Man Bites Shorts


The Short

Who is Sergi? This brief and comic story reveals an unusual nonconformist who muses on his vague origins, releases balloons in New York City’s Central Park and struggles with his true identity.

Filmmaker Bios

Paul Sullivan (Sergi)

Sullivan is a New York-based stand-up comic and filmmaker. He has produced and directed 11 short films and documentaries that have appeared in more than 40 international film festivals. Sullivan graduated from New York University’s film school and has been a producer of such television shows as The Daily Show on Comedy Central and Dog Days on Animal Planet. He is currently at work on his first feature film, First Time Caller.

Dan Cronin

Cronin is a stand-up comedian, writer and actor in the New York City comedy scene. He has performed stand-up in all of the major clubs in the New York area, and his mixture of classic club comedy and alternative schemes is a regular staple at venues from Gotham Comedy Club to the famous “Eating It” show at Luna Lounge. He has been a featured stand-up on NBC's Late Night With Conan O'Brien and a guest on Comedy Central’s Premium Blend. Besides Sergi, Dan will also have a bit part in another of Paul Sullivan’s films – First Time Caller, set for release in 2004. Dan is also a contributing writer to Jest Magazine; he wrote for VH1’s version of the British Never Mind the Buzzcocks hosted by Marc Maron; he has contributed writing to the Late Late Show With Craig Kilborn on CBS and wrote a sketch for this year’s season of Comedy Central’s Chappelle Show. He studied and performed with Comedy Central's Upright Citizens Brigade, appearing on their show. Dan has also appeared on the USA Network and the TV Food Network. Those tapes are not available, except for extremely large sums of money.

The Filmmakers
Dan Cronin (L) Paul Sullivan (R)

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