FUNKADELIC: One Nation Under a Groove

the Funk? Test your P-Funk Knowledge


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This is a VERY good documentary- I smiled thru it all. And I am so happy for you all (Grady, Fuzzy, George and the whole gang). Keep it FUNKY ya'll. You know you are all in my heart. Love ya'll- Rochelle


Hey what up Fella's! And I mean TIM & Nat Snider. I grew up in Plainfield, NJ with these fella's and have always been one Nation Under A Grove with these fellas, and you know this is what we listem to when we were partying in those Hot ASS basement parties in Plainfield and Piscatway! By the way these are Gary Sniders brother's. Me and Tim use to role with the same crew "Crazy Crew" this is before all this gang stuff we where called crews and posses. This is how we use to roll and anybody from this area and era know's Crazy Crew held it own. I really never Knew that Parliment was as big around the world not just in the States. It does give you a sense of pride to know that you were raised in a place that this sound origanated this group put Plainfield not only on the Map, but in the soul and heart of America their music has been sampled over and over again to create so much of the music we hear today! So on this note I would like to say hey to Tim,Nate Snider Jackie Staton. Hey, Tim if you see any of the old fellas tell them I said what's up!

Vic Townsend
College Park, GA.

I'm a funkatier...FOR REAL! I was going to do nation promotions for Jessica Cleeves on Uncle Jam Records. "The Sweat Band" was the first release, then it was "Wind Jammin'". Jessica was next to be release of the four intinial LP's. The company folded before Jessica got released. I remember Sly Stone not wanting to appear on stage because he wasn't dressed right. Funny, he and everyone in the band had Army fatigues on...go figure. Anyone know how to find Jessica?


Finally people will hear about the 2nd best guitst player in the world ED HAZEL Maggot Brain is a classic. I hope evrybody get hip.


I surprised you left out one of the greatest drummers that played with the Funkadelics for awhile - Langston Booth from Westfield, NJ. Anyone who watched that group perform in the late 60's must remember him. He was an outstanding drummer and performer.

Kingston, ON

I watched this film on PBS last year and I thought it was great. I never saw a whole documentary about P-Funk before. I have been a fan for many years. It was great to hear the story of the band from the people themselves. Are there other films about P-funk? ever since I heard coming around the mountain I was hooked.

Fred L.

I was nine years old when I first heard,confessed, and gave up the "P."I attended my first pfunk show the following year.When I saw and heard Bootsy,(WE WANT BOOTSY;The Anthem)he change my mind:When "The Mothership"landed,I converted.Pfunk change the way I listened to music.Jerome Brailey has influenced my playing(Drummer) tremendously!!!In early 2000,God blessed me to work a Funkadelic show(stage hand and drum tech "City Stages") and to meet the great Dr.Funkeinstien;a true spirtual experience.Too "P"or not to "P" that is truely the Question? Only funkateers would know the answer."FUNK ON" in the key of "G".

J. Hunter
Charlotte, NC

I first heard about P-Funk in the late 1970's when the Mothership Connection album came out. It totally blew my mind. I have been hooked every since. What really fasicinates me about George Clinton and the funk mob is how they were able to create two totally different styles of music as Parliament and as Funkadelic. There has never been, and never will be anyone else who could pull this off. I cannot get through one single day without listening to at least one P-funk song. They were by far the greatest band to ever play. I just cannot get enough of the guitar solo's on my 3 favorite P-funk songs, "Maggot Brain", "Knee Deep" and, "Never Buy Texas From a Cowboy" by The Brides of Funkenstein. I am just speechless everytime I hear these songs.The funk will truly last forever. Thanks George.

Savannah Ga

All I can say is WOW! It's about time a tribute to these great musicians was done. This group has crossed so many lines they can honestly be called legendary. From screaming guitars, thumping bass, thundering drums, and earth shattering harmonies this group was in your face and funky.It was simply comic and fantastic to hear and see how this group came together. This was well put together and Eddie was hilarious.

Isaac Redmond
Minneapolis, MN

The reason the P-Funk is still here is because it's was 1. ahead of it time and 2. the it evolves and fits in to the music of today,there are very few songs today that can make your head bob like a P-Funk song. I 1st heard Parliament's " I Want A Testify " and was hooked we'd trying to get those harmonies down cause they were tight and when "Mama What Is A Funkadelic" came out I was a Funkateer for life.


Hiya P-Funk luvvers,
wow,wow,wow! I've seen a few funk doc's and old Parliament-Funkadelic footage the past decade but this IS the REAL bomb!

Vineland, NJ.

Your Documentary! Was awesom! Sister you answer some questions we wanted to here or know about. Now first experience of the funk was, the Chocolate city album. I was about 10. When i heard that. We could now think of the white house as our house. It gave me a vision i never thought was imagineable. George Clinton gave me vision for young blackmale. Of what potential a black person could be or have. Then when he came out with P-Funk! There's nothing wrong with your Radio station! something like that! we will return it as soon as your groved! Welcome to station WE Funk! That Blew my mind, forever for the funk. Thanks for this documentary! Mite Need to do one on (CATFISH COLLINS) for his gutar style often copied! Bernie WOrrell/ Lifting us higher and colorized the funk. Thank YOU!!!! Very Much for this work. The Live show Flashlight/ I was never the same! Ronnieron it was in Philly 1978!

Roger Williams

I BET YA,This was the first song that I heard by the masters of funk,one summer's day in Detroit,Mich. in the early,early 70's ,2 of my friends dance with them,Larry Heckstall and Booty Baskerville we are from Richmond Va.I had the chance to talk to Ray,Fuzzy,Calvin and Ray's son who plays the bass. Ray's sister lives here in Va.P-Funk roots are deep in the mid-south.WE f.u.n.k. forever.

Bishop Kenny
East Orange, NJ

Many blessings and props to the writer/producer of the "P". I copied this program when it aired and have watched it at least 30 times since! Excellent work on the members and the times. I wished it was longer as I love Parliament/Funkadelic and have many great memories concerning their music. Let the music forever Funk on!

PJmac D
Thunder Bay , Ontario

Yvonne Smith's flashlight is right on the money. I've just seen 'One Nation Under Ra Groove' for the second time. The first time I heard 'Flashlight' and 'Atomic Dog' Etc. in the original version ( not as samples) was in the early nineties, sad but true. I was working(supposedly) as a D.J. for a cruise line in the sun. I thanked God for music that drove all the people crazy that I loved as well, as this wasn't always the case.
Someone should make a documentary tying together all the musical entities of "PopularMusic" that a lot of people think exist in seperate universe's. This documentary touched on some of it. ie. the Stones and Funkadelic.
Very good documentary! At times it captured the importance of being aware and proud of your culture/history and taking chances, rather than trying to fit into a society that teaches and rewards sublimation and white bread for everyone. Again, a really good piece of work. Has anyone written a good book about all this?

D A Webb
Edmonton Alberta

I was a kid when all that hit so I wasn't aware - especially being surrounded by a family and culture that taught the conventional story of Pinnochio while telling lies every day. It left me so confused.

