk concert footage and rare video clips and read performance set lists on this fan site.


P-Funk Art

Overton Loyd Art Studio
See limited edition artwork and prints from P-Funk album artist Overton Loyd, including his watercolor painting “Under a Groove.” Pedro Bell Interview
This 1994 interview with legendary P-Funk album artist Pedro Bell discusses his work with the band.

Stozo’s Land
P-Funk album artist Ronald “Stozo” Edwards’s personal Web site features album covers, photos, Q&As and more.

SF Weekly: Carpe Diem: Diem Jones
This 2001 article on Diem Jones, “writer, educator, musician, and social activist… famous for his stint as a former art director and photographer for supreme funkateer George Clinton and his musical collectives, Parliament and Funkadelic.”

George Clinton Art
Browse the gallery to view original mixed-media artwork created by Clinton himself.



Funkadelic: The Afro-Alien Diaspora
Written by A.S. Van Dorston, this article traces the history of P-Funk through the 1960s and 1970s.

Can You Get to That?: The Cosmology of P-Funk
Learn more about the P-Funk cosmology: “an entire array of minor gods, an intangible and omnipotent metaphysical reality (the funk itself), and a whole flotilla of ministers” with its roots in “deep in the African polyrhythmic pantheon.”

Making it Funky: The Signifyin(g) Politics of George Clinton’s Parliafunkadelicment Thang
Read an essay on the politics and theory of the funk by writer and Georgia State University professor Ted Friedman.



Where'd You Get That Funk From?: George Clinton, Black Power, and the Story of P-Funk
By Lloyd Bradley
(Cannongate, 2005)

Funk : The Music, The People, and The Rhythm of The One
By Rickey Vincent, Forward by George Clinton
(St. Martin's Griffin, 1996)


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