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Shaolin Kungfu

Kungfu Magazine
The online version of Kungfu magazine, a prime resource for information and entertainment related to the Chinese Martial and Healing Arts. Site includes news, events, discussion forums and more. Extensive resources include an FAQ, glossary and guide to kungfu schools

The Shaolin Warriors: Teacher’s Guide
Teachers Guide (PDF) created to provide background for The Shaolin Warriors performance, encompasses Temple life, China, Buddhism and kungfu.

About Shaolin Kungfu
An interview about Shaolin kungfu with award-winning author and teacher, the Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit.

Shaolin Gung Fu Institute’s FAQ
Frequently asked questions and answers about Shaolin kungfu (including kung fu vs. gung fu) are featured on the Institute’s site.
This Web site, created and maintained by Las Vegas physician Rich Russell, who is featured in SHAOLIN ULYSSES, includes lots of information on Shaolin, the temple and more. – Shaolin Kungfu
Part of a Chinese portal site “dedicated to break the barriers between different societies through the Web,” offers Shaolin kungfu highlights including articles, movies and books, as well as information on weapons, styles, ethics and etiquette.

Ch’an (Zen) Buddhism
Academic Web site from San Francisco State University contains a comprehensive list of articles and readings about Ch’an, the Chinese name for Zen Buddhism.

Shaolin Worldwide

USA Shaolin Temple
Located in New York City, the USA Shaolin Temple Web site offers information on the traditions and philosophy of Shaolin kungfu, a photo gallery, class schedules and articles about Shaolin in the news.

Shaolin Monks Wheel of Life
Promotional site for a world touring theatrical performance (authorized by China’s Henan Province) that tells the story of the Shaolin monks' early struggle to establish and protect their Temple -- celebrating their history, religion and physical skill.

Shaolin Kungfu International Trainees Service Center
As the title states, this Web site offers news, online kungfu lessons, and virtual community for disciples of Shaolin worldwide. Also includes info on how to apply to study kungfu at the Shaolin Temple in Henan, China.


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