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Four men in Israeli police force uniforms walk in front of charred, smoking, barren ground
"This is the most complex assignment in police history, and also in the army's or the country's history. So the encounter is going to be difficult."
—Major General Uri Bar Lev, commander of operation

When Israel completed its withdrawal from the Sinai desert in 1982 following a peace agreement with Egypt, many people chose Gush Katif, a bloc of Israeli settlements in the Gaza Strip, as their new home. But when the Israeli government ordered the evacuation of Gaza in August 2005 as part of its disengagement plan, the decision resulted in massive political and social turmoil.

STORM OF EMOTIONS documents the historic moment of this evacuation, one of the most complex and provocative missions to ever be undertaken by Israel’s police forces.

The film focuses on the police forces as it accompanies police crews during the disengagement process and follows participants including a religious policeman, a policewoman, senior officers and more. The settlers involved also use the presence of cameras and news correspondents to publicize their issues.

The result is an emotional and intense documentary that conveys the full force of the evacuation and offers a portrait of one of Israel’s most dramatic recent events.

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