When I saw the last 30 minutes of this documentary, I almost cried. THIS is what was going on and I picked up on it but never had any reinforcement or sustaining validation from those in my world ... so it faded and left me feeling very alone and isolated.

George said if you fake the funk, your nose will grow; I lived in a culture that tried to cut off their funk, deny their funk, hide their funk. That's why I was always in so much s**t!

What did the guy at the end say? If you've got the funk, you NEVER have to tell anyone to f**k off; you ___________. What did he say?

Jackie Roeser
Pueblo West, Colorado

I am a 70's person and can't let go of that era of music. Most people don't understand about that fixation of music. I have the record ONE NATION UNDER A GROOVE, and I love it. Where are y"all today , I really want to meet you or enjoy more of your music. Preferably to meet you. But I do understand that their are rules to govern a nation under a groove.

David J Thomas
New Haven Connecticut

The words LIGHT YEARS IN TIME AHEAD OF OUR TIME is an understatement.Ive never had ANY musical artists have such an affect on me like George Cinton and the P Funk Mob.Keep the funk alive? We need not even say that.THE FUNK WILL NEVER DIE!!!!!!

rialto california

use to perform with the funkadelics in toledo ohio,trying to reconnect with george/possie were still are family with funkadelics,chicago sead brothers,iam one of the four brothers left,drummer vocalist,use to have good times after both groups performend in are headquartes in toledo ohio,greens,cornbread,chicken,fish,wine,and the round table were we would have good wine/erbs,etc.and good old conversation,contact is needed to restore the good old days.have new cd call music for everyone,contact is if you can thank you drummer doc jones,.

Washington DC

Wow it is so nice to see the truth of the FUNK legacy manifested in documentation. For many years those of us whom lived in and with the FUNK have shared our stories with the up and coming FUNK gen era tion to generation as we lived and experienced it. As an original ordained FUNKADELIC Black Star Lion 9 in this time and space, I & I am most pleased to see this manifestation of 21st century FUNK of the 20 century ourstory. Long Live the FUNK Forever! The FUNK has moved so many real vibrate humans and up to earth cosmic beings in the music world and all over the world under One Nation Under A Groove for America Eats its Young still and those here in Chocolate City DC who were Up for the down stroke, lite up our flash lights, grabed our bob guns, and were standing on the verge of getting it on in Cosmic Slop style, hearing our Mama Call, we got FUNKed UP by the Parliament Funkadelic Thang. The real Funk Mob of DC have preserved all the records mastered by the cosmic universal blessings of the experience to pass it on gen era tion to generation. Now with this great film, video and web site we can share the real and whole story of the electric spanking of War Babies so we can still Free our Minds so our Ass can follow towards the kingdom of heaven within. Tear the roof of the Sucker, and swing down sweet chariot sound and lets take a ride back into the worlds of cosmic FUNK!

I remain to carry and Live the FUNK internally!

Ron The Big E
Durham, NC

I had the honor to grow up with the FUNK Mob in Plainfield NJ. Billy BASS Nelson one of the original members of Funkadelic. Man he was worst than the Tal-Ban. When we saw him comming it was time to haul butt or get your butt tore out by him.He'll take your money toys what ever!I use to love to go to the barber shop on Plainfied ave.where George Clinton and the boys used to talk smack and be do-whoping,with thier conk and do rags. Now that was the I wanted ( MY MOM'S WOULD OF KILLED ME IF I CAME HOME ALL CONKED UP.

I can remember the days on Boogie's porch on 5th st.and everybody from the neiborhood would be jamming with what we called then the Funkky Beat. If we only knew how powerful that funky beat would be a piece of America Funk history. Now Gary Diaper Shider lived around the corner on Manson Pl.(we use to play army, back then when we were starting to smell our self's).

When Gary and Boogie got missing around 1970, we all wondered what happen? Next thing we got the word of America Eat's it Young.

We hooked up in North Carolina at NCA&T Stat University. it was there first time in NC.Well I don't have enough space to tell about our reunion, all I can say It was a BLAST!

We still keep in touch thorugh out the years. Long live the FUNK. "I CAN TRULY SAY THE FUNK IS IN MY BLOOD"!



Steven Jenkins
Los Angeles, California

Hello My Fellow Funkateers,
I would like to give an honor to my "MOM" (RIP) and "GEORGE CLINTON'!! Because my mother first allowed me to see the funk doctor at the age of (10)yrs. old at the L.A. coliseum in '76. Then I saw them my 2nd time at the L.A. Sports Arena with Donald Byrd & The Blackbyrds and a early "CAMEO" appearance. When I saw that spaceship land on stage, it really fucked with me throughout my life. The affect of what I saw at that age was tremendous on my outlook towards the future. I unsubconsciously do everything motivated by the funk code and like "JB" said "Whats' so ever I play- It's got to be funky"... Sometimes I feel outta' place cuz' alot of people don't know funk and can't understand the funk. Funk is spiritual and if you feel lonely or whatever the problem is just go to your spiritual side and with "GOD" and the funk you can "GLIDE" just like the group "PLEASURE". I will be seeing "GC" and Parliament again on the 26th of may 06' at the House of Blues once again and I know it will be my 10th time or more but how deep is your funk? Funk is like a fine a** woman with meat on her bones, you can't get enough of her cuz' the funk got me hooked! I ain't lying remember I was (10) and i'll be (40) in october. Don't mean to keep it long but i've always wanted to tell what I felt about the funk growing up in Watts, Compton and South-Central and did'nt have a chance to say goodbye to the late great "ROGER TROUTMAN" so i'm saying it now "GOD" bless the entinre FUNK MOB and all those who represent the FUNK and a big shout out to PBS for showing it I was really shocked and you showed it on my b-day in 05' and yes I recorded it!!! Thank all of ya'zzzzzzzzzzzz


candy girl
Det, MI

Never Buy Texas From A Cowboy.....did find a copy? if so, can I get a copy please...I can't find this song anywhere, internet, store, what's up with that?


I wuz born,raised & baptisted in da Funk.My first concert was at age 16 when a local D/J had such a tramendous impact on George Clinton after introducing them on stage that George so ordaine D/S's new name to (Dr Jockenstein) and after that the show started & all funk hell broke loose.I danced for 5 hours straight,the Funk got so intensed,P-Funk began to loose they azz or the crowd wuz too high lol. by the time it wuz over i wuz soaked & wet.My ears rang for a week so if you call my namn out & i dont hear you,blam it on da Funk. Every time George Clinton & the the P-Funk come to StLouis it ant nonthing but a party baby and them PEEPS BE OUR FAMILY. sO fUNK oN sUCKA'S.

Chris Critta

P. Funk, Y'all!!! I first saw Funkadelic at UMKC(University of Missouri at Kansas City) in 1973. I was only 15 years old at the time. My running buddy Jeffrey had on older brother who had two tickets he was unable to use, so he gave then to us. We were just a hop, skip and jump from Pierson Hall at UMKC, so we just walked up to Pierson Hall and checked them out. Was completely blown away!! They were practically running out of that hall with their antics, but it was the music that kept me my homie Jeffrey there. The late Eddie Hazel was incredible! Bootsy was there still before he took his short hiatus. George was, well, George! Still to this day ranks as one the greatest concerts I've ever attended!!

