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Learn about the Shaolin monks featured in SHAOLIN ULYSSES, and get updates on what they are doing today.

Shi Guolin Shi Guolin became a monk of the Shaolin Temple at age 17 and subsequently became the leader of the martial monks in the ‘80s and ‘90s. In 1992 he led the first tour of Shaolin kungfu monks to the United States where he left the tour in San Francisco to stay for good. He settled in New York, and in 1995 established the USA Shaolin Temple Overseas Headquarters in Flushing, Queens, which recently expanded and re-opened in 2000. He maintains close ties with the Shaolin Temple of China and is next in line to be Abbot there. He currently teaches kungfu and Buddhism at his Flushing temple and is active in the Chinese and Buddhist community there.
Web Site: USA Shaolin Temple Overseas Headquarters

Zhang Li Peng Zhang Li Peng was a star member of the Shaolin Temple martial monks group, and he toured the world performing Shaolin kungfu. He also starred in an early Chinese Shaolin documentary when he was 16. In 1995 he left the monks tour in Europe and settled in Holland where he opened a successful kungfu school. He also promoted a successful European Shaolin kungfu tournament. In 1999 he married an American, Dawn Dubois. He and Dawn live in New Jersey with their three year-old-son Matthew. Li Peng opened a kungfu school in New York and now has two additional schools in New Jersey.
Web Site: Shaolin Kung-Fu & Tai-Chi Academy

Shi Xing Hao Shi Xing Hao was a star member of the Shaolin martial monks group, touring the world. He toured America in 1997 and stayed, opening a temple with his kungfu brother Shi De Shan in Houston Texas. He specializes in teaching competitive wushu (kungfu) to young kids who dream of making the Olympic team in 2008 if kungfu gets accepted into the Games.
Web Site: Shaolin Kungfu Academy

Shi De Shan Shi De Shan was also a member of the martial monks and left the same American tour with his kungfu brother Shi Xing Hao. His specialty is fighting and qinna, or joint locks and takedowns, which he taught to local police near the Shaolin Temple in China. He now teaches these defense techniques to Houston police, as well as teaching kungfu to his Houston students. Since the making of the film, Shi Xing Hao and Shi De Shan have split up and now maintain two separate kungfu schools in Houston.

Shi Xing Hong Shi Xing Hong was another star of the Shaolin martial monk team. He left China several years ago to settle in Budapest, Hungary, where he teaches kungfu to police and other students. He is planning to come to Las Vegas where Shaolin disciple Rich Russell is opening a Shaolin kungfu school in the near future.


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