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I saw the 1/30/05 showing of Fine Line between Cute and Creepy. It was hilarious and showcased the outrageous and unrealistic expectations of American women today. Pumped up by C&W music with stereotypes of men supposed to be cowboys or white knights yet if you try you'll be chopped off at the knees and called a stalker. Hilarious and enlightening. More men should see it so they can know they're not alone, more women should see it so they can see what fools they are sometimes.
Julia Booth
I was thoroughly confused by "Why the Anderson Children didn't come to dinner." And yet, like a car accident on the side of the road, I just had to look. I wanted to see more in the hopes that something would explain the bizarre behavior of this mother and her children. Why the violent aversion to brown eggs (the taste is no different) and why was she sporting a walking IV stand? Well, although I was entertained, nothing was explained. But, at least the children got away in the end. I wish I could say the same for the cats...
long beach ca
why the anderson children didn't come to dinner is an amazing short film, yet so creative and uderstanding. not only does it show the different aspecs of certain kids today, but it's like creating art out of the ordinary. so i strongly recomend watching this film....
Topeka, Kansas
About a month ago, I couln't sleep and began watching TV; one of the best things I could have done. I came across a show, that I now know to be La Puppe, with a plush dog. I liked what I did manage to see. But, my favorite film that night had to be The School. Another film that stood out was Why The Anderson Children Didn't Come To Dinner. It was a bit odd and I don't think I fully understood it but, I loved it. I hope it will be on again and I hope you get a chance to see it.
Chris "Cahuna"
Sicklerville, NJ
My wife and I caught the Short, not Sweet films recently. A Fine Line between Cute and Creepy was awesome, enjoyable from both of our points of view...a rare thing when we both agree on the same thing but for different reasons...she sided with Mary, I sided with Chloe. We didn't want it to end. Great writing and dialogue, it was perfect.
I thought that "Why the Anderson Children Did Not Come Home For Dinner" was absolutely bizarre. After seeing it, I was completely baffled by what point (if there was any) the director was tring to make. I kind of thought that the story was about 3 sheltered children that wanted to escape the monotony of their lives. Also, what was the meaning of the brown eggs in the story. Did it signify some sort of non-conformity? Never-the-less, I thought this story was interesting because it left my an opportunity to question it.
Atlanta, Ga
Hey, "Why the Anderson Children Didn't Come to Dinner" is a wonderful short film full of amazing imagery and creative talent. Some of the images and ideals presented may cause you to think, clearly this may cause some of you not to like it. Don't worry it is ok to be your banal self, I however will be pushing play and enjoying it while you are coughing up a hairball.
Morgan L.
Fresno CA
I loved The School. I've never laughed so hard at death. I hope they show it again.
South Carolina
I really enjoyed "Why the Anderson Children Didn't Come to Dinner" and "The School." Judging by the posts on the website, most people didn't care for them. I just wanted to let you know that PBS does indeed have viewers who enjoy the darkly comedic. "La Puppe" was hilarious as well. It made me want to dig up my copy of "La Jetee." :)
Brian L
Love this episode of short Film. Will Independent Lens include one show for short film in the future?

I loved Le Puppe! Laughed through the whole thing :)
Sarah (age 10)
Pittsburgh, PA
I thought La Puppe was the best. Especially the end making fun of Barney.

The School was freaky. It scared me.

Same thing with The Anderson Children. I didn't catch the end credits, but I saw something about cat wranglers. I hope that they treated the cats in the film well!
Marlene Goodman
Wheeling, IL
I only saw a partion of "Why the Anderson Children Didn't Come to Dinner" but what I saw was beyond my level of tolerance in filmmaking. I see nothing "darkly comedic" about dead, skinned cats being tossed into a roasting pan and then offered up to children who stab forks into the roasted heads of the cats. When one child coughs up a whole egg he had swallowed, the teacher picks up two live cats under her arms and threatens them with their next meal.