Kevin Stoute
Toronto, Ontario Canada

This movie truly closed the loop of my understanding of the biggest musical influence on me growing up in a Toronto Project.

From JB, Prince to E.W.F. Only George and the Boys could help me find feel the beat either on the ball court or the dance floor.

P-Funk is the ONE which no one will match or exceed. No One!!

Jerome Miller
Los Angeles, CA

When I was 14 (in '72), one of my older cousins when on a date to a concert where Funkadelic was the opening act for Osibisa & Mandrell. We were both big Mandrill fans, but when he came back from the show, all he could talk about was Funkadelic! The next day, we went out and bought the "Let's Take It To The Stage" album, and I've been hooked every since.

I learned a few things that I didn't know from the documentary, and I didn't think that was possible. When I saw the clip of the "Mothership" landing, I stood up and flashed the P-Funk sign, and I was watching TV by myself!

Jeffrey Q. White

To anyony who gets to read this E-mail, I need to find a copy of Brides of Funkenstein, Never buy texas from a cowboy, on CD. To anyone please contact me on my e-mail adress;

Remember funk created the bomb!

Jeffrey Q. White
Baltimore, S.C.

The first time I heard P-Funk,I was per-teen visiting family in New York, my brother was a DJ ,and in the basement is where he kept his equipment in the basement. Going through his collection of music I came across the album cover of 'Tales of Kid Funkadlic' and the cover alone blew me away. I was taken away by the sound,especially listing to all the different sounds in the back ground. Then to my knowledge there were more albums that he had and from then on I was hooked. In 77, the landing of the Mothership came to South Carolina,(Columbia) I remember I sat in the arena part right where they came on stag, the concert took me away, and I'm happy to say that I'm still riding. Seeing the film PARLIAMENT/FUNKADELIC, has only reafirmed what I've known all along that,George Clinton,and the rest of the P-Funk All-Stars, are the greartest rock band in the world!!

Wilmington, DE

I have been a Funk-a-teer since the late 70's. It's the beat you DON'T hear that gets you. Well... it got me and several jokes...rather, friends of mine. I thought I knew a lot about P-Funk. But watching the film took me to new heights. When this film is made available for purchase, I plan to make it a top-shelf item in my P-Funk collection. The film is an outstanding piece of work.
Michael Dye
Warrenville SC

The first time I can recall being incredibally funked-up was in high school in 1977. I was the white guy at the party trying to expand my conscienceness durring a mothership landing at a friends house. I was not a musician then. 29 years later I owe a tremendous amount of influence to George, Bernie and all the singers and musicians that made it happen. I personally regret that I never made it to a show. I thought I was going to see a show in Augusta,GA yesterday on the 22nd. However,George cancelled there and in Columbia. Our loss, I was really looking forward to seeing such a legacy live. Thank you for a great informative and interesting program about a character who truly knows no bounds. Peace............

Vincent Allen
Atlanta, GA

An orginal CLONE OF DOCTOR FUNKENTSTEIN is in the House! I was a pre-teen in Detroit and got into "I Just Wanna Testify" and "Up For the Downstroke." But when "Chocolate City" came out, (the movie hit it on One), ALL FUNK broke lose!

I wasn't able to see the Funk "LIVE" during the Mothership Connection Days, though I still felt the presence of the Mothership when I bought P-Funk "Live" double album!

I'm grateful that the P-Funk Allstars reunited the Funk in the 90's, and I was able to see them all about three different times in the Chicago area. Even 20 years later, Funkmaster Clinton was wearing our asses out with 5 hour long shows of- Uncut Funk!

Sonya B
Winston Salem, NC

I watched the film and I am in awe of the body of work that makes up Parliment Funkadelic. It was good to see Shock G of the Digital Underground. They have always said that if it was not for the P-Funk, there would be no Underground. They are and will always be the funk fore-runners.


I thought I was pretty aware of the history of pop since the 60s, but seeing this film on PBS opened a whole new world. Gotta admit I was clueless as to P-Funk's incredible influence on all the pop styles and performers for the past half century. The film made it crystal clear that Clinton and the rest deserve a place at the very top of American music history.

Thanks for a beautiful film that managed to teach important history while it captured your soul at the same time. I think this might be the best music documentary I've ever seen.

Valari Knight Logan
Charlotte, NC

I'm overjoyed to see my homies getting major kudos. LONG OVERDUE! Ms. Smith, a superb job!! They do deserve props for originating what catapults groups (black and white) today. I am from Plainfield,NJ & followed, traveled with and knew them personally (school/family). When the Parliaments did "I Can Feel The Ice Melting" (doo wop days) George was a barber. The original Parliaments were comprised of talented vocalists Raymond, Calvin, Grady, Fuzzy, and then the band! No words can describe what they could do with instruments. Tawl, Bernie, Tiki, Billy Bass, Eddie, Gary and Glen, (most of all these guys were from Plainfield and nearby) would get together for jam sessions in between albums with music so raw that success was inevitable. What makes them so cool was a natural ability. They never sampled. In 1968/9 they began touring in a blue station wagon that George and Cholly got them. Mmmm. . .the 20Grand! Those were the days of small events but great beginnings. Eddie and Glen are missed, but live on!

You remain in my prayers! Stingray, I'm Standing on the Verge of getting it on!!

Washington, DC

That was the best and most informative program on P-Funk!!!!!!

Thank you very much. To this day, the best concert that I've ever attended was "The Landing of the Mothership" at the Capital Center.

Billy Corish
Harrisburg, PA

Just wanted to let you know even though it wasn't mentioned as part of the Parliaments before Pfunk.......I was the first keyboardistfor Geroge Clinton playing Hammond in 1967/68...i played on "Good Old Music" or Good Old Funky Music" with Ed Wingate producing while we stayed at the 20 Grand at 14th and Warren Ave. in Detroit....I still stay in touch with Billy Nelson in the last year or 2 after I found him in Pittsburgh, PA.....Please get in touch I have some good stories.....Thanks, Billy "Kendricks" Corish....Peace, Billy

tim mcgrath
port costa ca

so sorry to have missed this one but was lucky enough to have seen PFunk allstars in D.C. in the mid 80's. In your history you write trumpeter Maceo Parker, but i thik you'll find that was an alto sax in Maceo's mouth, in the words of the godfather "Maceo blow your horn" long may we funk

thanks for the juice



Surely that can not be and hopefully will not be the very last opportunity to see this video! Please say it ain't so. All us original Funkateers from back in the day, those who have been starving for anything that comes close to the 'real' funk, need the opportunity to purchase or be able to view this video on a regular basis! All of us 'old' funkateers should be allowed to throw viewing parties whenever this video is on. This is better than the Super Bowl! Gotta Have That Funk !!


I used to listen to all of the Parliament/Funkadelic when I was a youngster in Washington, DC. I saw the group in DC,NY and Detroit. They were my favorite rock/funk band. I still believe that outside of jazz, Parliament and Earth, Wind & Fire were the best live shows in the world!!

Al Eason
Alexandria, VA


central Mass.

