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In a secret battle that cost thousands of lives but was never revealed to the American public, the Japanese army invaded Alaska in June 1942. Sixty years later, two veterans embark on an intense and emotional journey, returning to their former battlefield.
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Three people stand in silhouette in front of a cloudy sunrise

The Making Of:

"We'd be out in the field and the sky would be crystal clear, and then ten minutes later everything would go black, and freezing rain would come in from every direction. We'd be struggling against 40-mile-an-hour winds to try and get under cover."  More >>

The Filmmakers:

"Making movies is a group effort, and when you do it right each person brings something new and unique to the mix that makes the film even better than you may have originally envisioned it."  More >>
A smiling man in cold-weather outdoor gear in a field with the ocean in the background stands in front of a sign that reads: warning, unexploded ordinance area, keep out

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