Yeah, I love animals as you can tell by my screen name, and I have studied screenwriting. As far as I am concerned, even though these "filmmakers" may have scrounged up carcasses from an animal morgue, I find this too disgusting and graphic to even approach the level of "comedic." I do wish there could be more filmmaking that actually attempts to elevate our species than to use this medium as a vailed disguise toward making a point, than just satisfying their own dark sides with in taste, and lacking in ethics.
Millington, Maryland
The Fine Line Between Cute And Creep is a wonderful film...creative and unique. Slane is definately someone to keep your eye on. I can't wait to see his next independent film.
Aspinwall, PA
The first short film, "fine line between cute and creepy" was hilarious and so true. If a cute guy does anything, even give you a toothpick, it's endearing. What great writing. I love the idea of independent films on PBS, especially since I don't have cable! Keep it up!
Len Buchanan
Toronto, Ontario, CANADA
I enjoyed all the shorts but wonder why when three of the five are Canadian, that significant fact was omitted by Ms. Sarandon and your web site?
Urban PA
Rural Arkansas must've missed 'The Fine Line Between Cute & Creepy'. I thought it was hysterical, well-acted, and SOOO relatable!! Brilliant!

Liked La Puppe too. Strange, but fun.
This is the first time I have ever seen the Independent Lens series and I am SO glad that I did. I really enjoyed in particular The Fine Line Between Cute and Creepy. Mary and Chloe have such different reactions to their pursuers and this film really made me think about how our life experiences and predispositions really affect our perceptions on everything. And it was just plain fun to watch too!
James Strong
Shreveport ,Louisiana
I love this episode of Independent Lens. I found every ounce of it entertaing and thought provoking. I was esspescially fond of "The School", even though it was darkly morbid. I can't help like it beside myself for it's humor. I would like to see more of these and also the episode with "Doki, Doki".
laguna beach, ca
Loved Susan Sarandon's presentation of the 5 short films. I thought they were attention grabbing and innovative.

I particularly enjoyed the film "Cute and Creepy", thought it had a lot of wild twists. The lady in the parking lot was hilarious. Enjoyed the similarities between both girls (and their mothers!).

We need more venues for these types of films. Great stuff!
Liz Martinez
I have recently watched a short-story at 11 in the night and the last one, Why the Andersons didn't come to Dinner, has outraged me. I know want to kill the lady who played the cat-eater/killer. I hate, hate, hate her! Please, I mean do you have to make them so depressing? Come on make at least one good thing! I only hate the cat lady, but in the meantime, good stories!
Seven Hills, Ohio
My boyfriend and I really enjoyed Independent Lens tonight. We really liked the La Puppe skit and was really weirded out by the Why The Anderson Children Didn't Come To Dinner skit too. I like the show, it is nice to see Independant things being shown on television! Keep up the good work!
Thetford, VT
Show it again! I missed the first half, but what I saw was eerily fascinating. Great to see some short film in the lineup!
Julie Frost
Houston, Texas USA
I perceived this short film as a vegan glimpse into how the culture of death (via our meals/diets) leads to a devaluation of life itself. The Anderson children beat their mom to the inevitable - kill themselves before they would be the follow-up to the pet cat dinner!!! Maybe the children would be served to family, friends and neighbors for lunch the next day!!! Remember, the animal you ate for dinner was running for her life! GO VEGAN TEXAS!!
Emily Schultz
I think La Puppe was a wonderful tale of a marvelous stuffed dog. I was delighted by it. I think you should have more fun short stories like this one.
It scarred me for life, and I loved it. Amazing.. I kindof want a copy of the entire show.
sadened viewer
rural, arkansas
Oh how I miss the great "shorts" of yesteryears. Movies that made a statement, had a point, made sense. Movies that made you think. I certainly miss those good old days.

Now about the hour that we just wasted.... No talent, nonsense, foul, perverted, useless and disgusting. Truly a waste of the silver used to make the films!
springfield ma
I have had cable all of my life till my parents got divorced and now i don't have cable ..and it's funny what not having cable forces you to watch,so i happened upon this and loved it ,it made me feel a certain no other short films had and although it's creepy it was was to interesting to change the short , i loved them.

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