Man Bites Shorts

Tom Hits His Head

The Short

Tom needs help. Ever since he hit his head, he’s been getting dizzy spells and seeing the devil in his bathtub. This comedic short chronicles a not-so-funny time in the filmmaker's own life, when he spent six months afraid to leave his own house, ordering a HAZMAT suit off of eBay and believing he was the Antichrist. This visceral look at one man's struggle to keep his sanity should ring true with anyone who has ever uttered those painful words: "What's wrong with me?"

Behind- the-Scenes

Read about the people behind-the-scenes of TOM HITS HIS HEAD.

Tom Putnam

Putnam has directed and co-written two feature films, most recently the blaxploitation parody Shafted!, starring Morgan Rusler, Gary Coleman and Angelle Brooks. He has also won a number of screenwriting awards, including the Jeffrey Jones Award and second place in the Jack Nicholson Screenwriting Competition. He recently compiled a short film parody of the Charlie's Angels TV series for Toshiba North America. To date, the sales presentation has received six National Communicator Awards, two Summit Creative Awards and an Axiem Award. Tom Hits His Head has played at over 20 film festivals and was the Winner of the Spirit of Slamdance Award in 2003.

Tom Putnam

Cast Bios

Morgan Rusler (Thomas Andrew Putnam)
The Incredible Morgan Rusler starred in Tom Putnam's previous feature film, Shafted! where he played a very confused white mental patient who thinks he's John Shaft. Rusler has also had supporting roles in Galaxy Quest, Solaris, Catch Me If You Can and The Tomorrow Man.

Beth Kennedy (Tom’s Wife)
Kennedy has appeared in numerous television shows and commercials, including The Practice, Party of Five and Sabrina the Teenage Witch. Her film credits include The Tomorrow Man, Jerome and Phenomenon.

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