Man Bites Shorts

Bike Ride

The Short

A man decides to pay a surprise visit to his girlfriend. The problem? She lives 50 miles away—and the only wheels he’s got are on an old Schwinn bicycle. James Peterson narrated the story, jazz drummer Dave King improvised the soundtrack and Tom Schroeder drew animation to an analysis of both audio tracks. BIKE RIDE is the result of this free-associative collaboration.

Filmmaker Bio

Tom Schroeder

Tom Schroeder served his apprenticeship working in commercial animation for Gav Gnatovich and Reelworks. Since 1990, he has also been producing his own traditional cel-animated films. BIKE RIDE has played at over 60 festivals internationally, won seven awards and will soon be distributed on The Best of ResFest Vol. II. He teaches animation at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design.

Tom Schroeder

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