Just kill me now for missing this show! By accident I tuned into the credits for the last repeat of the week!!! Single parent of a fourth grader. I never know what's on! (Almost as bad: missed NOVA The Bog Man because we were watching "celebrity skating"--AARGH!) Anyway, back in the day listened so much with my buds and danced and danced. Except for One Nation Under A Groove which I bought later on a CD all mine's on vinyl. Also saw selected members twice with Talking Heads in Fall of '80 on Remain In Light Tour. When and where will this air again!!!!!!!! Of course they influenced everybody. Just ask Flea! Perry Farrell! JayZ! Kobain from beyond! Mary J! And on and on!

Frank Courtney
Columbus Ohio

Thanks for doing such a great job showcasing the history of George Clinton and the P-Funk. This was probably the best band ever to come around with their own brand of music. They combined rock & r&b and took it to another level. I loved the landing of the Mothership with George standing there in that white hat and coat. If you got Funk, you got style. Keeping Funky P-Funk!!!!!!!!

Paul Mauras
saugus, massachusetts

As a full fledged disciple of the funk and a funkateer in my own right, i must say that i have watched this show 4-5 times now and loved every second of it!! Great footage, only concern was that it should have had more Eddie Hazel, too little is known about his badness. Thoroughly enjoyable. Please please please release as a dvd soon!!! Until then i remain "standing on the verge of getting it on" with y'all!!!
long live the true funk...



Thank you for a program that was long overdue. George Clinton was nothing short of a genius and empowered the entire group with the passion and belief that anything is possible. Thanks for a great documentary.

Where is George and Cholly today? I used to know them when...

Houston, Texas

I thought that this show was great and that PBS should not just promote underground acts of the past, but present ones... I feel there is a lot of unappreciated art in this world of synergy and conglomerates.

VANCE T. an original FUNKATEER

The film on P-FUNK IS THE BOMB thank you for giving info 2 the world about the moving and spiritual music ever to be created .You really got up for the down stroke and tore the the roof of the mutha sucker with your historic film.The funk GODS are pleased and partying on the mothership on their roller skates and with their yoyoes.Hopefully those who view this treasure minds will be freed so their ass can follow and they will understand that soul is rusty ankles and ashy knee caps along with a joint role in toilet paper.Keep working that sucker to death and continue to think it ain't illegal yet!!!!!

Calvin Pullum
Nashville, TN

I've been smelling the fungk for a long time. Remembering the Dayton funkmasters as well: Ohio Players, Lakeside, Slave, Roger & Zapp Band, Sun, Heatwave, Shirley Murdock, etc. Three songs I'll never forget the first time I heard them: Flashlight, Aquaboogie, & More Bounce to the Ounce. "Ain't no party like a P-Funk party." Fungk is The Theology of Pleasure.

Adrian Taylor
Slidell , La.

It is about time someone took the time to document funk history. I am a musician who grew up on funkadelic and I still can't fully disect the music. Parliamnt Funkadelic was truly before it's time.

diana crawford
manitou beach michigan


Nicole Stewart
Fairbanks, AK

As an amateur DJ, I was drawn to this documentary. I've always got a little Parliament in my que when I do a gig. However, I had no idea Parliament's influence has so pervasive. From Talking Heads to Prince, pop artists are still taking lessons from the funkmasters. You can even see a glimmer of Parliment steelo in politics. I was wondering what New Orleans mayor Ray Nagin was thinking when he said the city would be "chocolate" again. Guess he had a heaping spoonful of the funk for breakfast that morning.

Portland, OR

This followed Frontline's episode about Jihadist Islamicists in Europe who want to restore the Caliphate by any means necessary. If you are talking about "hearts and minds" and "freedom" I think exporting a little George Clinton and the P-Funk message may do more to keep us free and at peace ultimately, than the dour glares of Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld. We need the Funk. They need the funk. Give us the Funk. I'm serious, Think about it.

Tony Wilbon

This documentary bought back some memories. I grew up in Flint MI and remember seeing Parliment Funkedelic live for the first time when I was a teenager (1978). Everyone in the town was at that show and people still talk about it to this day. The best concert I ever went to and everyone in the house was mesmerized.

I also went to see them about 10 years ago at a New Years eve concert and they funked for about 5 hours straight.

One of the greatest bands ever.

This film is a wonderful piece of work.

We love you Funkenstein!!!

Earl Kleckley
Atlanta Georgia

Im a rock star doll babybobba wind me up!!! P-Funk is so powerful and apart of my life when my flashlight goes out the sounds my loved ones will listen to is funk.I been funkin since 1976 people did not understand me I had a shirt called PARLAMENT KING.I am 44 yrs old I teach my 12 year old about God,

how to be a man,to love and respect his momma,Martin King, and FUNK.LATER

charles daniels

sorry i'm late, got hung up a little back there.....

only saw 1/2 of the pbs film just last nite.

my experience with the pfunk mob goes back to high school days with me and right into college

in 1979 at the Kappa Karnival in

Illinois ... "aquaboogie parties"

we were forever stepping and caning to "flashlight"

and to my good friend kevin in bermuda..."never buy texas from a cowboy" _ reverb / harvey's bristol creme.....

Vanessa Gibson
Moss Point, MS

I was too young to see the mothership land, but my husband has told me about it over the years. Tonight I saw the mothership land on PBS! It was awesome even from my couch. Now I can see why he gets so excited when he talks about the mothership!

I love to see Sir Nose Devoid of Funk dance; and I'm teaching my daughters the Aqua Boogie! They think I've lost my mind when Flashlight or Atomic Dog comes on the radio. I can't help myself. My body won't keep still.

Thanks to George Clinton and all the P-Funk Allstars! Love ya!

Johnny Gee
Plainfield, NJ

Dammmm, I remember growing up in the fields, Plain and West, When Eddie died....we got a call from..the funksters too do a tribute at SOB,s in NY complete with Bootsy, Billy, Jerome, Bernie and nem!...Billy and I went to the bass-ment to go over what the crowd thought to be one of the best tributes to an individule...cause Eddie was all that!..2-bass pluckin individules /w The "Bootzilla" at the helm! DaaaM! what a feeling to Grove with the Idols I grew up with...I will alwayz carry the funk in what ever I do... thankz yall....Iam just bummed that had to happen for me through a tragic situation! Craig...dont throw away them sticks...

paris, france

Hi everyone !
Cool to read all those comments :) The show sounds very cool !
As you all, I am a funkateer (well, a yohodelic in fact... ;) I am from France, and unfortunately, I couldn't see the film.... it turns me crazy ! And the video doesn't seem available now on the website (will it ever be ?). Is there anyone who has taped the show who could contact me ? You would make a member of the PFunk Family very very happy !!!
Thank a lot !
Happy new funkin year !!


thank you for this documentary, it makes justice!! p-funk is the music i love most and it gets into my veins thought the years passed, i'm 27 and i looooooooove it damn! p-funk 4ever and greetings to all funkateers in the world from spain!!

