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Two men stand behind bars in a prison cell, wearing prisoner uniforms. One man looks down, distraught, as another larger man puts his arm around the shoulders of the first man. A split-screen shot of two women, both smiling. A happy outdoor wedding scene features a traditional bride, groom and their wedding party.

“That is so cute.”	—Chloe				“That is so creepy.”	—Mary

The Short

In THE FINE LINE BETWEEN CUTE AND CREEPY, two women are pursued by two similar men in the same exact ways: a note under their door, flowers left on their car, a serenade under their window. But while one woman falls in love with her suitor, the other believes she is being stalked.

Filmmaker Bio

Robert D. Slane

A headshot of Robert Slane, smiling for the camera.

Slane wrote and produced the family feature film Come Away Home. Come Away Home, directed by Doug McKeon (The Boys of Sunset Ridge), stars Paul Dooley (Sixteen Candles, Breaking Away, Insomnia) and Jordan-Claire Green (The School of Rock). Slane was an executive producer of We Married Margo, an independent feature film with cameos by Kevin Bacon, Tom Arnold and Cindy Crawford which has been broadcast multiple times on the Independent Film Channel and Comedy Central. He also produced the 35-mm short film Autopsy Room Four, which played at numerous film festivals, and was based on the short story written by Stephen King. Slane is a principal in the production company Haven Films, along with his business partner Stephen Zakman.

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Get the Video

VHS copies of THE FINE LINE BETWEEN CUTE AND CREEPY are available from:

Apollo Cinema
Web: www.apollocinema.com


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