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Women and the Holocaust
This section of a site on women in the Holocaust provides information on women partisans, and documents faith, friendship, education and art among Resistance fighters imprisoned in concentration camps during WWII.

French Resistance – Spartacus Educational
Good summary of the major people and events of the French Resistance. Includes speech excerpts from Charles de Gaulle, Albert Camus and others.

The Resistance
Site for Monsignor Renard, a four-part British television drama about the French in 1940, has two timelines and a resistance section charting the early progress of the opposition to Hitler in Occupied France.

United States Holocaust Memorial Museum
Massive site featuring education, research, online exhibitions and searchable collection databases.

Ravensbruck Concentration Camp
Depicts the horrors of the German concentration camp for women where the “Sisters in Resistance” were imprisoned.

French Resistance - Wikipedia
Contains a brief history of the movement and a list of groups involved and notable Resistance fighters.

French Resistance – Charlotte Gray
This feature film’s website features info on real-life Resistance heroines, images and artifacts from the time and video interviews with historians.


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(In French)


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