Puertollano, Spain

It is a pity that the documentary wasn't played at anyone spanish tv station, i'm a great fan of P-FUNK music, and I would like to see this documentary, Bootsy, George, Parliament, Funkadelic.......they are very important in my life, "Mothership Connection" is one of my favourite albums of all times, Thanks George, Bootsy and company for the fun and the magic

KEEP ON FUNKIN��������������

cleveland, ohio

great program more like it is needed. PBS is the best station on tv with so many programs the other stations are refusing to touch.

Cincinnati, OH


I missed this opportunity to get FUNKED UP. From all the comments I can see that this was a wonderful program about the Godfather of FUNK. Hopefully I will get a chance to buy the tape soon. The FUNK has been in me for 35 years! I remember when I was little I was scared to death of the PFUNK album covers. My oldest brother would really scare me by chasing me around the house with the album covers and telling me that the FUNK was gonna get me. AND IT DID. In 2001 I had the pleasure of sitting in the front row of a P-Funk concert and George Clinton gave me his sunglasses! MAY THE FUNK BE WITH YOU!

Andre S. Belcher
Inglewood, CA

We love to funk you, Funkenstein
Your funk is the best (talk!)
Take my body, give it the mind
To funk with the rest (kiss me on my ego)
Hit me with the one and then
If you like, hit me again
We love to Funk-a-stein (ohhh, over!)


...and Funk is it's own reward!

Brooklyn, New York

Everyone in the know and those that don't have a clue NEED to experience this hour of unmitigated funk and beyond. What a monumental and rewarding challenge it must have been to work on this project! Much justice was given to this all-star cast, and watching it twice evoked feelings of sheer delight and admiration.

Michael Christian
Washington D.C.

Growing up in Washington D.C. in the 70's you were in to Parliament Funkadelic. No ifs ands or butts about it. Especially after Chocolate City announced to the world that the Nations Capitol (pre-gentrification) was more than 70% black. I saw their tour at the Capitol Center every year. As many have said the albums were a work of art and they along with the music di tend to open your mind. Yo would spend hours looking for the deeper meaning in the album art, liner notes and the music. The music was tight and was so far removed from the vapid disco and R&B of the day. This was the music of the young black youth of the day. Using todays venachular I guess you could say that you were keeping it real if you listened to P-Funk. On anither note, growing up and playing with some of DC's still young Go-Go music legends. We were all very heavuly influenced by Parliament Funkadelic. It influenced how music was structured with e heavy foot and bass lines on the one. As well as having multiple people out front on the mic.

Space Captain

Since this is an educational channel, I'll begin with a P-Funk educational statement that is very true to this day; "Free Your Mind And Your A"" Will Follow." That statement ignited more educational fires on this planet than you can imagine. This DVD Must Be Made Available for history's sake. I was fortunate to live in Chocolate City during the early 70's with closer than usual relationships with many of the artists of that period. George Clinton deserves to be recognized in the family libraries and future archives of this country as being one who helped this country through a very tough era, Vietnam as being one. There's nothing to add that wasn't stated by others already. Thank-you George Clinton!!

marseille, france

I live farfar away from the places where the blues has been created, but anyway, the music of G did HIT ME.Me and some of my friends or really funk lovers, and ALL the funk, but we all are agree: from all the funk we could get, the funniest, the foxiest, the deepest, the more intelligent the more fusionel is the P.

Thancks, georgie, really because it's a gift . And we saw you at a festival in south of france, in the summer 2005, and it was macic, phantomatic,timeless ...the P forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Keeping the P-Funk at the forefront helps us all to remember those who drove the Motown Sound (i.e. the "Funk Brothers"). I have been listening since the days of the Parliments (with an "s", yea, I've been around that long).

When the Parliment-Funkadelic came on the scene, I really understood what it meant to be FUNKY. I never could get enough.

Y'all keep on funkin' it up!

Memphis, TN

I grew up with this music. It was nice just going through the memory lane. Seeing the old album covers, the song titles... it took me back to being 5 years old. Can't wait until the documentary comes out.

June Evans
Pleasant Hill, Ca

As a future ethnomusciologist, I was delighted to see your program on the Duke of Funk, George Clinton. Too often Clinton and other artists like him do not get the recognition they deserve. Clinton was a pioneer and developed s sound that was unheard of before he came along. Many thanks for the this film.


Thank you Yvonne Smith and PBS for "Parliament Funkadelic: One Nation Under A Groove"!!! "Parliament Funkadelic: One Nation Under A Groove" was the bomb!!! I love all the footage of the group, all of the interviews and learning more about the history of PFunk!!! The animation used to narrate it and bring it all together was also funky in the best sense of the word!! Yvonne Smith did wonderful squeezing so much information and footage into her rockumentary!! Like "The Mothership Connection" DVD, the "Parliament Funkadelic: One Nation Under A Groove" DVD will be essential to any PFunk collection when it is released! I hope it is release on DVD soon.

Gracia Kaderjak

I am a 24 year old this year I've heard the first time about You and the whole P-Funk..but it has changed my life...:) I love your style,the voices..the instruments..everything..I hope that once I can meet you somewhere in Europe..Keep on...if you give funk,we've got style:) kisses

Rump O' Steelskin
Seattle, WA

growing up in the STATE of Zero-Funkativity, this was something to behold! actual FILM of an entity that was next to an icon to me and my Funkateer friends! We still communicate in the codes we got from the music, album art and the like -RIGHT ON! and like the liner notes in the sleeve of 'trombipulation'-says-WILL MODERN MAN RULE ONCE AGAIN?? -SHINE THE SPOTLIGHT ON HIM!


"Da Bomb..., Da P-funk!"


Wow!! What a great bio. I learned so much about them that I never knew. Before I just thought of the group as being rediculous & eccentric with the music being fair. It's great to say they "flashed light" on me and I really appreciate their music and what innovators they were at the time. Great job and thanks for the insight. FLASHLIGHT!

Detroit MI

Bravo 2 u and ur crew 4 doing such a wonderful Funkumentry! I grew up listening 2 parliment. I still have the Free your mind and your Ass will follow on wax, it's 2 scrathched up 2 listen 2 it but u get the jest of it when u listen 2 anyway. My older brother was a big rock fan so while I was listening 2 Jimi H.,Chicago,Rare Earth we listened 2 Parliment. I was 13 yrs old when the Mothership landed in Detroit. I knew my sisters and their friends had tickets 2 go so while they where at the concert I listened 2 the double album of that very concert until they came back I felt like I was at the concert so I was happy, been with them ever since. Thank u again Love Liquid.

Gregory Wright
Philadelphia, PA

Dear Independent lense, PBS, and MS.Smith

I just want to take this opportunity to thank all of you for giving up the FUNK. As a member of the Philly Funk Mob, seeing Clinton (Geroge not Bill) the late Eddie Hazel, Glenn Goins, Berrnie Worrell, Bootsy Collins and Fred Wesley took a brother back to the day when I first saw the Mothership drop at the Spectrum in Philly. That progam is what public television is all about, giving everyone the opportunity to watch programing that is off the mainstream.

I hope that this program will be shown other than the two times its listed, because we have to keep the FUNK alive.

Inclosing, remember "ITS ALWAYS ON THE ONE".


