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The Film

Why Democracy
The global film series of which PLEASE VOTE FOR ME is a part.

Wuhan, China
The official Web site of the city of Wuhan.

indieWIRE Festivals: Silverdocs Goes Deeper into Democracy and Documentary
Documentary and democracy, as demonstrated by festival fave PLEASE VOTE FOR ME.

TIME: Reality Bites
Read about China’s indie documentary filmmakers, including Weijun Chen.


Elections, Democracy and Human Rights in China

China Elections and Governance
Issues surrounding elections in China. This site is run by the Carter Center’s China Village Elections Program.

Human Rights in China
A Chinese organization dedicated to protecting human rights in China.

Chinese Democracy
Read a short essay on the interpretation of democracy in China. China From the Inside: Power and the People: In Depth: Democracy
Learn about the role of elections in advancing democracy in China. Online NewsHour: China, Trade and Democracy
This 1999 roundtable illustrates the past controversies regarding China’s World Trade Organization membership and its effect on democratic reform. China Special Report: Democracy/Human Rights
An overview on human rights and democratic reforms in modern China. Google’s China Problem (and China’s Google Problem)
Learn how Internet censorship affects—and reflects—Chinese politics.


Early Education and Childhood in China KCTS: Precious Children
This program follows a delegation of 60 U.S. teachers to China and its take on how the country is educating its children.

Social Behavior and Personality: A New Look at the Old “Little Emperor”
This 2001 study examines the personality developments and perceptions of only children born after the implementation of China’s one-child policy.

The New England Journal of Medicine: The Effect of China’s One-Child Policy After 25 Years
A 2005 article on the background and various social implications of the one-child policy.

Asia Times Online: At What Price a Chinese Emperor?
Are China’s urban rich violating the one-child policy—and why?



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