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Paul Conrad

Pro and Conrad
The filmmakers’ site for PAUL CONRAD: Drawing Fire features a cartoon gallery of the artist’s work, a ConSalon with companion essays on related social and political issues and more.

Conrad Bronze Sculptures and Political Cartoons
Visit Paul Conrad’s home on the Web to view recent cartoons, read a biography and learn more about his famed bronze sculptures of political figures from Abe Lincoln to “Billary” Clinton.

Daryl Cagle’s Professional Cartoonists Index: Paul Conrad
See Conrad’s most recent cartoon for the Los Angeles Times syndicate, or search the archives by date to view his older works. Paul Conrad
Updated weekly, this online gallery showcases the latest Conrad cartoons.

The Library of Congress Information Bulletin: “Afflicting the Comfortable”
Find out more about Conrad’s 1999 talk at the Library of Congress, in which he discussed his start in cartooning, his hatred of the “yuppie generation” and more. Paul Conrad
Read an interview with Conrad and find out about his thoughts on drawing and ideas, the future of cartooning and television news.

Draw Your Own Conclusions: Political Cartooning Then and ?
Part of Syracuse University Library’s Special Collections Research Center, this online exhibition includes several classic Conrad cartoons.

Wikipedia: Nixon’s Enemies List
Learn more about Richard Nixon’s infamous enemies list, which included Paul Conrad in 1973.

Random Lengths News: “Paul Conrad Speaks On Why His Cartoons Won’t Be Seen by Angelenos”
This 2005 interview with Conrad talks about his long career at the Los Angeles Times, his unlikely friendship with Barry Goldwater, newspaper censorship and much more.

Drawing the Line: The Collected Works of America’s Premier Political Cartoonist
by Paul Conrad

(Los Angeles Times, 1999)
This collection of 200 Conrad pieces spans his career from the 1960s to the 1990s.

Con Artist: Paul Conrad: 30 Years With the Los Angeles Times
by Paul Conrad
(Los Angeles Times, 1993)
A three-decade retrospective of Conrad’s work at the Los Angeles Times


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Political Cartoons and Cartoonists
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MSNBC: Daryl Cagle's Professional Cartoonists Index
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Political Cartoons of the Lilly Library
This online exhibition of cartoons from the eighteenth and nineteenth century includes short articles on caricatures and the colonial years.

American Political Cartoons: An Introduction
Learn more about the illustrious history of political cartooning in the U.S.


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