Daryl Hnic Moon

PFunk Is A State Of Mind , Not A Passing Corporate Fad, "Funk Is It's Own Reward," Hats Off To PBS & Independent Lens For Shining The "Flash Light" For America To See That The FUNK Is Alive & Well In 2005 !

Daryl Moon
Founder & CEO

mercburn/invisible man
st.louis, mo

i really enjoyed the program. having been born in 77, my mother would always be playing the ALBUMS. yes, i said albums. it influenced me heavily. i appreciate ms. smith for exploring the fact that next to james, george and the guys are the most sampled. playing the sample next to the footage was perfect. kids nowadays need to respect the elders. and this is me thanking ms. smith and george and the gang. OH! mucho propo for letting the artists who designed the covers speak. i've wondered for years who they were and what type of input they directly had. thanks again, and i'm looking forward to buying a copy when it becomes available.

Hertford, nc

It's a must..... Listen to the solo that Eddie "Maggott Brain" Hazel plays on the song " I'll Stay " on the Standing on the verge of getting it on CD, LP, Cassette or whatever. I have never in my life heard anyone play such sweet notes at any time. Jimi was the master, Carlos is awesome, but Eddie ranks right there too. I was at a concert In Hampton Va and they placed an AXE (guitar) on front stage with a black cape over it in honor of the passing of Eddie Hazel.


hats off to everyone who worked on this piece!� thank you for the awesome footage, there was a lot that i had never seen before in your presentation which made it that much more special.� the interviews that were given by the industry suits and p-funk management shed a new light on the subject also.� once again the earth is di'void of funk and we need another dose of the "P"!� and lastly, are there any other programs or concert footage from your program that might be garnered on p-funk?� thank you for your time, keep it funky and keep the great programs coming!

Bob Grant
Fitchburg, MASS

Just wanted to thank you for finally getting the word out to SO MANY PEOPLE who never got the chance to hear the message! Everything today is FLASH, not FEELING!I graduated from Fitchburg HIGH School (VERY HIGH back then, with the 18 year-old drinking age and all), and I used to hustle cash by making an 11" x 17" Poster every week that would feature "MY HOT TOP 20, along with A NEW "TOP 10 FUNK 'n DISCO" listing, which I sold ad space to customers on and displayed OVER JUKE BOXES in my area!

"Tear the Roof Off The Sucker/P-Funk" was my #1 selection for NINE straight weeks! Eventually all the Jukebox Vendors had to add the 45 to their machines because people saw the TOP 20/10 list and wanted to know what this cool song was!It was an easy way for me to listen to the records I wanted at places I visited, plus I was booking some bands at the time and got their records in the jukebox (where I could play them for people to hear), then would add 'The LOCAL 45 of the WEEK' to the Posters....Incestuous, ain't it?KEEP IT UP!

Billy Corish (Keyboardist)
Harrisburg, Middletown, P

Hey, I watched the program on George Clinton (My former Boss). in 1967...It was a great program, and I really enjoyed it...I saw alot of the people who I worked with back in the 60's, when I was working with my band The Delcords here in Harrisburg..working as the house band at the Raven Club just off of Rt 441/Oberlin RD. and Longview Dr. just up from where your building your new facilities....The Club is still standing there, but now is a Two Way radio business....I backed up the Parliaments along with many other artists there at the Raven....George liked my playing and called me(in July 1967) to go on the road with them and join the group...I was really excited and left Harrisburg, to move to Detroit Mich....At the time I Just Wanna Testify" was the big hit for them..then later All You Goodies Are Goin, The Goose That Laid The Golden Egg...And the track I played on.."Good Ole Music"...I played that gig at The Apolo theater with them, and also played the Uptown Theater, and back to the Apolo again...I got to meet The Temptations, Four tops, ED Wingate, Owner of the 20 Grand hotel and Lounge at 14th and Warren in Detroit....Worked for Hollad, Dozier, Holland, after Tiki Fulwood and i left the group,...I never went back...and then George got things back together again...with Bernie Worrell, and other new members...I still keep in touch with Billy "Bass" Nelson the original Basist who now lives in Pittsburgh...we will be getting together here soon for a reunion, with some local Harrisburg musicians...If your interested I could get him to do an interview for you if you want....I've known Mike Greenawald for 30 some years through his sister Ricky Greenawald who was in my High School graduating class...well thanks for allowing myself to express the pride of being able to have worked with the Motown greats, and the Parliaments/George Clinton/Eddie Hazel/Billy Nelson/Tiki Fulwood from Philly/Clarence Fuzzy Haskins, Ramond Davis/and Grady....We had some great times and I enjoyed working and learning so much about the funk....Thanks again for taking my comments, and thanks for sharing that show with us...I still play keyboards here in Harrisburg with "City Groove"....go to


An excellent chronology of P-Funk Lore. Been following Parliament / Funkadelic since 1976. But why were folks like L. "Babblin" Kabbabie (of Detroit - last saw him about 10 years ago) and others pertinent band members excluded? Just because they may have fallen out of grace with George for whatever reason, shouldnt mean they are excluded from this history. As a seamstress, I created some funkateer-like outfits for halloween for several years running. How cool is cool? The PFunk Legacy that lives forever, that's what! We all would like more - a two-hour documentary; or maybe even four- like the PFunl jam sessions. Peace, "D" - Formerly of JTR Family Affair, BRE, NewMusic Seminar, NE DJ Record Pool.

Funkateers keep on keepin' on.

Tony Houston
Columbus, OH

I just got the chance to watch it, I think the producer did a great job. I saw P-Funk about 20 times during '70s & '80s, and it was never the same show.

I miss Glenn Goins, he made each P-Funk show a religious experience. I got a little misty eyed when they showed Roger Troutman's picture. I miss hearing his music, he could play rings around any guitar player alive.

I remember vividly the day my brother brought over 'Maggot Brain', he told me to sit down and listen. 'Maggot Brain' started and Eddie Hazel starting playing, I was hooked and became a Funkateer.

Tony Houston
The Primetime Blues Band


first heard p-funk
as a funky lil girl.
watching the film,
which was fan*funkin*tastic,
deepened my appreciation
for the group[s] and
the vision of HRH George Clinton.

Tim Holland
Inglewood, California

I am a fan of the Parliament Funkadelic album artwork and like the fact that Pedro Bell, Overton Loyd and stozo where all included in this documentary.


I've been knowing George and his son Treylewd for over 25 years and have worked with them on many occasions. I Loved the Film and hope to see more video footage of P-Funk.

Philadelphia, PA

Thanks so much PBS! I'm 16 years old and, thanks to the show, am a huge P-Funk fan. I went out and bought "One Nation Under A Groove" the next day. George and Co. are one of the most original bands of all time and I never realized the impact they had on music! I Pledge A Groovallegiance To The United Funk of Funkadelica!


In 1973 I saw Parliament/Funkadelic at the Whisky of Go-Go. I was sixteen. I can see the influence "funk" had on what I listen to today.

Sheila J
Victoria, BC, Canada

YOWZA!!! I grew up in england and am turning 50 soon... was into Black music early on (ska like Desmond Dekker, Motown, esp. James Brown, reggae) & got funkified early teens.

