A Monster’s Calling

A 3-D rendered cartoon image of a sleeping boy with red hair and freckles. An image of a person asleep in bed with a large monster shadow looming overhead. A 3-D cartoon image of a girl screaming, mouth and eyes wide open.

The Short

In A MONSTER'S CALLING, follow an "under-the-bed" monster as it wanders through a slumbering household, wreaking typical monster havoc on a little girl, an older brother and a teenaged sister—and find out what really frightens each of them.

Filmmaker Bios

Michael Fukushima

A headshot of Michael Fukushima, smiling for the camera.

Fukushima has been directing and producing animation films since 1984 independently, commercially and for the National Film Board of Canada (NFB). On the strength of Tako, his first film, Fukushima was invited to the NFB's Animation Studio in 1990. Two years later, he completed the award-winning animated documentary film Minoru: Memory Of Exile. For several years, he also taught at Concordia University in Montreal. Fukushima's credits as an NFB producer reflect the eclecticism and diversity of his own tastes, ranging from abstract animation to children's animation to documentaries, interactive Web productions and more. His most recent productions include the Animation Hothouse project, the Perpetual Motions Web site and the animated short Walking Catfish Blues.

Louise Johnson
Story Director/Animation

A headshot of Louise Johnson, smiling for the camera.

Johnson graduated from Concordia University's animation program in 1989 with distinction, receiving the Norman McLaren Award, Concordia's top honor in animation. After graduation, she freelanced in the animation industry, taught animation to children and received a Canada Council Exploration Grant to continue the experimentation with animation media that she began as a student. When the Dust Settles, Johnson’s professional debut film, was produced by the National Film Board of Canada for the Showpeace series on conflict resolution and was screened in competition in Berlin, Annecy, Zagreb and at fifty other festivals internationally, winning nine awards. Since 2001 she has worked as an animator on various projects produced by the Cartoon Network and Acme Filmworks and as a director on a short about Quebec folk legend Gilles Vigneault that was produced by Tooncan/Megafun.

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Get the Video

DVD and VHS copies of A MONSTER'S CALLING are available from:

The National Film Board of Canada
Phone: 800-542-2164


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