Man Bites Shorts


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Kathleen DesHotel
Slidell, LA
This was just totally amazing. I sat spellbound through each and every short! I tell both my high school gifted English classes and broadcasting class that there is much to be said in a small space. Choose your battles and your words wisely. Now I can add, Choose your images wisely too. If ever a copy of this comes up for purchase, PLEASE count me in. Thanks for the enlightenment.

Michelle Henriques
Saint Paul, Minnesota
Even though I'm a woman, "Man Bites Shorts" thrilled me. I got a chance to view inside the male mind with many perspectives both present and lacking. It was refined, gritty and inspiring all at the same time.

Thanks, PBS, for bringing independent films to those of us who aren't living near the art houses. You show us that anything can be attainable...even in the expanse of 10 minutes shorts where we can lose our girlfirends after a bike ride, conquer panic attacks, realize what it means to truly love, and find that our lives are important even during an existential romp beatbox style.

I'm dusting off my film-making equipment and jumping back on the bandwagon.

Marius Dicpetris
St. Petersburg FL
This film was great! Wow! I was a little hesitant to watch at first. I thought it was another boring drama on PBS. But it was very artistic, original, and intellingent. My hat's off to whom ever is responsible for this wonderful program. Thank you Thank you Thank you!

I'm glad someone is showing independent films and especially shorts on broadcast television. Maybe this will help get the word out them.

nathan reed
columbus, oh
I loved this show!! All these shorts were just amazing. I thought "Sergi" was just hilarious. And I felt so bad for the guy in "Bike Ride". I thought "Compulsory Breathing" was a little weird but it was still good. But I think that the greatest short was "Tom hits his head". It was just so magnificently done. I like how they portrayed the devil as a baby doll with a painted red face. That was hilarious. I am still kind of dissapointed with the ending. I wish he would of explained more about how he gained control of his anxiety attacks.

Honolulu, HI
What a great show. I usually lean towards animation, but "Dilly Dally" and "Don't Nobody Love..." were high points.

A common point I noticed after considering the show, was the hiding of failures or acknowledging them, whether real or pervcieved. Certainly a "manly habit".

Colville, WA
That program is inspiring.

Thanks for airing it. Can we view the "Man Bits" from the web? That show on "Tom Hits his Head" is excellent. Seems like the author left parts out of the end. (everyone is a critic :-) )

Once again PBS is bridging the gap and raising the bar for human development.

Thanks again for airing the show and I look forward to watching it in the future.

florence, sc
awesome....thank you, thank you.

Julie Heckenbach
I loved watching these shorts with a mixture of emotion. i would love to buy a copy.

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