Wow! One Nation Under A Groove hit - who are these guys? My now dead brothers were really into P-funk too - brought back a lot of great dance memories. Bought BridezaFunkenstein & got hooooked, & best of ParlFunk but never till this funkamentary had I seen the album artwork or footage of shows or any idea how influential they were or the psychedelic earlier years! Brilliant!

Had the joy of seeing Bootsy perform in Vancouver with Dimitri and the guys who did Groovers in the House (far and away OUT)

Any P-funkers performing in Vancouver/Victoria any time soon? My middle-aged mind's down the shoot & my ass wants to get back into gear!

And yeah I want a DVD and all-day specials on P-FUNK every week!

So just do it! (calling mothership...)



l chapman
norfolk, va

where were you, when you first encountered the FUNK? most funkteers know the answer to that question. its like a revelation of becoming free to the walls of "your retrictions." (thats deep baby!!!) 1972-73 i was over my cousins house and i saw the weirdest album cover that i laid eyes on. yes it was, maggot brain, or cosmic slop, i forget. i have been a funk fan ever since. i remember the time when funk was not cool, but i always was a fan... now because the rap game has reinvented the funk everybody getting hip. Mmmmm that means i have been hip all of this time! "THERE WILL BE FUNK AFTER DEATH"

Westfield, NJ

Has everyone bought the new George Clinton record, "How Late Do U Have 2BB4UR Absent?" It's so good!!

Los Angeles, CA

Saw Parliament Funkadelic for their 50th anniversary gig here a few weeks ago and they showed the Independent Lens documentary during sets. Awesome stuff! I've been waiting for a good documentary of P-Funk for a long, long time, and here it is finally...

Keith Rouse
Hampton, Va.

They call me Dr. Funkenstein, one hell of a tribute referencing my knowlegde and music ability as a fan of Funkadelic. I have a band called FLASHBACk and we play alot of Funkadelic music. This is no doubt the greatest band of all times. If your'e in Hampton look for the band Flashback and get Funked up with us.

Plainfield, New Jersey

As someone who grew up in Plainfield I take special pride in Parliament-Funkadelic. I would listen to P-Funk endlessly throughout my high school and college days and would tell anybody who would listen "These guys started in my home town. My sister knows the Shiders and the Goins!" I have since married and have indoctrinated my white stepdaughter in the P-Funk. She can not get enough of it. Now she tells me "I hear P-Funk samples all the time on the radio. It is scary."

I found the film engrossing and great at giving George and the crew their due for their influence on popular music. I laughed out loud sometimes at the memories it brought back.

Thanks for making my day. I really enjoyed the film and will recommend it to as many people that I can.

Atlanta, Georgia

Thanks PBS for bringing back the P-Funk!! I'm an avid collector of all original P-Funk vinyl and the documentary gave me further insight into one of my favorite groups of all time.

Derrick Davis
Akron, OH

I am the son of the late Ray Davis. It was a good documentary to many I'm sure. And it was kind of informational to me in some areas. But trust me, there's a whole 'nutha side to the story.

Dallas, Texas

Watching this documentary made me truly realize how much P-Funk was a part of my early years and is still a part of it today. My older sister played it constantly around me as a little girl and before I knew I was a P-Funk fan and still am today.

The documentary was truly amazing and I can't wait until the DVD is available. Even in my 29 years, Parliment, Funkadelics, Bootsy is still my favorite over hip hop. The uniqueness of the music, the way it can light up a room or a party is amazing. Now I have my 17 year old nephew into the sound. He even has all the CDs. However you must admit there's nothing like putting that LP on the turntable and letting it flow. You know what I mean? Dusting of that LP, 45 or even that 78 takes you back to a time when life was a little bit simpler.

"Make my funk the P-Funk. I wants to get Funked Up! "

Tony Dollar$
Louisville, Kentucky

MANN! This took me back to the days when I was singing each and every song word for word. I would go to the shows and be just another parlafuncadelamentthang. Dressed to impress with my mind funkin intellegly. What did I know. I came from another space in time, so when I got here, that was good, it was tight, and it was ripe for the pickin. 5:00 in the morning and I'm singing word for word as the songs passed by. Now as I have grown into a funk master in my own right that show just made me want to write with George himself. We have to sit down and put it down. I wonder, is he "Up for the down stroke?" Exodus the context.

Juneau, Alaska

I used to work with Roger Troutman and Zapp (starting way back when they were Roger and the Human Body), so this show brought back many wonderful funky memories! Just wish they had shown a little more on Roger; George Clinton mentioned him and there was a picture of Roger in the background.

RIP, Roger and Larry.

George ~ never stop doing what you do best!

Leon French
Louisville, Ky

I'm a big GC fan. I was born in 1952. We used to sneek in a nightclub, while in high school to watch GC perform (sometimes only wearing a jock strap). I have always loved the music and the theatrical side of the "funk." I will be a funkateer for the rest of my life.


Microbiologically speaking, when GC would start churnin', burnin' and turnin', it would make your atoms move so fast, expandin' your molecules, causing a friction fire, burnin' you on your neutron, causing you to scream, "Hit me in the proton, BABY!"

The funk needs more coverage. P-Funk was and is as important and relevant as many of the American musical masters of the 20th century. Modern hip-hop, R&B and electronic dance music is the P; either directly sampled or fundamentally influenced.

Blow the cobwebs out their minds.

Greenbelt, MD

Funk is pure to the bone & I just love it! It was Parliament when I first heard the group. Then it was Parliament Funkadelic - with the common element and icon: George Clinton. I have loved funk music for almost 3 deades. P-funk is the foundation from which most popular groups - current and old school - get their sound. Funk is even being sampled in the contemporary Christian circuit. George is an artist emeritus. Because of his P-funk revolution, I started liking Bootsie Collins' music. Saw Parliament-Funkadelic last year in concert at DAR Const Hall. Concert was off the chain! nothing but funkateers. Cosmic Slop held us for a long time. Heard the Clones of Funk recently in concert --they were awesome. Made we want to see Parliament Funkadelic more and more.

Washington D.C.

MAKE MY FUNK THE P-FUNK. YES YES YES. THANK YOU SO MUCH PBS. My Very Frist Time seeing The Funkadelic was at constituion hall in the CHOCOLATE CITY. In 1974. I must say that there music did funk me up. I miss RAY Davis so much. CAN ANYONE OUT THERE SEND IN MORE PHOTOGRAPHIC OF THIS STAR, WHO I KNOW IN MY HEART IS NOW IN HHEAVEN. THANK YOU.

Tommy A. Nobles
Pflugerville, TX

I saw the Independent Lens feature on Parliament / Funkadelic on my local PBS station yesterday. I have been a fan of George Clinton and the Parlifunkadelic Thang for many years and I have yearned for 'funk documusical' such as this.

This was indeed 'da Bomb' !

Clinton shifted the paradigm of traditional R&B and made it a one-way bridge between the past and the future of African-American music. A countless number of today's young groups sample and attempt to immulate Clinton's style and creativity -- but Dr. Funkenstein and the Parliament-Funkadelic will never be duplicated.

This production was a long time coming-- and well worth the wait!

Thanks for an outstanding look at the funkiest group ever.

