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Patti Skinner Sulpizio
Santa Clarita, CA

In summer of 1965, the song "Liar, Liar" was a popular hit played over and over on my transistor radio tuned to KRLA. As a little girl I watched the smoke and flames of the Watts Riots from the front porch of my Palos Verdes home. Whenever I hear that song I remember the fear and anger I felt from the racial injustice of those times. The hatred of Sarah Palin, Glen Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Faux News, Dr. Laura, et. al., directed at Pres. Obama, Muslims, and Latinos brings back those scary memories. It's deja vu all over again.

Attempting to prevent Bush's reelection, and after 3 years at war in Iraq, fearful of a draft that might force my 3 children into an unjust war, I became a Democratic activist and worked on the Kerry campaign. I'm still active. For what it's worth, I'm a CDP delegate; and write Dem editorials for my local right wing newspaper, the only newspaper in Santa Clarita. You inspire me, Paul.

New York, NY

It took me an hour and a half to watch this one hour show as I kept replaying many pieces. I didn't want to miss any of the nuances of the cartoons that I didn't catch at first glance. I wish that his collected works were not out of print.

Thomas Rizzo
Huntington, NY

Paul is my hero. I have never heard of him until I watched Independent Lens this morning. I believe he is a honest, brave and true American.

Westminster, CA

Paul is fearless. Another brilliant social commentary. Paul's cartoons are the exclamation point to society's exasperation! I want this signed and on the wall of my office so I can look at it every day and be reminded! (If the NSA is listening: You can contact me any time, I'm sure you already know my address, phone records, email contacts, etc.)


MY comments are on the late Ronald Raegan, for as much as He and Dick Nixon had that much contemp for the very nation that nurtured them,I will never get it.I recall that from 1955 to the time he decided to balance his budget, what part of the budget was going to get monies that was used to support the Arts, which included music in all public schools,that He elimitated.From the time I was in the first grade to His intrustion, Mrs Hartman always played the piano in all our school events.All schools had band practice after hours, this was as much a civic privlige as a duty for it united our communtites, there after or lack of,we lose what identifed us.
lastly, there was a poster right after Ronald Reagan's declaration of his budget assertion with one side depicting Jerry Lewis's KId's in wheelchairs playing bastket ball and the other, depicting the creation of Reagan's KId's with dirty faces torn blackleather jackets,crowbars,and hubcaps looking like crooks and thiefs lost in an illusion.

Ashland, Ohio

Thank you Paul Conrad - the passion and talent are examples for us all. Your honesty should be an example for all people and your fearlessnes should also strengthen us all. With this said, I believe media censorship may be on the rise from all sides (left, right, etc.). The corporate cultures that appear within the new media/communications conglomerates has limited the objectivity of the press. I percieve many of the arrogant, power-hungry, naive, self-centered behaviors illustrated by the subjects in Paul's cartoons to have permeated the media that serves as our nation's free press. I'd prefer to see more objectivity - serving as example is how Johnson, Nixon, Ford, Reagan, and Bush (Jr. & Sr.) recieved most of the attention in the documentary - I was really looking forward to seeing an equal amount on Clinton. Once again, thank you Paul Conrad. Although I may not always agree (although frequently I do) I ALWAYS respect and applaud honest passion and talent.

Canton, Ohio

I never heard of Paul Conrad until tonight,(Friday 11/10/2006), on PBS Independent Lens.I would like to thank Paul,PBS and the Chandlers for giving me a good laugh.I intend to order Paul's work and other cartoonist's as well.Thanks,and keep up the good work.

Lubbock Tx

Wow! I write this not knowing which cartoon to respond to. I like to cartoon occassoinally myself. Just looking at each of these cartoons is inspiring how much Mr. Conrad communicates and effectively. I have always liked cartoons that were less wordy and were short and to the point. Each cartoon leaves no question what is being said. As far as what i might draw seeing these drawings,it might be people flipping coins at the voting booths obviously because there doesnt seem to be anyone worth voting for president. Now that i think of it, that might be how everyone has been voting.


AS TO THE EVENTS OF THE Last week.i think conrad should draw a cartoon of dubya and saddam hussein both with black eyes and bloody noses staggering around listening to the birdies saying can't we all just get along

San Antonio, TX

Thank you, Paul Conrad, for doing what god puts us here to do. To stand up for what is right, and to stand against what is wrong. You are like Shakespeare, you are like, Pope John Paul, and you should know it.

N. Hollywood, CA

I miss Paul terribly. At a time when we basically have had no opposition to the President in the government or the press, we have needed his voice more than ever.

We need a decent newspaper in Los Angeles, covering local issues and a newspaper that supports such talent as Paul Conrad.

Don Pool
Pueblo, Colorado

Paul Conrad, WWII veteran, celebrated editorial cartoonist, the ultimate patriot! At age 82, Conrad has lost none of his punch. Thanks to PBS for airing this program.

Scott Smith
Boulder, CO

Clearly, Conrad is an excellent artist, capturing in cartoon the visceral political sentiments and attitudes of the day.

Like most liberals in the media, he balanced intolerance and elitism while he surgically carved up his conservative subjects like cadavers, with felt-tip pen.

It was a striking commentary and well-produced liberal commentary.

Philip Nast
Manlius, New York

Love of country does not mean giving up your own principles. The only reason I would get behind our current president is to kick him in the seat of the pants. No chance of that, so draw on Mr. Conrad.

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