Inside Shaolin

Film Credits

Produced and Directed by
Mei-Juin Chen
Martha Burr

Shi Guolin
Li Peng Zhang
Shi Xing Hao
Shi De Shan
Shi Xing Hong

Narrated By
Beau Bridges

Director of Photography
Teodoro Maniaci

Associate Producer
Gene Ching (Shi Xing Long)

Written by
Martha Burr

Edited by
Mei-Juin Chen

Kungfu Qigong Magazine

Additional Writer
Michael Cho

Music By
John Zorn

Min Xiao-Fen -- Pipa
Marc Ribot -- Guitar
Trevor Dunn -- Bass
Roberto Rodriguez -- Percussion
Cyro Baptista -- Percussion

Sound Mixer
Michael Kowalski

Additional Sound
Steven Carthy

Additional Camera
Mei-Juin Chen
Osceola Refetoff
Bob Trinder

Animation Produced and Created by
San-Wei Chan

Designed by
E Chen

Animated by
East Animation Studio

Animation Supervisor
Chang Fu Qui

Wu Zhe Quen

Digital Production
Hualong Film Digital Production

Digital Producer
Huang Yao Zu

Digital Supervisor
Liu Xiang Yang

Lollapalooza Stills
George Sakkestad

Additional Compositing
David Tarleton

Michael Cho

Post Production Lab
Crest National Film and Video

Special Thanks To:
Venerable Shi Yongxin
Venerable Shi Suxi
Shi De Yang
Shi Xing Wei
Gigi Oh & Thomas Oh
Kungfu Qigong Magazine
Shi Jian
Syou-Ling Fu
Hei Zi
Jim Lichnerowicz
Shawn Xiangyang Liu
Lisa Muskat
Matthew Polly
Dieter Wagner
Madonna St. Clair
Shi Xingying
Daxing Zhang
Keith Fulton
Wang Yu Min
Lori Tilkin
Casey Bridges
May Santiago Ong
Brian O’Shea
Cheuk Ho Kwong
Cheng-Sim Lim
Roger Garcia
Berenice Reynaud
Amanda Crane
Diana Lee
Sara Lee
Phil Ko
Mei-Yin Chen
Willie Galvan
Choi Y. Mao
Tagou School
Angleton Police Department
All The Students In New York, Texas and Shaolin Temple

Archival Footage:
CCTV, China
ZZTV, China
Xing He Films

Produced in Association with the Independent Television Service

This program is a production of Lotus Films,
which is solely responsible for its content.
©2002, Lotus Films. All Rights Reserved.


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