Casterdara Giles
Richmond , Va

I know this may sound crazy but yesterday i found a parliament funkadelic DVD on the mothersip connection tour, as i watched this dvd it took me back to 77 or 78 when that tour came to my town, i was only 14 years old, but it was the greatest concert i ever saw. Over the last twenty-five plus years that concert always stayed on my mind and to see it again and to see George, Glen, fuzzy, garry, edie, mike, maceo, blewmy mind. Now i had the p-funk live alblum, and i knew the songs word for word , but to see this concert again on DVD was alsome. Then i recived a call from a friend and he told me to turn to the pbs channel on, P-Funk was on, and that took me to another level, So i just want to say thanks George, cause with out your music there would be no me, you influence me and how i like my music raw, funky, the one, bass lines, long keys. Thank You Parliament Funkadelic

East Hartford

I absolutely LOVED the program. I NEVER watch anything on PBS. However I came across this program. As a 40 something it brought back memories when there was music.


Parliament Funkadelic is one of my all-time favorite groups. I'm 44 and I first heard them back when I was 15. It was love at first listen and I was so thrilled to see the show on PBS. Thank you Thank you Thank you! George Clinton has no rivals and I was so glad to see Ice Cube and Humpty give him this long overdue recognition.

A Female Funkateer


This is the best documentary about the band I have seen - or heard. I'm a 55-year old Funkateer who's loved the band for years. Best live show on the planet. Thanks for a great time! Bernie Worrell and the Woo Warriors are in Philly this Friday Oct. 14. Anybody else going???

Bob B Que Willis
Charlotte, N.C.

P-Funk is the most prolific band of our times. I had the pleasure to meet George after a show in Charlotte. I also had the opportunity to get on stage with the band as he let me and another bruh of the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity step to the "Atomic Dog" I've traveled the east coast to check out the band and have always had a funky time. I'm glad that this documentary has arrived to tell the story of the "funkiest" band alive and to let the world know that we do have a "maggot brain" Hail to the band as they continue to tear the roof off the sucker! I'm ready to rock..PEACE!

Troy Gaspard
San Francisco

Watching this film made me realize how much George Clinton, like Cab Calloway, is a brilliant composer, band leader, and performer. That he surrounded himself with stellar musicians such as guitarist Eddie Hazel only shows why Funkadelic is still sampled today.

Robert Brown
Oakland, Ca

Outstanding documentary. The Parliament/Funkadelic style was like graduate school for so many music styles. Took the raw Funk of James Brown, Social cutting edge of Sly & the Family Stone incorporated the rock of groups like Led Zeppelin and created ground breaking music.

r. Cunningham

I have been looking for concert footage of groups like parliament funkadelic, and have been unsuccessful. This documentary has been a God sent. It details the behind the scenes of one of the greatest groups and master mind of modern music. I always knew George Clinton was a genious, this proves it for the world to see. Thank you so much for you work. Now where can i buy my copy?


How beautiful to see footage of the late greats -- not just Jimi, but Eddie Hazel and Rick James.

My single, sole, only, solitary complaint about this funkumentary is that Shock G's commentary could have been shortened by 30 seconds or so to give screen time and proper respect to "Uncle Jam Wants You" cover artist Diem Jones, aka Dr. Fladimir W.S. Woo. Otherwise, the dip seems to have returned to my hip, and the glide to my stride. Well done.

Richard Little
Springfield, MA.

I enjoyed the segment on Parliament. They were and are still one of my all time favorite Funk bands! I Played in a Funk Band during high school and college.

I think what keeps George Clinton and P-Funk in the forefront is their brillance in making and producing music that transcends age groups, jundra and is timeless . "Atomic Dog" is just a popular today as it was in 1984, the floor will be packed when that jam plays! And of course the members of the band are timeless and continue to remain true to "The Funk" with the musicial minds that are eclipsed by none before nor since.

Lamonte Hazell
Chesapeake, VA

The mothership didn't land in the crib until 10:22pm EST. I missed half of the thang. Thought about calling my bassist cousin, the worm but will have to send him a copy of the video. I need three for Christmas gifts.

I didn't know all of the ins and outs of the P-Funk connection. My girlfriends couldn't appreciate the groove.

Best years of my life listening to Cosmic Slop, the instrumentals on America Eats Its Young, kicking the campus on One Nation Under a Groove and chillin' in Randalls Island to the Mothership.

Man, that was and is music. Kids don't understand that what's being played now is simply fakin' the funk and you know when happens next.

Roderick DJ Funk Tyler
East Palo Alto Ca

I have been a funkateer since I was in the womb. I have trained my wife and kids to love the funk. I saw the mothership land in 92' at the Circle star. For all those who dont know the Mothership is bout ta come out with some spinners yall stick around yyoooohoooooe FUNK GETS STRONGER

mays landing, new jersey

parliament/funkadelic is the starting point of my musical awareness. as a child of the 60's our parents introduced us to a lot of music. i remember my dad coming home with buddy miles and funkdelic, he grooved to miles, i did too, but i was hooked on funkadelic! i own every parliament/funkadlic album and all of the groups spin-off projects, there is not a mood i can't overcome with a parliament or funkadelic song. make my funk tha p!!

reggie chapman
chicago, illinois

show was AWESOME, let me say it again Funk is a state of mind and P-funk was the state of mind for urban america in the 70s and 80s, but what about Mike "Kidd Funkadelic" Hampton? Eddie Hazel is a legend, but the Kidd took the Funk and ran with it, the band enjoyed their most success with him molesting the ax, Much Love to my boy hampton!

San Francisco, CA

UNFUNKIN'BELEIVABLE!!!!!!!!!! Super props to Yvonne Smith and Harlene Freezer. Of course most Funkateers could watch a 20 hour funkumentary on Dr. Funkenstein and the entire mob, these two did wonders within the single hour allotted for their production. Gloryhallatoopid! I couldn't do a THING but stand up and re-pledge myself to One Nation Under a Grove. My mind's been freed and my ass followed!

Richard Panse
Kew Gardens, NY

Tremendous film. It took this funkateer back to his highschool days of the late 70's. I can't imagine what my life would have been like without the Parliafunkadelicment Thang. A lifetime of gratitude goes out to the whole P. Funk Mob past and present. Much Thanks.

Dallas, Tx.

THANK U to the P Powerth for this documentary. I am grateful that someone has done what the major media drones have failed to do and even IGnored... The show was Grrreatt!!! I enjoyed every P minute of it. Finally someone has given the P the props it deserves.

"without humps there would be no gettin' over" GC.

Richie Rich

Props to Yvonne Smith for putting this incredible show together, and props to PBS for having the guts to air it. It was long overdue but worth it.

Bob Willis
Charlotte, North Carolina

I've always had a love and a connection with George and the P-Funk crew because they have kept it real for all of these years and this is the secret of their longevity. Most folks don't realize the depth of P-Funk's body of work. From funk to rock to jazz to art to black expression of all emotion, P-Funk is and shall forever be the greatest musical ensemble of epic proportion that the world has ever known. let's relax, take a deep breath, and pledge our Funk to P-Funk!


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