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Welcome to the Independent Lens lesson plans for SISTERS OF ‘77. These two lessons allow students to deepen their understanding of the issues addressed by the women's movement and some of the general issues that affect women and girls today.

These lessons are written for grades 9 through 12 for use in language arts, social studies, history and civics classes. While they address themes that are clearly related to women and girls, boys will also benefit from these lessons and should be encouraged to participate as much as the girls in your class. Both boys and girls will learn about the women's movement as a historical event and will become familiar with how women's issues affect all members of society.

1. Women's Issues Then and Now
Grade levels: 9 to 12
This lesson teaches students more about the specific issues addressed at the National Women's Conference of 1977 and asks them to compare those issues to those that are considered important today.
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2. Women in the Media
Grade levels: 9 to 12
Students will explore media representations of women and girls as well as the ways in which women and girls are underrepresented in news and sports stories. They will do their own "deconstruction" of girls' magazine covers, which tend to stereotype girls and represent them in a very narrow way.
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