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Dr. Seuss

Browse the books catalog, find out about upcoming “Seussian” events, make your own interactive stories, play games and more at this official Dr. Seuss site.

BBC News: 10 Facts About Dr. Seuss
How many books did Dr. Seuss write? What did he think was his greatest work? (Hint… it wasn’t a book.) All this and more from BBC Online.

Dr. Seuss Goes to War: The World War II Editorial Cartoons of Theodor Seuss Geisel
By Richard H. Minear
(New Press, 2001)
History professor Richard Minear examines and contextualizes more than 200 of Dr. Seuss’s editorial and political cartoons, most of which are printed here for the first time since their original publication.

Dr. Seuss Went to War
The Dr. Seuss catalog from the Mandeville Special Collections Library at the University of California, San Diego contains original drawings and newspaper clippings of more than 200 of Seuss’s cartoons from 1941 to 1943. Browse the extensive online catalog by date or subject.

The Political Dr. Seuss
Based on the book Dr. Seuss Goes to War, this 2000 Springfield Museum exhibit featured a selection of Seuss’s little-known World War II-era political cartoons. Read more about the exhibit and see sample images here.

The Advertising Artwork of Dr. Seuss
View scanned selections from Dr. Seuss’s colorful advertising career, hawking products from oil and ball bearings to beer and sugar. Also part of UCSD’s Dr. Seuss Collection.

NPR: Celebrating the 100th Birthday of Dr. Seuss
Hear biographer Philip Nel discuss Dr. Seuss’s contribution to children’s literature and American culture on NPR’s Talk of the Nation. Check out the Related NPR Stories section to find commentary on Seuss’s political cartoons, books and characters, including audio clips of Kirk Douglas reading an excerpt of Seuss’s work.

Antiques Roadshow: Dr. Seuss’s Kangaroo Bird
Dr. Seuss’s giant bird sculpture was featured on this popular PBS program. Take this quiz to learn more about Seuss’s editor’s dare: to write a book using 50 words or less.

Who’s Who and What’s What in the Books of Dr. Seuss
Dartmouth College published this 157-page limited edition, a “finding-aid reflective of all the contents of all of the Dr. Seuss volumes” to commemorate the seventy-fifth anniversary of his graduation from the school. Get the lowdown on characters from Aunt Annie’s Alligator to Zizzy Zozzfozzel. (Available as a PDF download.)

About the Newspaper PM
Learn more about the 1940s New York newspaper for which Dr. Seuss regularly contributed political cartoons.

Dr. Seuss and Mr. Geisel
By Judith and Neil Morgan
(DaCapo Press, 1995)
California journalists Judith and Neil Morgan—longtime friends of Dr. Seuss interviewed in THE POLITICAL DR. SEUSS—include plenty of facts and anecdotes in this authorized biography.

The Seuss, The Whole Seuss, And Nothing But The Seuss: A Visual Biography of Theodor Seuss Geisel
By Charles D. Cohen
(Random House, 2004)
This “Seussentennial” publication contains more than 700 images of Geisel’s work, many of which have never been published before.

Oh, the Places He Went: A Story About Dr. Seuss
By Maryann N. Weidt
(Carolrhoda, 1994)
A straightforward overview of Theodor Geisel’s life and work that’s informative for readers of all ages.

Dr. Seuss: American Icon
By Philip Nel
(Continuum, 2004)
This Seuss biography gives a grown-up’s perspective on the children’s author and includes a comprehensive bibliography.

“Said a Bird in the Midst of a Blitz . . . How World War II Created Dr. Seuss”
Read Seuss scholar Philip Nel’s essay, originally published in Mosaic, on how Theodor Geisel’s political cartooning during World War II affected his later career as a children’s writer. (Available as a PDF download.)

Political Cartooning

Political Cartoons and Cartoonists
Learn more about political cartooning in American history. View an index of famous cartoonists and a gallery of cartoons.

Professional Cartoonists Index
Get the latest cartoons by political cartoonists around the world. Links updated daily.

Political Cartoons of the Lilly Library
Browse this online exhibition of political cartoons from the 1700s and 1800s by date and topic. Read about how political cartoons and caricatures provided commentary on events ranging from the War of 1812 to the 1864 presidential election.

Political Cartoons from the Crash to the Millennium
Cartoonist Herb Block writes about his line of work and showcases samples from the 1930s to today.

Analyzing a Thomas Nast Cartoon
Regarded as one of America’s seminal political cartoonists, Thomas Nast was the most famous cartoonist of the late nineteenth century. Analyze one of his images, then read and hear historian Michael O’Malley’s interpretation and comments on understanding cartoons.

Now in its 34th year, Garry Trudeau’s daily strip was one of the first to be featured in both editorial and comics sections. "Doonesbury" is syndicated to almost 1,400 newspapers worldwide.

Aaron McGruder’s daily strip about of a group of African American city kids adjusting to life in white suburbia is featured on comics pages in newspapers across the country.

Drawn and Quartered. The History of American Political Cartoons
By Stephen Hess and Sandy Northrop
(Black Belt Press, 1996)
An extensive survey of American political cartoons, this collection includes 269 examples from colonial times to the present.

Them Damned Pictures: Explorations in American Political Cartoon Art
By Roger Fischer
(Archon Books, 1996)
Historian Roger Fischer surveys the art and power of political cartoons in nineteenth and twentieth century America.


About Dr. Seuss:


Political Cartoons:

American Political Cartoons: A History

A Brief History of Political Cartoons

Political Cartoons of the Lilly Library


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Book images
Dr. Seuss properties™ Dr. Seuss Enterprises L.P. 1937-1991. All rights reserved.
Copyright Random House, Inc. All rights reserved.

By Ron Lamothe

Dr. Seuss Goes to War
Richard H. Minear (The New Press, 1999)

“The Political Dr. Seuss”
Resource Library Magazine

’Said a Bird in the Midst of a Blitz . . .’: How World War II Created Dr. Seuss” by Philip Nel
Mosaic June 2001

By Judith and Neil Morgan
Dr. Seuss and Mr. Geisel (Random House, 1995)


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