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Arlington, VA

I found the film to be frustratingly slow as well. Many details of the investigation were hard to follow, either because what a person said was difficult to discern, or perhaps because the presentation simply lacked clarity.

Minneapolis, MN

I usually enjoy your show very much, except for one thing. Tonight's Stolen was a perfect example of a good show ruined by insipid, inexplicably loud background music. it was an interesting tale with fascinating characters but suffered terribly from the music. Loud background music is the number one complaint made by viewers. why, why, why is it there? thank you.

Allen Coolee
Bhampaign Illinois

I anticipated seeing the film Stolen with great interest. However I found it rather tedious, slow moving, and quite frankly boring. It could have been substantively told in a half an hour. However, within it was the germ of a more significant and engaging subject, namely that of the elegant Mr.Smith and the affliction which he bears with dignity and grace, My god, was as if the old Hathaway shirt man had emerged, still dapper, but heroically bearing the ravages of some unknown holocaust which continued to dissolve him lesion by lesion. The real drama, lies in the consequences of this hereditary disease, particularly with respect to his decision to have so many children. Beside this, the theft of a Vermeer or any art no matter how grand pales to insignificance.

Peter Ross
San Jose, CA

Excellent film, "Stolen". One of the few documentaries I've seen that reads like a novel. It's the film I would have made. As a filmmaker I just love the contradictions of "art" and "theft". Need a fund raiser for the next project? If so, let me know, maybe we can work something out.

Jim Andersen
Boise, ID

Thanks for the program "Stolen." I have been reading about this crime ever since it happened and it was good to find out what the current status is. I am a big fan of Vermeer/ My favorite is "The Artist in His Studio."

Beth Harrington

What a great film. I'm a native Bostonian and a documentary filmmaker and I think this is one of the great depictions of Boston's many cultures/histories told through the story of the art theft! I have also spent many hours in the Gardner Museum and think the filmmakers brought Mrs. G and her art palazzo to life. Thank you!!

Alan Owens
Ann Arbor, Michigan

"Stolen" is a good real story about art painting theft. The stolen paintings have not been recovered. Harold Smith, the fine art detective, couldn't catch the thieves. Mr. Smith dies in the end from skin cancer. Of course, I hope the paintings are recovered. I think there are too many middlemen in the art world. These middlemen as "Stolen" describes want an easy buck.

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